Friday, October 26, 2012

Travel Plans! Here we come!!

I wonder who decided to take a photo in the bathroom? 

- waluigi, mario luigi and wario!!! hahah
The District gets their travel plans!!!

Looks like Elder Farrow is eating his fruits and veggies!!!!
 Hola mi familia!

Yes, my travel plans came this week! I will be leaving the MTC at 5am on November 5th!!!!!! ahhh I wish you could have seen my face when I opened up our mailbox and saw the packets of travel information with our names on it! I was on cloud 9, honestly floating on the way back to our classroom to deliver the news to the rest of my District Wednesday afternoon! What a blessing it has been to be here at the MTC for 8 weeks, but oh my gosh  I am so ready to leave!!! Mexico is calling my name! Rolling their R's in Elder Farrow and all.

This week was a quick one. It always is. I had the opportunity to hear from Elder Larry Echo Hawk on Tuesday night! He also spoke in General conference. And man what a funny little guy he was. He had us all laughing while he was telling us some of his high school sports stories. He slowed it down and brought a hurricane of the spirit with part of his conversion story and his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He stressed the importance of reading everyday! Its easy as a missionary, but it is now set in stone that I want to read the Book of Mormon every day for the rest of my life. Pretty inspirational night. After devotional we always have to chance to have a district debrief and testimony meeting. As District Leader I started with my testimony and absolutely poured my heart out. I was filled with the spirit and very touched. It turned out to be one of my absolute highlights of my stay here at the MTC.
Also this week I had the opportunity to be a Host for the new incoming missionaries! I escorted two youngins from Utah and Vegas that both seemed just as overwhelmed as I was a short 2 months ago. Its bizarre thinking how much I have grown since the time I was in their very shoes. My time at the MTC seemed like an eternity and at the same time a blink of an eye! does that make sense?

We were blessed with a brief blanket of snow this week. Its all gone now, but it was a fun change looking out our window and seein snowflakes fall. Something I definitely wont be seeing for at least 2 years in Hermosillo! today I received the sweatshirt in the mail! thanks! its comfy. Everyone makes fun of me for shivering in 40 degree weather. They call me San Diego. I know they are jealous of my weather back home!

Family I am workin hard and staying focused on the work of my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm sucking it up enduring the last few days here at the MTC! I try my best to keep my district motivated, I bet I get a little annoying sometimes, waking them up in class and asking them to stop goofin off, but really I'm not here to waste my time. I love studying and eating up the words of the Prophets. Ammon is my boy. I promise you I am going to leave the MTC with no regrets and hit the ground running in Hermosillo! I look forward to the day when I can look back at my mission and say, "I was the best missionary that I could possibly be, and I worked the hardest I could everyday for 2 years." That is my goal and it has started here at the MTC! I look forward to the greatest and worst days of my life, these next 2 years. I couldn't be happier to be on a mission. In the words of Isaiah, my strength has been renewed and I have been mounted up by the wings of eagles. There is no greater work on the face of the earth and I am among a few of the greatest privileged members of this church to go out into the world to share my testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and wear the name of my Savior Jesus Christ over my heart. I love my older brother,  I love this church, I love my family, I love my country, and I love this life. There is no greater gift.You are constantly in my prayers, and I thank you for your love. I feel the strength of your prayers everyday.

Elder Farrow

P.S. this next week will be a little different, expect to get an email on saturday not friday. also thanks nanny and bompa for your halloween package! love you all

P.S again Brock and Balls!(brooke and Bailey) keep your heads up! high school sucks and it is the best, but stay positive and work hard! respect mom and dad. I love you girls. Oh and brooke I gave your senior picture to jacob. hahah

Friday, October 19, 2012

MTC, a spiritual powerhouse prison!

Oct. 19, 2012

The official name tag!!! 

I am sure this was an exciting reunion!!!  Jacob Clingo's first day in the MTC!!!
Hello Family!

It's strange to think that I have already been a missionary for a month and a half. It seems like just yesterday I was schooling Brinley in pool volleyball, and now I'm a full time working missionary! I love it. This week wasn't too bad at all. I love the constant feelings of the spirit here, there really is no place like the MTC. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I know this because the Elders that sleep in my room with me tell me that I wake them up in the middle of the night when I sleep talk. Get this, I bare my testimony aloud IN SPANISH when I'm sleeping. I must be doing something right as a Spanish learning missionary. haha but really I am loving learning this language. My district has made specific language goals, this week we tried our best to speak only spanish. It was rough, by the end of the day my head killed, sometimes I get a little depressed because I cant express myself as well as I want to in spanish, but I stick to it. My district is great, they are hard working and diligent Elders. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to be in the MTC with them.

