Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Gettin Cold!!!!

servico en la casa de la Hermana De la Puerta! she was so funny and insisted we drank hot coco with her :)

reppin my west side roots! haha I love all the grafiti here

 this is a special friend I found. but he died :( dont worry mom he was a clean dead rat.

Our P-day! sweet view of the mine here in Cananea

12 de Diciembre 2012

Well howdy! This week was absolutely a blast. Clearly better than my last few weeks here in mexico. Together Elder Villegas and I worked hard, taught great lessons, recieved help from members, and really connected with lots of our investagators! But yes it is getting quite cold here in North Sonora, the nights are chilling and I sleep under 5 blankets! And when i wake up in the morning to say my prayers,  I throw another blanket on the cold tile floor to save my knees from turning to ice! But the funnest part is taking my 1 minute 18 second shower haha scrubbi-dubbin in that water is freeeeezing!

Holy cow what a great great week. We had a lot of great lessons like I said. For me, feeling the spirit and knowing that my investagators felt the spirit is a success. My spanish has improved so much! I try to speak as much as I can. I keep a little notebook in my back pocket and when I dont know a word I hear, I write it down and study it that night! I have learned more spanish in 1 month her in Cananea than I had in my 3 or so years in school before the mission! no joke! thanks to a native comapnion I have really been emersed in this language and culture. Of all things that I say in Spanish I am most fluid and clear in my testimony! My testimony is a gift that I get to share with everybody I teach, there is nothing quite like expressing your faith and love for the Gospel in spanish! whuuhooo

Ok, a quick story! This Saturday was a busy day! Saturdays always are becuase we try to visit all of the people we teach adn share with them a little message, and try to motivate and inspire them just a little so they choose to go to church the next day! we were walking in El Dorado, one of the poorest colonies in Cananea, on our way to visit Beranice and her family. We heard two little boys say, ''Elders!''. We thought nothing of it and kept on walking. A couple more steps and we hear a muffled womens voice say, ''Elders, please come here'' or ''Elderes, venga por favor''. So we approached this woman at her doorstep, she was dressed in torn old clothes, with her hood on and a scarf wrapped around her face! I looked closer and saw that the skin on her face was in terrible condition, she had a sickness called viruela, looking into her eyes I could see the sadness in her heart. Honestly my first thought was that she wass a lepper!  She told us her name was Victoria, that her mother had passed away 8 years ago and the months before her death she was baptised a member of our church. She invited us in her home and she expressed more to us about her past. less than a year ago she was buying drugs on the street, and she had issues with alcohol and immorality. about 6  months ago something clicked for her. She dusted off her mothers old Book of Mormon and began to read it! Since then she has quick smoking, drinking and has the desire to CHANGE HER LIFE! Elder Villegas and I began sharing scriptures with her, and taught the her the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) without and invitation she said, ''I want to go to church with you'' Oh man, this is music to a missionary's ears. We testified of the truthfulness of our message and then invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptised on the 30th of this month! She accepted! The story gets even better, Elder Villegas and I set up a ride for her and her 2 sons to come to church the next morning!  Victoria, her family, and her friend Nicholas dressed in their sunday best, were ready at 9:30. Oh and in sacrament meeting i was suprised when the 1st councelor called me up to speak for the remaining 20 minutes of the hour. haha yes it really happens here in Mexico.

But yes! what an incredible experience for us. This was a confirmation of my testimony that the field is white already to harvest! Victoria was absolutely prepared to hear our message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be baptised, and we only hope that there are no serious problems in her past that will hold her back from entering into the waters of baptism! This is what missionary work is all about!

I love workin out here. Mission life is crazy, happy, sad, incredible, dangerous, hillarious, hot and cold. I cherish my time here and love serving my Father in Heaven, and the people here in Sonora. My testimony is strengthened daily, and I love growing and learning. oh yes, growing... I jumped on a scale this week and saw that I have almost GAINED 10 pounds this last month haha.

Yo he recibido sus cartas, y gracias para sus palabras de inspiracion. seems like my family had a lot of fun at Thanksgiving! it was great to get all those dear Elders finally! Thank you Mom, Dad, Brooke, Bails, Grandparents Moon and Farrow, Chelsea, Sister Snow, Summer, and Brother Dunham! Letters are gold, and I had tons of fun reading you crazy adventures!

I love my family and friends, and am so happy to be a missionary at this time in my life. Through all the speed bumps in this life and my mission, somehow I manage to stay positive and smile through the trials! Have a great week! You are all in my prayers.


Elder Farrow

P.S. Chelsea Penelope Snow! you are going to serve a mission in Virginia! crazy news! I am so happy for you. I know you will be such an incredible missionary! :) Remembber more important than you call is the oportunity you have to go through the temple for the first time! whooohooo im vurry excited for you
P.S.S depending if I can find a camera here I will be skyping my family on Christmas!!! if not a phone call. Either way Im stoked! hah La Navidad will be fun, so far I have plans to visit a couple members homes and eat everywhere I go! love yall

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