Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello Family! I hope all is well on this lovely memorial day. From the pictures you sent me, I can tell that you are having no fun at all enjoying the perfect weather and cool pool water that San Diego has to offer. My poor family! haha on a serious note, this week was excellent, and super fast. Sometimes I cant believe how fast the days fly by. I few a few sweet experiences this week.

 On a super positive note I have been saved from all my sins thanks to a very passionate Christian man we met in the bus. We began to talk like we usually do with strangers, and the moment he understood that we were Mormons he put up his dukes and started bashing us with trash, silly things really. I am happy to say I took a more passive approach and listened to his every word, question, complaint, gossip and doubt. Lo and behold we got off the bus at the same time. As it was late in the afternoon, we were blessed with a very tranquil setting on the side of the road, where this man (named Valdemar, kinda like Voldemort) asked us if we wanted to repent and be saved. Without hesitating I said YES! So together we prayed. Elder Castro and I repeated after him and aloud we announced that we had accepted Christ and were willing to give up our sins. We left with a firm handshake, and he left with a huge smile on his face. Single handed he has helped 2 young servants of Jesus Christ enter into the kingdom of Heaven

We as members of the church have a different approach to salvation, and it is my unique opportunity to teach people the importance of living parallel to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and enduring to the end. Haha, we had some pretty sweet lessons this week. I absolutely love being a missionary, there is nothing like it. I kid you not my testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday. Daily I am tested and daily I am fortified by this gospel. I work tons with Catholics here in Mexico and lots of times I can see the angst, and uneasiness in their eyes when we testify of the TRUTH, they almost are fearful of change and are unwilling to act on faith. As missionaries there is nothing to fear, and that if they are established on the rock of Christ, like we are, they will be blessed.

Those couple sentences I just wrote pretty much sum up the majority of my work here in Hermosillo. Find, teach, testify, invite. If they aren't willing to ask and act, we keep looking. Its a fun job being a missionary, I love it and cant believe how fast time is flying. Thank you family for your love, support and prayers. They are not going unanswered. I know my savior lives and loves us, I know that God is aware of all of His children in every situation and circumstance. This church is so true, and the blessings we can receive by living the gospel of Jesus Christ are real. and when we do our part they will come. Stay happy my good family!

Elder Farrow

P.S. Enjoy these last few days of school sisters, but don't slack off. When in doubt, do as I did and be perfect like me hahah jk but really. Give SPHS a big shout out for me yolo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Studly Week

Hello family! what an incredible week! Things are going very well here in Hermosillo. Still staying positive through the bumps and potholes on the road. Elder Castro and I are understanding each other a lot better!  Investigators are progressing and we look forward to some more baptisms in a few short week. Our fingers are crossed that the people we teach will continue to hold on to the iron rod and act on the prompting they receive. I love this missionary work. There is nothing like preparing a perfect cookie cutter lesson to each and every one of our investigators. I continue to have fun teaching

The highlight was obviously our special visit from Elder D. Todd Christofferson! Like I said in last weeks email I was preparing all week for his visit. Through much prayer, study and even fasting I felt prepared mentally and spiritually to listen to the words of a living prophet. Also all week, 8 of us missionaries prepared a special musical number, "La Luz de la Verdad", and were all super pumped to sing on Saturday morning when he would arrive.

The ENTIRE MISSION met on Saturday, and we waited patiently for Elder Christofferson as well as Donald L Hallstrom who is a member of the presidency of the 70. From the moment they arrived we could litterally sense the spirit as if their every movement and step were being guided by guardian angels. To begin the conference 8 of us Elders stood in the corner of the chapel and sang. We absolutely nailed it and we could all feel the spirit while we sang. Very special musical performance for all of us. Later we were Even complimented by Elder Christofferson. We heard from both the wives of the General Authorities then were privileged to hear from these Apostolic Ministers. Their messages were centered around how we might be able to be even stronger followers of Jesus Christ, and the way our Father in Heaven GIVES according to our DESIRES. I listened to every single word with all of my heart and soul, took notes when when I could but really focused on my thoughts and the promptings from the spirit I was hearing.

There came a point in the conference when Elder Christofferson opened it up to questions and answers. I raised my hand and the microphone was passed in my direction. I was surprised by my boldness, I didn't let nerves or fear get in my way of asking a question to an Apostle of the Lord! I asked him, "Sabemos que la caridad es el amor puro de Cristo, pero cuáles son las maneras en que podemos amar como El amaba?" or, in english, "We know the charity is the pure love of Christ, but what are the ways that we can love like He loved?" He gave me a beautiful sincere answer that I will never forget. He told us that humility is the key to loving others, and that if we are humble we will naturally look to give service, to listen, to care for others and love like Christ loved. He couldn't have been any clearer. This was a very special experience for me, one in which I quite literally received an answer from my Heavenly Father.

