Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Returned with Honor!!!

What an amazing ride it has been having a son serve a full time mission.  It is something that you only dream of when your child sings the song, "I hope they call me on a Mission".  It has become a reality for us.  The preparation, the emails home every week and the incredible young man he has become are so worth the sacrifice.

Can't wait till they get called!
Can't stand to let them go!
Can't stop talking about them!
Can't stop worrying about them!
Can't wait till they get home!

I know in my heart that a person who leaves their family for a short time so others can be with theirs for ETERNITY.....is a true principle of this beautiful gospel we are so blessed to have!

Elder Farrow was able to see Aunt Kelee, Ryan and Grandpa and Grandpa Moon on his layover to PHX before coming home to San Diego!


SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______
US AIRWAYS            19AUG HERMOSILLO     PHOENIX AZ     1140A   1252P
U ECONOMY                                  TERMINAL 4
                                                          NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         1:12 DURATION
                            SEAT 03F NO SMOKING CONFIRMED

US AIRWAYS            19AUG PHOENIX AZ     SAN DIEGO CA   200P    311P   
U ECONOMY                   TERMINAL 4     TERMINAL 2
                                                          NON STOP
                            RESERVATION CONFIRMED         1:11 DURATION
                  AIRCRAFT: AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A321
                            SEAT 16A NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
Sisters are so excited to go to the airport!

Family is anticipating the arrival of his flight!

Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Proud parents!

Fun to have a welcome banner to greet our Elder!

His first home cooked meal!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Savior Lives

Aug. 11, 2014

Recently I have had difficulty counting my blessings, because there are too many to count!! haha this week was phenomenal. I think we had a picture perfect week, not many trials like other weeks and we had pure smiles and happiness. I had a blast finding new families to teach and feeling the spirit with investigators and members! At this point you can name anything about missionary work and I can tell you I love it. I have really grown to love every aspect of this work. We baptised Yulisa like we had planned!!! she was pretty nervous, but after feeling an enormous peace in the beginning of her baptismal service she was calm, poised and excited once entering the the waters of baptism. I was able to baptise her, and I was nearly brought to tears seeing her face and eyes light up with joy while we were still in the font. There is no greater happiness than this!

Sunday morning was incredible too, we passed by the homes in Hermano Lopez van and packed it tight with investigators, like sardines in a can! I sang in sacrament meeting, and was accompanied by the precious Hermana Libby on piano. I sang Because I have Been Given Much I Too Must Give. A very appropriate hymn for an Elder that has been so blessed for 2 years in the Lords service.  Everything is progressing well and we have great plans for this next week.

Obviously I am a jumble of emotion finishing up my final days here in Mexico but there is nothing stopping me from finishing strong. I have no doubts that I will finish at an all time high. I love being a missionary and know it will be a difficult goodbye when the time comes for me to take off my missionary badge. I look forward to the future with all my faith and trust in God with all my heart. I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ! Angels have protected me I have been in Gods hands for 2 years. I know that what I preach is the truth. There is a fire within my that fuels a powerful desire to share this gospel with everyone I meet. I know that the blessings of hard work are numerous. as we strive to live by faith and obedience there is no doubt in my mind we will find so much joy, peace and happiness. I have past through a lot in these last 2 years, and today I have so much love for my church, God and Savior.

Ill end with a poem I wrote this week that express my appreciation for my missionary service.

My Savior Lives by Elder Farrow 

My Savior Lives. What more can I say?
I have had His name over my heart every single day.
He guided me, protected me, and healed my broken heart.
He always supported me from the very start.
He walked with me and renewed my soul.
He has comforted me and helped me reach my goals.
He has changed me, He has made me strong.
I remembered the nails and pushed along.
It was never easy. I fought and fought and fought.
I was called to serve in a desert, where the sun was so hot.
I have worked so hard. I have given my all.
I have put my trust in the Lord with my back against the wall.
At the end of two years  I fall to my knees,
and ask my Father in Heaven if He is pleased.
Pleased with the work that I have done
serving as a missionary in the work of His son.
In my prayers I feel my Saviors love.
My personal revelation has come from up above.
I will never stop, because His work will never end.
For my entire life I will serve my family and friends,
He is by my side, and with me He will stay.
And even when I stumble He will help me find my way.
I know my Savior lives and with every waking hour,
I will be obedient and testify of His redeeming power.
I am ready now, there is nothing more to say,
For I know Christ lives and loves everyday.

I love my family tons and am grateful for your constant stream of prayer, love and support. I will finish strong and will see you all soon. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Farrow

Monday, August 4, 2014

A much needed week of success

Aug. 4, 2014

Through ups and downs here in the mission, this weeks served to be very very successful and happy week. hah the last couple weeks have been a little tough and my companion and I were struggling a little bit finding new people and families to teach and battling with rechazo and desanimo. however, the Lord truly opened up the windows of heaven this week and our prayers were answered! I love how God works. He is sometimes just waiting for us to work hard and be patient then he helps us out when we need Him most.