To answer some of your questions about being a district leader. I'm sure that being a DL in the field is tons different, but here in the MTC I hold interviews with the senior companions of each companionship weekly, and report back to the Zone Leaders and Branch Presidency. I also pick up the mail 2 times a day after lunch and dinner. I have leadership training meetings twice a week and report again at Branch Council on Sunday. It's fun. I also conduct district council and run opening excercises before every class.

Fam, life is very good here, and I am really enjoying my time preparing for my service in Mexico. Less that 20 days till I'm in a plane to Hermosillo. Some might say I'm going crazy, I am so ready to leave this spiritual powerhouse prison and start teaching the people of Mexico. I love thinking about the people that I will meet, teach and learn to love! shoot, I already love them. Leaving to Boise last week another glimpse of the outside world haha

Remember hearing from Shane M. Bowen at Saturday Morning Conference? He was the seventy that spoke of self pity and shared his personal experience when he lost one of his children! I had the chance to hear from him on Tuesday night! he was a powerful speaker that really brought the spirit, I couldn't get enough of what he was saying. Chelsea gave me a suggestion in one of her Dear Elders to me about drawing a line down the middle of my note page and on one side write what my physical ears hear and on the other what my spiritual ears hear, and to record what the spirit tells me! It worked so well, and I was just pouring my heart out on the spiritual ears side of my paper. What I got most out of his talk was how obedience is essential to successful missionary work (seems to be a pattern in all MTC Devotionals) and that miracles DO exist today and will happen regularly on our missions. He also spoke about some of the changes that are going to take place in the MTC and mission field in the next couple months. spanish elders will only be spending 6 weeks in here instead of 9! Im so jealous haha but the church is supposed to be doubling their missionaries from 55,000 to OVER 100,000!!!! crazy! this gospel is taking off and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of this great movement.

My good friend Jacob Clingo joined me in the forces this week. Do you remember him? He was so cute. How can I explain this... ok, when I dropped Brinley off at her first day of 1st grade and she was really nervous and had a tear in her eye. That's how he was! nahhhh Just Kidding. He's doing great, and stands about 3 inches taller in his missionary moot boots, just like me! I look forward to spending a little more time with him before I head off to Mexico.

My time is dying down on this email! every week its difficult to tell you all that happened! To summarize, I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. I look forward to the next 2 years of my  life with all my heart. I KNOW that I am doing what I am supposed to at this time in my life. Its a great feeling sharing your testimony everyday, something that was once so foreign to me but is now becoming a very good habit of mine. Thank you for your constant love and support. Wednesday I got a letter from 4 of you family members and it was soooo good to hear from you! made my night. Brooke you are gorgeous, I saw your homecoming pictures today. Mitchell you are gorgeous too. Mom and Dad I am striving to be the missionary that you are praying for me to be everyday! I love you all, more than you know. Kia Kaha

-Elder Farrow da beast

P.S. I'm singing Come thou Fount in Sacrament meeting this Sunday! Pray that my voice wont crack! haha just kidding, that wont happen until I start puberty ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Elder Farrow got his Visa!!!!

 Blake on a round about way to on for explanation!
 I'm sure it is great to be out and about and see civilization!!!
 Boise State football stadium

 Mexican Consolate in Boise with Elders needing to get their visas!
A thumbs up to getting the official stamp he needed!!!!

Hello Family!

This week was the best week of my mission by far! I have so much to tell you all about. To start off, Conference last weekend was absolutely incredible. I ate up absolutely every word. I was in tune with the spirit and lots stood out to me. My favorite talks were President Eyring's on our relationship with God and "pavilions", Elder Ballard's about the Bees, and Holland's talk of loving our savior! And the BIG NEWS! oh man I could not believe my ears when the Prophet announced the age changes for missionaries. I immediately thought of my sisters, my cousins and my Chelsea! What an amazing experience it will be for so many of our young women to begin preparing for a mission and serving at age 19! Mom you have your work cut out for you as Young Womens prez ;) It was definitely the talk of the MTC for a couple days. The news was equivalant of when Dumbledoor read Harry Potter's name out of the Goblet of Fire!

