Sunday, April 27, 2014

This is the Lords Work!

April 27, 2014

There really are no words that describe the joy I feel being a representative of Jesus Christ and especially working as a leader with lots of missionaries in this mission. I swear from the moment I wake up in the morning, I am smiling! I am blown away by the incredible faith I have been able to see working with the Elders in these last couple weeks. These last 7 days I was privileged to travel back to my missionary birthplace in Cananea and Agua Prieta! haah!! it was so much fun to see old faces of members, converts and even a few friends that never quite made it to the baptismal waters ;) Cananea is still dusty as ever, but miraculously looked way more green, but maybe I had just been in Hermosillo too long. I honestly never imagined I would be back in there again, well at least as a missionary. There are now has 2 sets of missionaries in the pueblo, but I was only able to stay with my buddy Elder Huerta (Puebla) and his companion Elder Vasquez  (DF). I interviewed an awesome, super prepared young lady named Caren who was baptized on Saturday. I was able to teach by example and show the Elders how easy and fun it was to talk to randoms in the street and find tons more people to teach.

Shuttling solo from Cananea to Agua Preita I took 50 minute nap on the bus, it never stops to be a very exhausting work. Hopping off the bus I was super stoked to be in a colder climate haha I was kinda cold for the 1st time in a year. It was way windy all week and enjoyed throwing on a sweater for a change. I was with my good friend Elder Valle and his new companion Elder Bernhisel.

Entre muchas experiencias que tuvimos, there was one experience that really stood out to me. Somehow we shuffled our way around companionships so that we were in a trio with Elder Johnson, who was going to give a baptismal interview to a young princess named Yatsiri. She was one of the most beautiful young girls I had ever met, filled with love and light, and extremely prepared for her baptism. But, the story had a kink in its plot. Her Mother, at first, wasn't willing to give her permission for her baptism. Upon arriving at her house we saw Yatsiri her brothers and mother in their humble kitchen almost as if they were waiting for us. We were accompanied by a few sisters from the branch who had been lifetime friends and large help for this slowly dissolving family. Yatsiri´s mother, was not happy and was very sure she wasn't going to sign any paper letting her 11 year old daughter enter the baptismal waters. In this kitchen we first answered a few questions, later resolved a few doubts. I felt like there wasn't much we could do because the mother was firm in her decision. However as we decided to sing a hymn and say a prayer a powerful spirit entered the room. The spirit was only strengthened by a mighty testimony by Elder Valle as he poured his heart out about the love he had for his Savior, the Gospel and young Yatsiri. Tears fell from his eyes, my eyes, the moms eyes, everybody's eyes haha we then shared a lesson Jesus taught to His apostles in Matthew 19:13-14, where Christ says "suffer the little children and forbid them not, to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven". Nobody could deny the beautiful spirit we felt. All doubt and fear left this young mother as she confided in the Holy Ghost she felt. Making a long story short enough for a weekly email, we were able to give Yatsiri an interview, her mother signed the papers, and on Saturday afternoon we had a very special baptismal service.

This week we were truly part of modern day miracles! This IS the Lords work and He IS changing the hearts of many. The spirit testified pure doctrine to our hearts, that baptism is an essential saving ordinance. Words cannot describe the joy I feel to be a part of this global religious movement, this glorious and eternal missionary service. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in his hands, I strive to live worthy of the blessing I receive, and daily I seek to be bold and diligent. I love the scripture in Mormon 8:22 that tells us that "the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled." Now, more that ever I feel that God is fulfilling his promises and that this is the time to act, invite, and to baptize. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this work. My passion grows for it every waking hour.

I love my family, and am so thankful for your support. I hope you all have an incredible week! :)

All My Heart,
Elder Farrow

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life is Beautiful!

April 21, 2014

I don't even know where to start! This week was a fantastic and I really enjoyed myself. Tuesday morning we had another pretty big meeting here in the Pitic. All the District Leaders from the whole mission swarmed to Hermosillo, and together, the assistants, presidente and I spoke on the importance of faith, teaching clearly, the importance of a good example and a whole bunch of sweetness. so that was fun. Later in the week I was privileged to work with 4 incredible missionaries. 2 companionships! The 4 were very young missionaries. Moldable, sponges, excitement, spirit, drive and desire! I had tons of fun with them. Honestly we worked our tails off. At times I felt we were sprint walking in between appointments. I now this was new for them but I helped them explain this is what God requires of His missionaries. We felt like we were unstoppable, unshakeable and fearless. It was incredible seeing the level of confidence in these young Elders. At least for me, we saw great growth. But Sunday came too quickly, I blinked and we wer at the end of the week. 

I love mornings in the mission, you probably wouldn't recognize me in the morning, I am silent haha I love studying and feeling calm and peaceful. This week in Mexico is called the Semana Santa! Everyone goes crazy about Christ and His life. They are very christian people and have lots in faith in Jesus Christ. BUT, connecting these 2 thoughts together, appropriately this week I studied all about Christ's Atonement and of course His glorious resurrection. I marveled at the things I was able to learn and understand. My eyes and spirit were opened up to new ideas, new ways of thinking and many new personal applications.
I conclude with my testimony that I know that Christ lives! I feel it every day! I love this gospel and can see very clear evidence that living its principles, brings happiness. I know because I see photos and videos of my family in North Carolina laughing and smiling. We are so happy. This is my greatest blessing :) Life is Beautiful
All is well,
Elder Farrow
1. Up late planning our capacitations to the DLs haha
2. Dont make fun of me because My shirts are more yellow than the new missionaries! hah Elder Dixon (Idaho) Elder Campuzano (Monterrey)
3. My buds Elder Diaz (Guatemala) and Elder Hernandez (DF)

Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

This week was intense! We started off the week early Tuesday morning on Presidents Birthday! Haha he and his wife picked us up at our house and the other assistants and I made pres a huge card and sang to him MaƱanitas! Together President Hernandez, Sister Hernandez, Elder Christensen and I road tripped to Caborca. I was amazed about the courage president had, putting his petal to the metal and hitting nearly 120mph on the highway on an open stretch. I guess that's how he was taught to drive in Uruguay! I was able to learn tons from 2 humble spiritual giants, I hardly spoke and felt like a sponge soaking up everything they told us. Pero por fin llegamos!

