Monday, August 26, 2013


Aug. 26, 2013

This week I ate the craziest foods of my entire mission! We went and ate at a non active members house on Friday night. They live in the most humble part of my area. The whole family was there waiting for us with huge smiles when Elder Castro and I arrived. We found this family about a week ago while at a bus stop close to their house. They haven't been to church in over 10 years, BUT they love the missionaries and invited us over to eat and have a  quick family home evening. We were like, yeah cool whatever, we will prepare a spiritual message for you guys and if you want you can feed us. And dang did they feed us! We were seated down on their living room table and in walks the mom and the older daughter with huge plates in their hands, and they plopped them right in front of us.  I had half of a roasted chicken in front of me, with the head of the chicken still attached and feathers. yeah feathers. They gave me a knife and a fork but I didn't know where to start. I kinda just waited for the family to start eating their chickens. Theirs were less than half the size of mine, but they poured tons of salsa on, so I did the same. I kinda did my best to find the meat and pick off the bones and feathers when I could. (I didn't want to take a picture, I did not want to offend them. they would have understood, the gringo wants a picture of our delicious dish, but I didn't want to take the chance.) For the most part I have had very basic foods here, rice, beans, tortillas, and stews from time to time, but this feathered chicken masterpiece was a plate I will never forget.

This week was great. Life here in Mexico is great. Like we have been doing for a couple weeks, we focused on finding new people and families to teach. I love this part because you get to meet new people and adjust to their needs. I am learning lots about how to figure people out. starting with my companion and his unique personality and ending with the strangers I meet at the bus stop. Everybody has their story, and everybody has their issues, trials and faults. and EVERYBODY can benefit from the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are so blessed with this knowledge. My life has been simplified in these last few months. Simply stated, if you want to be happy, forget about yourself, love others and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. As missionaries all we do is invite and this week we invited a ton. Sadly we didn't see as many investigators as we wanted to see in church on Sunday, but our hope tells us they will be attending with us soon. One family we met this week reminded me lots of my sisters. Gonzala is a widow of three years and has 3 beautiful daughters, they are all super smart and funny. We taught an incredible lesson on the Plan of Salvation and helped the mom and her daughters understand they their dad was in a happier place, and rooting for his daughters to be baptized ;) these lovely sisters were part of the bunch that didnt go to church on Sunday! haha

Me quedo pensando en las nuevas felices de mi hermana mayor y mi futuro sobrinita. I am so happy for you Brittany, Scott and Cam and I hope you are able to contain you happiness. I've got a niece on the way. Bertha Yohira Olsen will be a fantastic addition to the family ;) I love my family and am workin hard for you guys out here. Yeah sometimes I get down, things aren't ever perfect here, but the joys outweigh sorrows and I am more happy than ever. Oh, also this week we had crazy thunder and rain storms. I have never seen rains like these. exactly 1 week ago on Monday night we came back to our house and the big tree in our front yard had been mangled to the ground most of the branches were broken! the wind nearly dropped the poor thing. haha and the next day we were blessed with 115 degree weather :) have a fantastic week.

Mucho Love,
Elder Farrow

Monday, August 19, 2013

Awesome Week

Aug 19, 2013

Hello my beautiful family. La neta de planeta is that this week was tons of fun. I am super content as a missionary, life is real good. Sunday we got a call from zone leaders tellin us that there were no transfers for us and that Elder Castro and I are going to stick around here in Cuauhtemoc for at least another 6 weeks. To tell you the truth 4 transfers with the same companion is a long time. But we will cross our fingers that he doesnt kill me and that we can keep on working at the pace we have been working. A half hour I got a surprise phone call from Elder Villegas, my trainer! He has finished up his time as a missionary and is headed back to Puebla Mexico. As he was sayin his goodbye to me he began to cry! I love that guy so much and he taught me tons. I only hope that I might be able to love, serve and teach my companions in the way that he loved me.

But yo, things are getting way hot here! They tell us that this week and next are going to be the hottest weeks of the whole year. I am drinking water like a dairy cattle and am applying sunscreen like a mother applies sunscreen on her newborn at the beach. Hermosillo can be a little stubborn at times and lately they dont really want to answer their doors because of this heat. its kinda similar to the cold temperatures in Cananea. I have never prayed so hard for physical strength so hard in my life, the sun kills all of your energy by the end of the day. its great.