The members here are catching the fire and are working well. obviously not everybody, but the solid families here are giving us names and coming out on visits with us. They feel the spirit with us and the flame gets even hotter. We have said goodbye to many families and found several new ones.

This week we baptized Jesus Antonio!! a stud!! he just barely turned 12 years old and is a little short for his age. He walked to church a few times just so his baptismal date wouldn't fall. He was very prepared and is super smart. His mom and his step dad would have been baptized too, but they are dealing with some issues with divorce for past marriages and other stuff. From the very 1st time we talked to him about baptism he told me that he wanted me to baptize him. Saturday was a very special day for me. In the afternoon we started our fast, later at 6 we baptized and had a very powerful noche de hogar (family home evening) with an investigating family. I honestly felt like the blessings didn't stop coming this week because Sunday was awesome too! lots of investigators at church and I felt like everybody was smiling haha or maybe its just me.

 Finishing up the mission is nothing easy and i think more now than ever I am depending on the spirit to guide me everyday. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. to sum it up, i feel emotionally tired haha I truly feel my Saviors presence. its a little hard to explain but I just knows He is aware of me. I feel a beautiful peace every night in my prayers, and this peace is a big motivator for me to work hard and leave everything I have here in the field. 4th quarter baby! I am still going strong and have big plans to have another successful week. I am proud of my family and so grateful for your constant love and support these last 2 years. and do love you all with all my heart!

Remember The Nails,
Elder Farrow

1. A new family! they didn't go to church Sunday like they said they they would haha but next week fo sho!
2. Always time to make tortillas :D
3-4. Anotonio con su mama y hermanita

Monday, July 28, 2014

Diving Catches!

July 27, 2014

another amazing week has passed. I am so very thankful for the support i have in my family and I have loved your advise about finishing up strong. Please don't worry about me! you can trust in Elder Farrow that he is going to step up his game even more in these last precious weeks. I am very happy.

Whenever the Mexicans want to get your attention they say "la neta es que", its like saying "the truth is my friend". and sooo i tell you all... la neta es que this week was a real toughie. we are passing by some trials here in our area and pray diligently to overcome everything here in Peñasco. Something that really really drew my attention this week was the little tender mercies of the Lord. We found little hidden blessings every single day this week. check this out! digamos que we are playing baseball and the second baseman lets a ground ball slip right threw the middle of his legs for an embarrassing error, he gets down and pretty sad. Then suddenly his shortstop makes a beautiful diving catch or a solid double play to pick him up and lift the spirit of the2nd baseman! perhaps lately my companion and I were a little down this week, but the the Lord was making diving catches all week! He lifted us up daily as we found new people to teach and people even were inviting us into their houses. God truly does try our patience sometimes!

I love the mission so much and am really having the time of my life. My comp is great and keeps me laughing all day. sometimes i feel like I have too many blessings, or I dont deserve the blessing i recieve hourly. The sun is sooo hot haha no maches it is really heating up here and sometimes I get molested by how much I sweat. I show up to the lunch appointments at 2 as a wet towel haha I am loosing lots of weight. But yeah all is dandy and I am lookiung forward to another event filled week. Today in my District meeting I "capacitated" (Grandpa moon I know that's not a common English word, but that's all I know how to say now haha) about working with the members and asking them for names. I only hope my family is workin hard in the missionary work over there too! I love you lots

Remember the Nails,

Elder Farrow

1. An awesome little family. "hidden blessings!"
2. A big frozen fish haha

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bouncin Back!

July 21, 2014

I feel that as my mission is coming to an end, I am finally getting strarted! I have asked myself recently if God is happy or satisfied with the work I have done, and I haven't gotten an answer yet. He just keeps on telling me, keep on working hard Elder Farrow! He expects much of me! I am having the time of my life. and enjoying every single minute of my time here in peñasco. and dang, it was an awesome week. One of our greatest logros was brigging the Valdez family to the church for 3 weeks in a row. there were very menos activos but now they are showing great faith and making huge sacrifices to keep the commandments. actually they have played a big role in helping Yuliza, their neighbor, prepare for her baptism. Yuliza has been to church 3 times also and we pray and fast so she can be baptised the 9th of august.

Among our successes this week we couldn't ignore other downfalls that kinda bummed us out. even after 2 years of missionary work, the words "we don't want anything to do with the church" hurt so bad sometimes!! it has been harder for my compánion. he is experimenting with missionary downfalls, and I have tried my very best to teach him positivity and faith. I strongly believe that the true measure of our success is based upon how many times we can bounce back from failure or regection!  