I had a whole lot of fun getting to know Caborca. It is a small town 3 hours north of Hermosillo. It was so hot there! Dang I couldn't believe it, and we are only in April, I was sweating like a dog. There is a small zone of 14 missionaries there and I was able to split up my time in the week with 2 companionships like I had done in weeks past. We worked like crazy people. talking to everybody and meeting new chosen families. Each day brought new adventures, and I was awesome to see some more excitement with the elders I was with. One Elder told me that my visit was like spiritual missionary steroids. It is cool getting to an area and helping elders understand there are so many escogidos, o sea, people ready to recieve this gospel. I love teaching the importance of faith, hope, love, and hard missionary work. 

Ending the week I was able to go on splits with the famous Elder Castro! Haha it was nice to be back with my kid. We have both been able to see many changes in ourselves, and we reminisced about all of our fun in Cuahtemoc. De verdad fue bien sauve working with him again. We were on bikes all week and I laughed so hard at the helmet they gave me. It was so small it only covered the back side of my scull, but I was sure to be careful every time I did wheelies or tried to get kevin air off curbs. 

All week we saw miracles, and had great success. I have no fear here in Mexico, I constantly tell myself I have no limits, and have been amazed by the kindness of the Lord. I have seen His hand in the work every single step of the way. I couldn't ask for anything more. This church is the truth, and we as missionaries have no doubts in what we teach. Our testimonies grow stronger every time we open our mouths to testify. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and pray daily for God´s dynamic, fortifying, saving grace. I know this strength comes to us only after all we have done. Likewise, I strive to give it my all every single day of this missionary service. I am well aware that my time here is limited and I seek to earn every temporal and spiritual blessing I can during my time as Elder Farrow. Because I know that everything we do in this life is earned. 

Buuuuuuut yeah. This week was definitely one for the books. I hope you all have a fun time visiting Brittany, Scott and the rest of the gang in Carolina. but not too much fun... Love you lots and are always in my prayers. thank you for being the family God needs you to be :)

Until Next Semana,
Elder Farrow

1. Elder Mechaca (Vera Cruz) y Elder Loomis (Idaho)
2. Safety First! my little helmet

3. Kickin it with a sick family! Elder Beddes (Sacramento, CA) y Castro (Dominicano chico)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


April 7, 2014

This week started off with a Leadership Training Reunion with all the Zone Leader in the Mission. Me and my companions were able to capacitate and do practices with everybody and we did great. I was actually assigned by president to talk on the Book of Mormon. I asked him, "Can you be a little more specific of what you want me to talk about??" haha he said "No, but you should start praying now to figure out about what you are going to say!" I was a great experience to look heavenward once again to find some direction, and this time it was very special to teach all the ZLs because I honestly consider them to be my brothers! I spoke about the importance of having diligent studies of the scriptures like the sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:1-4) also about having a passion and sincere love for the Book of Mormon!

We were later sent to do some divisions with La Zona Villa de Seris here in Hermosillo. I was able to do 5 days of finding investigators and working with members with 2 different companionship's. These Elders were definitely bummed out about not having too much work and I was able to help them remember how powerful the faith of 2 missionaries can be. I told them that God is A God of miracles, that we are missionaries of faith, and that we are the means that Christ can save His sheep. I'm getting all inspired writing this email haha but really, can you imagine that? Helping missionaries realize that they are super important in Gods plan, that they are extra ordinary, and a special chosen generation of missionaries.

Like I had in weeks past, I was able to meet some incredible people and have so many powerful experiences. One experience was that we found ourselves teaching a working mom and her 3 future missionary boys. She was trying her best not to make a Book of Mormon comparison with Nephi, Laman and Lemuel, but clearly we could see that the testimony, desire and faith of one of her sons was much stronger than the others. She wanted SO badly for all of her sons to serve missions. Together we opened up the scriptures and began to read Almas account of when his son has his angel visitation and his dramatic conversion! We read with emphasis on Mosiah 27 verse 14. Thanks to the prayers of Alma the Youngers father he received this celestial visitation. We testified that God listens and answers our prayers, and especially those of worried and faithful mothers and fathers! We felt a special spirit with this family and we were very edified and uplifted :)

Saturday and Sunday were obviously very special days to all those who were able to catch a glimpse of General Conference. What powerhouse speakers! My favorite was President Uchdorfs talk about the importance to give thanks and appreciate all blessings we have even when we are in trials and times of trouble. My testimony that the church is true is strengthened every time I hear my Prophets voice. I know Thomas S. Monson is a chosen, worthy, inspired man that leads and guides us today. Now its our turn to live his teachings :)

I love my life, and my calling! Thank you family for being so awesome! I will talk to you soon. This week I am headed for Caborca! yeahhhhhhh budddy!

Elder Farrow