This week again we had interchanges with other Elders in my District, these ones lasted for 2 days. I was able to scope out the area of Elder Valle from Anaheim California. I'm pretty sure he and I were good buddies in the pre existence because we got along super well. Together we were able to teach a bunch of lessons and it was fun for me to meet some new members. At the end of the day Elder Valle treated me like a royal king and treated me to a fancy dinner on the street, we ate gringas. they were tacos del pastor that I had never tried before. This Sunday also turned out to be an incredible day. We had the chance to confirm our investigators como miembros de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días. For the first time of my mission, I was able to give the gift of the Holy Ghost to Paloma. Before, the investigators had always asked me to baptise them haha so logically my companion always conformed them. So this Sunday was special for me.

In these upcoming weeks in September we plan to baptise! We have put baptismal goals with many of the people we are teaching and pray that they might continue to work towards and achieve these goals. A cool thing about being a missionary and a teacher is that while you are teaching lessons you are also learning. I have gained a testimony of personal revelation, because several times in these last few weeks I have received answers to my prayers while I was actually in mid sentance while teaching investigators. its a bit difficult to explain. you might have to read that sentence a couple times to understand it haha however these are awesome little moments I have where I can see me progress. I dont think I will ever cease to grow spiritually, every single week I am blessed to see a little bit more spiritual personal progress! this week was great and I am happy. I love my family and I am so thankful for all of you. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Uncle, Aunts, Cousins, friends. My heroes. Often the sweet memories I have with my loved ones keeps me going in this crazy hot city of Hermosillo. Time and time again my heroes have motivated, uplifted and strengthened me during the ups and downs of the mission life. I know this church is true, Christ lives and loves us. Look to Him in times of sadness, loneliness, fear and trial. Remember the nails Farrow Family! Have an incredible week :)

Les Quiero Mucho,
Elder Farrow

100% Submerged

Aug. 12, 2013

chillin with a neighbor! Rosi and her daughter :)tion

We climbed a mountain on P-Day! haha on top of Hermosillo :)

20 years old!

Add captionElizabeth, Anahi, Arely

Paloma and her family :)

 Angela! :)

 all four Elders took a dunk in the water too! haha

Add caption got my birthday pachage from nanny and bompa! haha loved it all thank you :)
I had an incredible week, i don't even know where to start. There is so much work here in Cuauhtemoc, our plans are jam packed, and we are runnin around like wild men tryin to visit everyone. I have fallen into the groove as a missionary here and have really enjoyed these last few weeks. Every night I crash in my pillow and I am sleeping super good haha my dreams are all in spanish. My birthday was great, like we usually do on Wednesdays we had a district meeting, and my district threw me a surprise "party" haha complete with soda and chips. They were very kind and did what they could according to their missionary budgets. I didn't want to celebrate anything but word got out to the ward and investigators that it was my birthday and they all wanted to feed me cake. I probably gained 4 or 5 kilos in just a week! The rest of the week we were preparing for our baptisms on Sunday. We went on intercambios (splits) with our zone leaders to do the baptismal interviews. All went well and we were stoked for Sunday!

Sunday afternoon turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my mission. We had plans to start at 6, ended up starting at 6:45. haha everything tends to be a little delayed here in Mexico. We were blessed with the support of the ward and over 60 members showed up to support. Both Paloma and Angela lived up to their names (Dove and Angel) because they both looked so pure in their white baptismal dresses. After taking pictures we started the baptismal service, and immediately we could all feel a special spirit among all of us. Before we headed to the baptismal font Hermana Ochoa (best friend of Angela) gave a quick talk and shared her incredible testimony with all of us through her tears. 1st to be baptised was Paloma. Elder Castro entered the water with her and together they had a textbook baptism. Immediately after it was time for Angela and I to enter the water. If you have forgotten, Angela is a young woman of 72 years and is very large. In order to baptised her we had planned to have her sit in a chair while submerged in the water and then lean backwards, trusting in me to dunk her completely under the water. She was a little nervous but I helped her down the stairs. As we stood in the water together she began to tense up and was squeezing my arms as I tried to help her remember what we had practiced. I could see a real fear in her eyes. After saying the baptismal prayer, I tried to help her down into the water, but clearly she didn't make it completely under. Elder Castro joined me in the water, after saying the prayer again, we tried a second time, no luck. She was scared! She had almost given up and wanted out of the font. We didn't fight and helped her climb the stairs to the ladies bathroom. She was greeted by her friends and was calmed a little bit.