The rest of the weekend continued to be a solid few days. We were blessed to have 4 of our investigators attend church on Sunday, and you know it has been a good week when you return home on Sunday night and your neighbors offer to give you carne asada. I am so blessed to have an incredible family and support group, thank you for your love and your prayers. You all continue to be in mine. I know with 100% of my heart that the church is true and that I am called of a prophet of God to be a missionary in Hermosillo. My testimony grows so much every week and I understand my potential more and more. I have so many goals haha don't get me started. I hope I was able to be clear in my emailing today, because this week really was a spectacular one. Love you fam!

-Elder Farrow

P.S. I got a new mailing address from the United States that you can use!!!!!  But don't send any letters, they asked us to only send packages. just include your letters in the box! hah the address belongs to Julia Chavez

Elder Blake Farrow
8724 E. Crecent Av
Mesa, AZ, 85208

yeah baby!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Me and Elder Castro in a companion bonding session haha

My District!
Hello my great family!I think I'm still smiling from our phone call yesterday, it was so sweet to talk to you all. Thank you for your support, I am so lucky to have been blessed with the family that I have. No words can describe my appreciation  for each and every one of you. Scott, Mom, Dad, Austin, everyone I give you a big thumbs up for the advise you gave me. Everything we talked about were much needed motivators, and I am stoked to improve my work, and step up my game again like I have time and time before.

This week continued to be fun. Lets just say that, I expressed a lot to you all about my situation here and I look to the heavens for a little added help every day. After countless lessons we were unable to see many of our investigators at church on Sunday. Its like I am just waiting to open a Chinese fortune cookie that tells me that all the hard will pay off soon. I look forward with my faith and my trust in the lord. Like we discussed yesterday, my attitude is going to have to stay positive, even if I have to convince myself that everything is going to turn our just fine.

This week I was able to do my first baptismal interview as District Leader. It was a pretty cool and spiritual experience and I look forward to many more in upcoming weeks. This week I was also able to dedicate 2 houses. It is not a priesthood ordinance rather than just a super sincere prayer with the family in the home we will bless. They were both very cool experiences and I took pride in teaching these families how to create mini temples, or houses of order (DandC 88:119). All in the life of a missionary. This week should be great, I will be practicing a special musical number a couple times in preparation to sing in front of D. Todd Christofferson! Pray for me! hah we will have all the mission together on Saturday morning and it'll be cool to see some old friends. But more important, I will get to hear from an apostle! I cant wait to be put in my place, be edified, inspired, and uplifted!

I love this church and this gospel. I love my God, my Redeemer and my family. I love being a missionary and influencing the lives of those I serve here in Mexico. I am grateful for this chance to be a representative of Jesus Christ and cant wait for the adventures that lie ahead. I know that I will encounter trials and defeats, but I will never be defeated. In fact, its necessary to encounter the defeats so I can know who I am, what I can rise from and how I can still be successful. All with the help and support of my Savior.

Have a great week!
-Elder Farrow
1. Me and Elder Castro in a companion bonding session haha
2. My District!
3. Never a dull moment out here
4. Seeing jetskiis give me the willies if you know what I mean

Monday, May 6, 2013

8 Months!

hello! another speedy week in the mission field! This week was one of those weeks when you work your tail off and study super hard and try your very best to be obedient, just so you can see some progress with investigators, and less actives, and families in the ward, but see little to no results! I was pretty down when Sunday came around and there were no investigators at church. I know the Lord has his ways of working, and I have faith in His plan for His children. Another week goes down in the books. I have never prayed so dang hard in my life! I get home from the  days work and crash down onto my knees in front of my bed and let my Father in Heaven know what I feel, I ask, and ask, give thanks and pour my heart out to Him. If there is one thing I have learned throughout my short time here in Hermosillo is humility linked with patience.

I was strengthened by a proverb this week, when I read one night while preparing for bed! In Proverbs  29:23 it says, "A mans pride shall bring him low, but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit." I love its simplicity. These few words gave me just a little bit more motive to endure. I have been humbled time after time here on the mission and I need to be humbled so much more. It is an incredible opportunity I have to serve these people of Cuauhtemoc and I am not going to let a few rough weeks get in my way from helping  these people here enter into the waters of baptism! I pray for success. I want my greenie Elder Castro to feel the joy I have felt bringing people unto Christ through baptism.

