Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another One bites the dust :0

May 26, 2014

This week flew by! I am genuinely thankful for the trials that have been placed in my mission, because each one has strengthen me and my testimony. I would be lying to all of you if I told you this traveling assistant gig was easy. It has tested me in so many ways. but I have learned that there is no substitute for hard work and it is hard to beat a person that never gives up. I try to be that person everyday!

To start off the week we went south to Guaymas. A change in plans guided us to be in 2 days splits with Zone Leaders, Elder Rasmussen (Minnesota) and Elder Peterson (Idaho). We had our share of success and rejection, trials of patience and lots of laughs. I was with Rasmussen almost the whole time and we had some good bonding time. He and I had our adventures in neighboring town Empalme. There we did a sick baptismal interview and ate sushi that made me sick haha all we finished up strong!

The second half of the week we came back to Hermosillo and I accompanied ZLs Elder Huber (Mesa) and Elder Gutierrez (Vera Cruz) for the weekend. Tough Area. But I was able to teach them positivity and working with members can bring forth fruits. These Elders had one of the smallest houses I have stayed in yet haha I love Mexico and all its perks. I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences I am having here. Strangely, I was privileged to teach so many mothers this week. Single moms, old mom, young moms, worried moms, soccer moms, and Mormon moms. The Gospel has so many parenting applications and together my companions and I we were able to help each one of them find peace in understanding Gospel principles. This week I sure appreciated my Mom and the obedience and courage she always had while I was growing up.

Tonight President and his wife invited Elder Christensen and I to dinner and we are going to have a Family Home Evening together!! I'm stoked! We are spoiled by them :) The other day the Hermana Told me we were their prized lambs hahah I keep my chin up and count my blessings. I love my beautiful family and am grateful for this church. Our faith in Christ and our diligence in keeping the commandments had brought us so much happiness! YES!

Elder farrow

1. Rasmussen! hah this picture pretty much sums up what we did together in 2 days :)))
2. Every day im travelin. Elder Christensen! My best bud
3. Huber y Guti
4. tryin on some boots! hahah yeee
1. Rasmussen! hah this picture pretty much sums up what we did together in 2 days :)))

2. Every day im travelin. Elder Christensen! My best bud

3. Huber y Guti

4. tryin on some boots! hahah yeee

Monday, May 19, 2014

True Happiness!

May 19, 2014

I am passing through the happiest weeks of my mission. I don't really know how to explain it. The harder I push myself and the more loose myself out here I receive so much joy in serving the Lord. This week Elder Christensen and I tackled Puerto Peñasco! I was technically the closest I could be to home while still being in mission boundaries ;) This place is a beach! haha It wasnt like dusty old towns I had been in before it was pure sand! I never got close enough to see the ocean, but I sure felt the fresh Oceania breeze. Although still hot, it was sure a break from the deathly rays from other parts in the mission. I first started off the week with Elder Guerra (Puebla) and Elder Vasquez (Oaxaca). These 2 young Mexican missionaries made me feel so tall walking by their side! We had a brief chat before we started to work together Tuesday morning and I asked them both if they were ready and willing to leave their comfort zones to do what the Lord wanted them to do? I told them that we weren't going to return home without finding chosen families and putting baptismal dates, and we did just that! I know that we were were truly guided by angels this week. It is blast!

Switching gears  in the week (no pun intended), I biked around with Elder Van Aken (Seattle) and Elder Hernandez (Mexico). Their area was absolutely filled with families and I couldn't believe how easy i was to find large groups of people and teach them. Even weirder... they listened to us!!! I think I gave some sermons this week haha Also lots of fun. Ending my day together with those guys, they dropped me off lejos en la casa de los Zone Leaders. And there I finished up the week in the ZL's area. We taught so much this week and I consider it one of the most successful weeks of my entire mission. We brought tons of people to church and everyone looked so happy. Even the missionaries. One missionary in particular was very thankful for our visit and asked me before I left church a little early to catch our bus, "Elder Farrow, what do you have that other missionaries don't have?", I paused but later answered saying, "Faith".

I love being a missionary and feel so privileged to be a receptor of so many blessings. With every week that passes, I eliminate doubt and my faith becomes more and more unshakable. Hourly I am surrounded by opportunities to do good works. This is the chance I have to show my love for my Savior and what He has done for me. I feel my Saviors Atonement working in me! This Atonement is everything to me. There really is no other event in human history as significant as His atoning sacrifice. None else compares with it. Without it life would be meaningless. It would be a dead end journey. With it we are assured of eternal life. Death is not the end, but rather a passing on to a more glorious existence. This testimony flows within me now and it will never cease to grow.

Remember The Nails,
Elder Farrow

P.S. Garret! After 2 beautiful years and even a little bit more, you have reached the beginning of a new mission. I am proud of you my
brother and have been strengthened by you throughout my mission. Your love and humility inspire me! Felicidades primo mio! te quiero mucho! :D

Monday, May 12, 2014

Dia de las Madres!!