In other news, I was able to hear from 2 power house speakers at the MTC this week. First Chad Lewis was a NFL football player and served a mission in Taiwan! He was a big dude and really got us pumped to get out in the field and share our testimonies! My favorite of his quotes was "Bring thunder to your missions". Also, on Tuesday night I had the incredible opportunity to hear from Elder David A. Bednar! He sure brought the spirit. He spoke on the importance of studying and living the words of the prophets. This made my conference experience even better! He spoke a little about the new mission age revelation and said that the Lord will do His work in His Time! We were indeed spiritually fed by his words, he even spoke 15 minutes past the hour that he had assigned to speak. I dont think the MTC president minded ;)

Hey, if you were wondering if I was in Boise, Idaho on Thursday at the Mexican Consolate's Office, I WAS!!!!!! I heard news from the travel office that I was going to get my visa on thursday in Boise! Crazy news.  I left from the MTC at 3am on Thursday morning with Elder Balli and about 7 other missionaries that were going to Hermosillo with me. We traveled to Oakland, CA then made our way to Boise at about 11. We were greeted at the Boise Airport by a cute senior couple and they were our tour guides for the day. Doodled around in the town for about 4 hours till the office was open. We visited Boise State Stadium and saw the blue astro turf! We also took a little nature walk at a local park that was close to the consolate office. What a day it was! alot of reading and studying. I memorized D and C 4 in spanish. But, after waiting for 3 hours in the most uncomfortable plastic chair in the waiting room, I was finally called to take my picture and sign some papers. About a half hour later I had my visa stickered onto my pasport!!!! Made our way back to the airport and was back to the MTC at 10. Such a loooong day. But tons of fun.

I will probably continue to say this my entire mission. The days are long but the weeks are short. Time is definitely flying by. I love it here and and growing tons. I have been called to be District Leader! i will be in this position for my remaining time at the MTC. Very lucky to serve in 2 leadership positions before the mission field. With this new job I have to chance to check for my District's mail every day. definitely a highlight of my day. Thank you for the letters family and friends! Sister Snow, Chelsea, Bre, Lando, Jacquelyn, Ryan, Alex, and Evan! You guys are awesome and thanks for your letters. I wish I could right you all back. No time!! Without fail, getting a letter from a loved one puts me in a good mood and I love hearing stories, jokes, and the great advice you all give. Bailey, you are wonder Woman. Keep up the good work in school and playin Hockey! you little badger eater knuckle brain! I love you all! thank you all for your love. I'm workin hard every day! You are in my prayers.

Elder Farrow

P.S. Jacob Ross Clingo! Cant wait to see you here with me sooon!!! good luck with your farewell talk, and dont be afraid to give me a shoutout ahahhaha love you man. stay pitted.
P.S.S. YOLO flapple

4 weeks and counting!

 Blake studying away at the MTC!

 Blake sends his roomate from college off to Chile!!!  Way to go Elder Zach Carter.
 He must have needed a haircut;)


 Haven't heard that he has a twisted ankle....boys will be boys!!!

 Elder Farrow enjoys the Provo Temple on his p-days.

 His momma sent him a pillowcase with a great quote.....not forgetting to say your prayers.

 Elder Jones and Elder Farrow push forward as companions and to learn the Spanish language.

 Doing laundry on his day off!!!!

Video clip of how the Elder is doing;)

Hello!!!! ahhhh another week has flown by! P-Day is always looked forward to as an MTC Missionary. Communication day! This week was absolutely average!!! haha A lot of work, and studying as usual! I finished reading Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard yesterday! it was fantastic. I really enjoyed tearing through those pages, so I checked off one of the books from my reading list.

I don't know if I have told you about TRC!? It stands for Teaching Recourse Center and its where real members come and as voulunteers and we just teach em a 20 minute lesson. Its kinda like when the missionaries come over to our house for FHE! I had a great experience there this week. Our first lesson was shmeh (just ok) but our second lesson was sooo goood! It was one of the first times so far I was able to really express my self in Spanish! it was bizarre, the spanish sentences starting flowing like an espanol river! the spirit really took over! And Elder Jones and I taught a great lesson about prayer and personal revelation. It was another glimpse into the future, I cant wait for all the experiences I am going to have in the field.