But yep. I love the mish, what more can I say and write. my spanish is getting better? Elder Castro doesn't talk much, haha  But I have been singing hymns out loud to myself to pass the time. I don't want to be a downer haha this week we taught a whole bunch of lessons and met a whole bunch of people. and  I believe we have pretty much memorized the routes of the public bus system here. Its pretty easy, and I love talkin to the randoms in the busses. All is well

 I loved seein all the pics from Prom, its pretty crazy to think my sisters are pretty. I mean it seems like pretty much yesterday I was changin their pretty little diapers and showin  them the ropes of making cold cereal. but time flies! especially here on the mission, pretty crazy to think I have been out here for 8 months. I have enjoyed every bit of my time here in Mexico, and look  forward to the many adventures that are ahead! I love my fam, you guys are my anchor and keep me smiling even when the days are rough. I cant wait to hera from you guys on Sunday! have an incredible week!

Love Elder Farrow

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goodbye Cananea, Hello Hermosillo!!!

15 de abril 2013

Hello Family! Like I had predicted I ineed have been transfered from my home and family in Cananea. I write you this email from a much larger internet cafe in Hermosillo Sonora. I have been chosen to serve in an area called Cuauhtémoc, towards the south side of the city. I will be training a brand new Elder, I will be District Leader and I will be opening a new area! I have already been blessed with so many different things so far on my mission, and now I have been blessed with the oportunity to serve as a leader here in Mexico. My new companion has yet to arrive, but he should be coming soon. He is flying in tonight from the Dominican Republic! Super Stoked!

A million things are absolutely running through my head write now, but I will try to give you a quick update on what has gone down these last few days. This week was a week of many emotional lasts. As much as I wanted to spend my time bouncing from house to house saying my goodbyes, I knew there was tons of work to be done in Cananea before I shipped off to my new area. We have very worked hard with our friend Patricia. I am happy to say she will be baptised this Saturday. After some minor changes in her personal life, and a few solid member visits, Patricia is really ready for this big step in her life. Her story is one that has stood out to me through my time here in Mexico. They have always told me that the field is white already to harvest, and I understand it better now that I have been an instrument in the Lords hand with Pattys conversion. She was so prepared. Although she had some bumps in the road, she now understands the importance of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily. Sure im a little bummed that I wont be able to see her be baptised this weekend, but I know there are many many opportunities that lie ahead of me in Hermosillo!

A big highlight of my week was that I was able to get a tour of the copper mine. A lady in the branch is helping a boss from the mine with his visa, and he generously invited us to a quick visit up the hill to do some sight seeing! after a call to our mission president, he gave us the a-o-k to visit. I was able to go to the top of the mountain at the highest point of cananea, to look over at the area that I had served in for nearly 6 months. Pretty sweet.

A little later in the week we got a phone call at 6 in the morning from Hermano Alday, who gave us the news that Gabriella Figeuroa was in the hospital and that her family wanted her to recieve the holy ghost and be confirmed before entering into her surgery at 8. That is all he told us. To tell you the truth, we were thinking of the absolute worst possibilities, and that perhaps Gabi was facing the threat of death. We hurried, got dressed and sprinted up the hill to the hospital where we were greeted by the Figeuroas, also where we recieved more information about Gabi. How great was our joy when we found out that Gabi was only going to have her apendix removed! None the less, we gave little her a blessing, as well as the Gift of the Holy Ghost. There in a small, tattered, hospital bed she was confirmed a member of our church. Even with the distractions of doctors tending to patients, crying babies and wheeling hospital trays, there was a magnificent spirit we felt there with our hands on her little head. Once again the tears almost came for me as I knelt down to her level after the blessing, looked her in the eyes and told her she was now able to be accompanied by the holy spirit, I assured her she was never ever alone and that, perhaps now more than ever she would be able to feel her Saviors love throughout her surgery and the days to follow. Turning back to her and giving her a thumbs up as I left the hospital room was the last I ever saw of my little mexican friend! I always told Gabi that she was the mexican version of my little sister back in San Diego.

Its super moments like those when you want the spirit to last forever. I love the mission. I learned a myriad of random things in Cananea, including: patience, love for companions, good study habits, how to shower with freezing water, what not to do if a street dog comes barking  at you, the spiciness of the food here, and SO much more. Words cant describe how much I love the good people of Cananea, and I am so looking forward to the experiences that are in store, and the people I have yet to meet here in Cuauhtémoc! Love you all and have an awesome week. yolo

Love, Elder Farrow