Suddenly we began to hear the voices of the ward family singing "Conmigo, Quédate Señor",  they also sang, "Grand Eres Tu". Later we learned the Bishop had offered a prayer in front of the congregation too. Angela was strengthened by the faith of the members and once again made the trip down into the font. This time acompanied with 4 elders! Our zone leaders, jumped into white jumpsuits and together, Elder Castro, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Perez and I were going to baptise her. I raised my arm to the square, said the prayer and this time we were able to baptise her correctly and 100% under the water. Immediately after coming out of the water Angela exclaimed in a loud voice. "I feel great! Farrow you told me I would feel good, but I didn't think I would feel THIS good!" hahah everyone laughed and I know that everybody wanted to clap and cheer for our special sister!

We finished the baptismal program and had a couple desserts after! Nobody wanted to leave. Everyone had really been uplifted by the spirit, and we were all able to grow a little stronger on this Sunday night. That is what the church is all about, strengthening members and exercising our faith! I could have thrown in a million more details to this story, but time is running out. I seriously love being a missionary, and I love the experiences that I have had here in Mexico. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

I have learned you need to dream big, and love even bigger. The church is true, God loves us, Christ leads us. I am so blessed to have the support I have. My family, friends, and loved ones have been such a strength to me in this past year. I hope you all know you are in my prayers. This might be my last week here in Cuauhtemoc, nos tocan los cambios aqui en domingo. estoy bien animado, no se lo que vendrá pero se que me voy a gustar.

Have a great week!
Elder Farrow :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Studly Week!


Family! Today marks 11 months in my missionary adventure. I cannot believe it! This week turned out to be pretty slow to tell you the truth. After getting a surprise call for the zone leaders Monday night, my companion and I were asked to go to a district leader conference in the mission home. I was good to see old friends for the MTC. Later in the week, once again I was able to do a few baptismal interviews for my district. Lke i have said before they are always fun, and I am able to learn from each one of their young testimonies. Also during these interchanges with Elder Villatora and Valle I was help them straighten out a couple things between them, and in their area. A great part about the mission is that our only stress is worrying about whether or not our investigators will go to church, and the random dramas in companionship's. I don't know if I am making any sense, but just know that I have enjoyed being a district leader and trying my best to help the hermanas and elders.

Like I have done time and time again during my time here in Mexico, Elder Castro had to drop a couple non-progressing investigators and contact new ones. We were able to pick up quite a few new investigators including 2 new families. Sometimes, at first, it seems like the people we teach are a little timid, uncomfortable, nervous, even sometimes awkward, and I love gaining their trust, and confidence and seeing the visible changes in their countenance before we start to teach. This week while contacting one of these families, there was a little 8 year old girl names Melina. She, along with her brother Zaid, were 2 perfect example of these timid investigators, after making them laugh and showing them pictures of my family I could see them open up a little bit. I told Melina she was the Mexican version of my little sister Brinley! We had a solid lesson on eternal families and the importance of the sacrament on Sundays. We as missionaries always want to find the golden family, or the family that makes it all the way to the temple, and I only hope this one is our golden opportunity. 5 of the 6 family members sat next to us at church on Sunday!

Later on in the week Elder Castro and I celebrated the birthday of Angela! she turned 72 on Friday!! We invited another older couple to join us for some cake and grape soda. We bought one of those trick candles that takes 5, 6, or 7 times to blow out before the flame finally stops coming back. The funniest thing happened, after about the 3rd try Angela got a little mad, haha she started saying, "this dumb candle." haha we had to explain to her that it was a trick candle and that it was supposed to take a few tries to blow out. I don't think she ever really understood haha BUT we had a good little party for her and later taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and answered a few questions she had about her own baptism that is going to take place on Sunday :) She couldn't be a happier old lady. Well... maybe a little happier with regular birthday candles ahah.

Thank you family for your Birthday wishes, I look forward to spending my birthday here in Mexico with the people I love. I left my family 11 months ago only to find a million more family members here in Sonora. I know this church is true, I know my savior lives, I love the heat in Hermosillo, and I love playing my harmonica with waiting for the bus. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for your prayers, always remember you are in mine. Peace!

-Elder Farrow