To my cousin Garret!!!! Elder Pliler! It is such an amazing experience knowing that I am serving as a missionary at the same time as my cousin! you are such a stud, and you are in my prayers! I hope the visa comes soon! Chicago has been blessed with a hard working and positive missionary! keep up the good work, and I hope to email you more when I am out in the field and P-Day is a bit more relaxed with the e-mail time.

Just some clarification, I did not attend the temple dedication, it was broadcasted in the gym and I watched it with all the missionaries! but a great experience none the less. I love attending the Gospel and I love having the opportunity to go every Friday morning! I went to a session this morning and loved it! I am growing very close to my district and it feels like a brotherhood with these guys. Its been a lot of fun getting to know all of the missionaries in the zone.

This week was slightly different considering I didn't have my Zone Leader duties. I had quite a bit more time to myself! personal study is great! everyday I get at least an hour of study. I love the Book of Mormon. You all should read it haha Hey mom, I love you. thank you for always being a strength in my life. I was reading in Alma chapter 57 about the Strippling Warriors. Man those guys were studs. Id like to think that I am kind of like them, looking up to Captain Helaman and all. Read Alma 57:21 :)

Also, a scripture in 2 Nephi 4 really stood out to me. in verse 28 it reads, "Awake my soul! No longer droop in sin. REJOICE, O my heart, and give place no more to the enemy of my soul." WOW! I love it. After reading this on Wednesday morning I wrote it in my journal right away. To me it helped me realize that we have all made mistakes in our past, and as long as we have repented we need to move on, be happy, and rejoice. Never looking back.

As I said, this week was a pretty normal week. I still enjoy playing sand volleyball, and schooling white kids in soccer. Thank you for your letters again, they are much appreciated. Mom again thank you for the book you sent me. I love lookin at those family pictures. And so do my fellow Missionaries, they happen to have little crushes on all of my sisters. Brittany thanks for sharing your experiences with your family in DC. What an incredible trip! Count your many blessings family, we really are so lucky to have everything in our lives. Grandma and Grandpa Moon, thanks for your letter, a hand written letter should be in the mail this week for you both :)

I know I seem to go off every week about how much I love being a missionary, but it is so true. It is such an incredible feeling knowing that you are going to go out into the world sharing the Gospel with everyone. These next 4 weeks need to come soon, because I'm ready to get out to mexico. I know those mexicans are ready for me too! I love serving the Lord and working hard everyday!


You are all in my prayers. Stay positive and be happy! This church is true.


Elder Farrow

Monday, October 1, 2012

3rd Week in MTC!!!! Brigham City Temple Dedication

September 28th, 2012


Ahhhh another week has passed by! It's crazy how fast these weeks go. This week definitely seemed the shortest. All in all these last few days have been great. I continue to find new secrets about the MTC, like hidden drawers in our room called Narnias!   Honestly its different spending all day cooped up in 3 buildings. At least at college I had a little bit of freedom of where I wanted to go. Even through the ups and downs of the MTC I continue to stay positive. The language is definitely still a barrier, and at times it gets frustrating. Never have I done so much soul searching or spent time on my knees in my life!

I am now on a pretty consistent schedule of teaching. I continue to teach Andres and Elena. both have accepted to be baptized! woot woot whooo. It’s all fake, but very real to us Elders. I love getting into the lessons! I love the chance that I get to bare my testimony to my investigators! I am really having so much fun here. I have tricked missionaries into thinking that I am cool. It’s nice for a change. I was jamming with Elder Jones in a piano room the other day, him on piano, me on my harmonica and singing Piano Man! Naturally a crowd of 20+ Missionaries gathered outside the open door to hear. I hated the attention ;) haha that is just one of the crazy things that happen here. One other thing that keeps us sane is our GYM time! I continue to play soccer and volleyball, sometimes an occasional game of horsey shoes with Jones. Have I mentioned he isn’t much of an athlete? He once played little league, I think. But he's a talented kid, and really smart. Sometimes I pretend I know what he is talking about when he chatters on about physics.