I was able to do 2 interchanges this week with 2 different companionship's this week. I felt like an assistant again. working hard in someone elses area is a blast. Sunday at church my companion and I had a special moment in the 3rd hour when we taught in primary. we taught about prayer and used scriptures in Mosiah 24:9-14 to explain that we can say prayers in our head and in our heart. we asked all the kiddos to fold their arms, close their eyes, bow their heads and pray. it was silent!! haha after a solid minute i told them they could open their eyes. A beautiful spirit entered the room and all the primary teachers were in tears. It was sweet, and helped me understand more fully the intimate connection we have with our Father in Heaven. He does hear and answer our prayers. He has answered mine, and we wait patiently so He answers the prayers of our investigators. based on His time and their faith.

lately my testimony of Christ and His gospel have been bouncing off the walls and been growing so much. learning of Christ has strengthened my soul and filled my heart with appreciation for my family! I love you guys so much and work daily to show my love for my Father in Heaven. You are always in my prayers my good family. I hope you have an awesome week =)

Mucho love,
Elder Farrow

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Chosen Missionary

July 14, 2014

A lot happened and it was a spiritual strengthening week for sure. I was definitely blessed with some answers to some personal questions I have been having lately! I know very well that God is aware of his missionaries. I am grateful to be in His hands.

Our week of work was interrupted by a meeting in Hermosillo.   My companion and I had to go to on Thursday. It was a special meeting for the new missionaries that are in their training. I remember a similar meeting I had as a greenie almost 2 years ago.You would think that President Hernandez would get tired of assigning me topics to speak in his meetings, but yet again I was able to prepare 30 minutes of capacitation on WORKING WITH MEMBERS!! hah it is something that we as missionaries are always hearing from our leaders, and I decided to take another approach. I explained to them how in missionary work there are chosen investigators and there are also chosen missionaries. A chosen missionary is a missionary that the members trust with their friends and loved ones. I had fun with it.

Coming back to Peñasco we finished the week of with a solid day of hard work. We knew that we had lost 2 precious days of work while traveling and in Hermosillo and that we needed to invite tons to church on Sunday. We did just that. We left the house early at  9 in the morning and returned at 9pm sharp. I feel very blessed to have a young companion that loves to work.  He is motivating to me which is good.

All is well. My testimony of the atonement has really grown in the 2nd half of my mission. With confidence I testify daily of His divinity and healing power. He fills the hearts of missionaries with joy! Being consecrated and dedicated has never been more fun. I want to be perfect and put my trust in the Lord day after day after day.

I love my family! thanks for your prayers. they never go unanswered.
Remember the Nails,
Elder Farrow

1. I ate dat
2. Superman!! hahh my buddy. kids here bath and play in big tubs of cold water to cool down.

Monday, July 7, 2014

WOW! that just happened :D

Jammin! haha Mas Cerca Dios de Ti :) Himno 50!

Add captionLa Hermana Bastida y su hija Monica! they were a great help to us this week
 La Zona Peñasco!

La Familia Lopez Guerra! Lupita, Andrea and Jose :D

On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 7:22 PM, Blake Farrow <blake.farrow@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Family! otra semana nos ha pasado que si fuera un sueño! I cant believe how many tender mercies and how many blessing we were able to see this past week. taking a breath after a long days work you take a deep breath and say "WOW! that just happened." The Lord is surely working side by side with us! we were blessed to see 3 miracles this week. Their names are Lupita, Andrea and Jose. all three entered the waters of baptism this week :D trust me they had their share of opposition and truly had their personal and family battles with Satan in order to reach their goals, but they did it! I love their family so much, Lupita is a single mother who has sacrificed a lot to be baptised. They were also supported tons by the sister missionaries in the branch here and I am grateful for them too!

Like any missionary week, we had our ups and downs, but definitely stayed positive. If i were a boy scout again, I think I would have earned my bicycling merit badge like 9 times this week, we ran into some serious bike trouble. but all is well and we keep rolling on. We worked a ton with members this week and continue to be impressed by the faith of these great members. the majority of the saints here are converts and most have less than 10 years in the iglesia. they all remember very well their missionaries and are super willing to help us. especially when they can see two young missionaries with fire in their eyes and huge desire to serve. We try our very best to show these members how much we love being missionaries. It has honestly been a blast training Elder Corona. I have seen lots of progress in him, and he will be a great leader here in the mission.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much this last hour. First seeing baby Emery laughing and then seeing my beautiful sister Brooke all chimpmunked up after getting teeth pulled. I have no doubts all is well in the USA. Sadly I was not able to celebrate tons the 4th of July, even though we are close to the border, there want much celebration :( but who cares, I feel Mexican now anyways haha I love it here in Peñasco and look forward to a solid week of work.

I have a burning desire to find, teach, baptise and master the Spanish language. I bask in the opportunity to be constantly serving others! i have a very pure testimony that joy is the result and prize of hard missionary work. I love this Gospel and my family. I am at peace

Always Remember the Nails,
Elder Farrow

1. La Zona Peñasco!
2. La Familia Lopez Guerra! Lupita, Andrea and Jose :D