May 12, 2014

1. the sweet family morales, i skyped at their house
2. guthrie and Diva el guatemalteco hah we didn't get along idk why
3. p day fun, me and Ixcot
4. I love it!
5.  the assistants and pres!
6. mecham and matrinez6. Anahi and paloma, 2 converts
7.  Anahi and paloma, 2 converts

This week was as delicious as a cake and skpying with you all was the biggest cherry I could find to put on the top of it. I had a blast, and was grateful I was able to share with you a few spiritual experiences I had this week when we talked. I started off the week with Elder Mecham (Utah) and  Elder MArtinez (CA) who are both relatively young missionaries who have great desire to work, find, teach and baptise. While walking down a dustly kinda trash filled street we contacted a mom named Marta who received us very well. Her house was a mess filled with random stuff but we were able to have a solid visit and feel a studly spirit with her and her 2 young daughters. maybe you'll have to ask me about some of these stories when I get home, because I never add enough detail to make it sound as cool as it actually is haha I was able to get along great with these guys, learn lots, teach lots and have a blast with them.

to tell you the truth the second part of the week started a little slow, but I was able to spend it with a good buddy of mine Elder Guthrie. I was glad you were able to meet him. His laughter and positive drive is contagious and was thankful for his optimism even when many of our appointments fell.. Saturday here in Mexico was Mothers Day and I was able to wish happy mothers day to tons. We found some chosen mothers late Saturday night! they were kickin it outside their house drinking some soda and we said whatsup!! How's it going?!! congratulations, haha like really excitedly and they really excitedly answered back. After talking for a bit with them we decided to take things a bit More seriously and we sang a song. the spirit filled the air and one by one these mothers, young and old started to cry. they could feel a beautiful difference and were definitely touched by the words of Nearer My God to Thee! we testified and of course shared a few appropriate scriptures to finish up! it was awesome :)

I was in my old area Cuauhtemoc! and was able to see many loved ones, and almost all converts in church on Sunday! It makes me so happy to know that everybody is doing well there. Of course with their struggles, but in the constant battle for success and happiness. Oh man, Tuesday morning we had a leadership traing meeting and I talked 40 minutes on the importance of being worthy for the spirit, recognizing its voice and have huge confidence its promptings! Awesome topic! I learned lots, and felt very comfortable in front of everybody!

maybe im just rambling now, but im pretty pumped to get going this next week in Puert Peñasco. The famous Rocky Point of Sonora! itll be sweet! love you lots, and am thankful for your words of advise and encouragement. I am so blessed :) thank you for you love.

Elder Farrow

Monday, May 5, 2014

Studly Week

May 5, 2014

This week was awesome! I was companions with my best bud Elder Ixcot and we worked here in Hermosillo all week, with the exception of the special interchange we did in the pueblo called Puerto Peñasco. The 4 assistants live in the same house and late Monday night, the four of us decided to let another assistant travel to Nogales this week instead of me. Although I was unable to do my normal splits, I had an incredible time teaching, learning and working hard this week. Tuesday morning we all shuttled off to the airport to say goodbye to 10 loyal missionaries who had completed their missions. In a huge van we were piled tight with luggage, missionaries and a very special emotion and spirit as we sung hymns nonstop until we arrived at the airport. It was interesting seeing those missionaries take their final glimpse of Sonora Mexico, with tears in their eyes and a prayer in their heart. They were all great example to me! But, I again made a promise with the Lord that I would step up my game and work even harder these last final months that I have as a missionary.

Likewise we hit the ground running as soon as we had the chance to work again that very same day. I was able to meet many investigators, some very strong and progressing and others that were lacking faith. I was grateful to be along the side of a missionary that really knows how to teach. Elder Ixcot and I taught tons of lessons throughout the week including one of the best lessons I have ever taught on the Plan of Salvation to a family of four. The spirit was fantastic and it seemed like every word that left our mouths was guided by the Holy Ghost. We answered questions, shared scriptures, and personal experiences. Ending the lesson we spoke and testified of baptism and all members of the family finally understood how beautiful and important the special ordinance was. There was a light in each one of their eyes and they all accepted to be baptized :)

Early Tuesday morning we had a 6 hour Albatros bus ride to Puerto Peñasco, where we worked with Zone Leaders, Elder Treuhaft and Elder Diaz. I was stoked to be back with Elder Treuhaft! Together we had several crazy experiences. We were looking for a man named Ignacio (who we never found) on a random sandy road just off the coast when suddenly we spotted a family of like 15 people sitting in chairs outside their house. I said to myself, we have to talk to them!! we approached them and I asked if we could sing them a hymn, they didn't say anything hahah so we just passed into their front yard. Maybe a little surprised by our eagerness, yet grateful for the chance to see "hermanos", they lead us to a room on the side part of their house. We entered and saw a large cross on the ground, with 50 or so candles lit, outlining the wooden cross. A young 15 year old daughter explained to us that her Mother had passed away 2 days earlier and that all the family was in mourning. One by one all of the family members entered the small crowded room and we indeed sang them a hymn, and started with a prayer. I took control of the lesson and talked about the perfection, and love of God. We explained a bit about His plan, but mainly focused on the life after death. We used Alma 40 to teach a little bit about the spirit world, and bore our hearts out about how we can rejoice and be at peace when someone passes away, knowing that they too with rest and be at peace in spirit paradise. We left the room uplifted, edified and with 12 new baptismal dates! :) crazy no? we finished that day with some solid lessons, and ended our night sleeping under the stars on the balcony of the house of the ZLs

Even after a great week of work like we had this week, I somehow don't feel satisfied and want to do even more. talk to more people, teach more lessons, and work more hours of the day. I love what I do and try my best to improve every single day. I know that I am sustained by my family and motivated by my Savior. This week I marveled about the peace and security that comes from a secure compression of the Plan of Salvation. Maybe I still have some questions about this plan, but I don't have any doubts. The heat is finally starting up once again here in Sonora and I am prepared for a summer even hotter than last year haha

I love life! Remember the Nails :)
Elder Farrow