I had the opportunity to go to the Temple again this morning! There is nothing quite like feeling the spirit while being at the House of The Lord. Also, I got to be a part of the Brigham City Temple dedication! Great experience for me, I was listening to every word from Boyd K. Packer, and eating it all up. What a powerful message and prayer. After the dedication the whole congregation (3000 missionaries) belted The Spirit of God together. I got choked up halfway through the second verse, and was so dang happy! I wanted to stand up and throw my fists in the air and tell everyone the church was true! ha-ha I'm pretty sure everyone knew that already though. It was a great day. I told you I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting! Through my broken Spanish I shared a message of the importance of Baptism then bore my testimony! 5 minutes never felt so long. I guess I did pretty well, even the Latinos said so, and they were impressed I could roll my R's! I said, "Good Elders. Doest this surprise you that I speak with the gift of tongues?” they said "Nay!" So that was pretty cool!

Each day there is a new story to tell. I'm doing my best best to write in my journal every night! I don't want to forget about these amazing experiences. Only 3 weeks in and I have so much to share. Only 3 weeks in and im on fire!!! Family I want you to know I love you and that I am in good hands. I know that man at the top of the mountain didn't just fall there! I'm working hard, day in and day out. I set goals and achieve them. I am ready for these next 2 years! Whatever this world has to throw at me, I will attack it with the Word of God. I cannot even begin to say the many blessings in all of our lives. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve as a true representative of my Savior Jesus Christ, standing on the front line of battle against this world in it's moral decay. Thank you for your constant love and support! keep feeding me those letters. Mom and Dad, your words of advise throughout the week truly inspire me, and sometimes give me that extra push at the end of the day. Sisters... kinda slackin on the letters, jk, write me when you can! Brookie thanks for your letters! I really do love the updates.


Elder Farrow

P.S. More pictures on the way! I hope! I purchased a 2 dollar pen at the bookstore this week called the ZEBRA-402. It's the new craze at the MTC. Writes like butter (como mantequilla)

Love getting emails!!! His 2nd;)

Sept 21, 2012

Hello Family!!!!

I have tons to tell you and such little time to email! Thank you all for your constant love and support. Ill say it again, letters are GOLD in the MTC! it makes me so happy to see these little updates throughout my day. the letters get printed off around 4 and that is usually when my brain begins to fry. sunny side up of course. I'm trying my absolute hardest to stay positive throughout these hard days! The Spanish is coming. poco a poco. I have the opportunity to teach an investagator almost every day. In spanish! I am currently teaching 2 people, Elena and Andres. both are turning out to be very difficult and different from each other. Elena likes to talk and Andres is as Catholic as they come. haha its great. and I have tons of fun teaching these guys. it is just a little glimpse of what it will be like out in the field. I spend tons of time flipping through preach my gospel every day, and i am loving tearing through pages in mi libro de mormon. Reading in spanish is slow, but I get way more out of my studying by taking it one verse at a time.

I truly have been blessed to be called to be a Zone Leader! its been a lot of work, jumping around from interviews with other elders and going to meetings. It does take out a big chunk of my personal study time throughout the day, and that is what I looked forward to! But, I love getting to know all of the missionaries in my zone personally. I'm trying my best to be an awesome example for erryone, at times it is hard. We had a 6 hour block of language study on tuesday, and I was just about to loose it. Half way through  I started singing primary songs in my African American Baptist voice and it made me sane again!

Bailey! awesome job singing at da pep rally! I'm sure it was amazing! momma just a few little updates for you! My bulky missionary shoes make me 25 pounds heavier but seem to be working just fine. I play soccer almost every day, and the latinos have accepted me as one of their kind. They say I'm prettty good for a white guy and ask me where I learned how to play so well, I answer and say. I had a good coach when I was 5 years old playing at AYSO! thanks mom. I havent stepped on a scale lately. Food is good, and Im eating more salads, its better than some of the Turkey burgers or fake bean burritos they are feeding us! My companion Elder Jones is having a difficult time here at the MTC, it makes me sad when I see him down. I am trying my best to keep his spirits high. He is a  nice kid, but I think the changes from a freshman in college to a full time missionary were a lot for him!!!

As difficult as these days are here at the MTC, I am constantly feeling the spirit here. I know my testimony is being strengthened everyday! I love being a missioinary and a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ! I am so thankful for the upbringing i had, and for the chances I had to be a leader growing up. I can see how all these opportunities are going to help me on my mission already! I love speaking Spanish and sharing my testimony! I love memorizing scriptures, giving 5 minute talks in sacrament and serving the Lord! I love you all!

-Elder Farrow

PS thank you Nanny and bompa for the care package! perfect snacks for a missionary :) Thank you Snows for brightening my day your letter and Krispy Kremes! Mom and Dad and family! thanks for your constant love.
PSS I can do a standing backflip now.

First email from the MTC

September 14, 2012 (First MTC letter)

Hola mi familia!!!!!!!!!

Ahh this is crazy! I'm writing my very first email home! :) I have so much to say and so little time to write you all. Let me fill you in a bit. Today is Friday, my P day. I have done laundry, changed sheets, and gone to the Temple! Overall today has been a much needed break from the business of the MTC. Every second of everyday is planned out for me, there are little to no breaks throughout the day. However, I do have about an hour of personal study each day! This last week has been overwhelming! My good cousin Elder Pliler gave me some fantastic advise about the MTC. He said, "Dont  fight the change." Family, I am EMBRACING this change! From day one I realized how much work I was going to have to do. I go to bed exhausted and pop right out of bed ready to work. The MTC is truly a sacred place. I have the opportunity to feel the spirit everyday! It isn't hard when you walk the halls with over 2700 missionaries. Things are getting much better! the days are going by slowly, but the week has flown by.

I have BIG NEWS! I have been called to be Zone Leader for my Zone. When I was called on my first Sunday here, I was blown away! my heart dropped and I was speechless. I had been at the MTC for less than a week and my branch president had called me to be a leader in charge of over 70 missionaries. Amazing. I don't know why My companion and I were chosen, as we were such young Elders. I didnt feel ready. missionaries had been here for 6+ weeks and knew their way around the MTC much better than I did. I thought long an hard, I prayed even harder. In my patriarchal blessing it says I will be a force of good during my mission, and that I will help uplift missionaries while I serve. So I say, BRING IT ON

BRING IT ON! I am ready for the next few weeks as a Zone Leader! Already I have attended 3 leadership meetings and even given a tour to new missionaries. I am striving to be a perfect example to the other missionaries. As Zone leader I am in charge of 6 Districts. crazy! Also, Garret was in the same branch that I was in and the branch presidency knows and loves Garret! what are da odds of dat?

I love it here. My testimony is growing everyday! It is hard work, but so much fun. I love my district and my companion. Ok, about Elder Jones. He is a wipper-snapper. In short he comes from a small town in Ohio, plays in the marching band, likes to play 4 square during out gym hour, and has an amazing testimony! That is why he is such a stud, he is a smart guy and we teach well together. We are currently teaching a man named Marcelo. (He's a volunteer from Provo, but we pretend it is totally real, and we speak only in SPANISH!) he lives with his girlfriend and has a baby boy. things are going well and through out terrible Spanish I asked him to be baptized yesterday. Well, he said he would prepare for baptism; we set a day for late October.

Spanish is coming slowly, and I learn 100000000000 new words a day. Each day is crazy and my head hurts by the end of the day. Naturally I get down sometimes. Family and friends, thank you for your love and your Dear Elder Letters! Mom the advice you gave me in you letter yesterday turned my day around and I am even more positive. Mom you said that I need to loose myself in the work of Jesus Christ! oh man that made me open my eyes! I was being so selfish, looking inward, worrying about my problems. I am not a disciple of Christ and I am going to act like it! I am striving every hour to be the Missionary that my Mom, Dad, sisters, brother, family and friends pray that I will be. but really! keep the letters coming family!!! I love the advice :) Dad, I love you so much! Thank you for being that anchor in my life. I look up to you more than you know. Brooke and Bailey! You guys are cool. Brittany thanks for your update on Cam! seems like it was just yesterday he was in diapers. oh wait... Moons! Thanks for your letters, good luck with this year of school! Uncle Rob, I am 30 pages into the Book of Mormon and chasing your record of 1 and 1/2 times through the BOM in the MTC!

You are all in my prayers! I love being a missionary, and am so pumped for the next 2 years of my life. I have been prepared, and I know those Mexicanos are ready for me to come marching up to their casas!!! I love you all. Especially you Brinley!

-Elder Farrow

PS- thanks for the care package! i got it this morning! whooooo yeah!! love life :)