Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!

Tecate Beer cans as ornaments on the one and only pine tree in Cananea.

Elder Farrow with his stocking and presents from his grandparents!

24 de diciembre 2012

Hark the Hairy Angels Sing! its that time of year again, and I couldn't be happier to be on a mission. This Christmas is going to be just a tad different from years past. Things are looking a lot like they did when I arrived here in Cananea the first week of November. Sadly there are not a lot of Christmas decorations lining the streets, and I totally flip when I hear a Christmas song because its so rare. Occasionally I see Christmas trees through the windows of some houses, but thats about it. This week I walked the streets with mexican dulces in my pockets and handed them out to niƱos saying,"Feliz Navidad!" and "¿Que le pidio a Santa Claus esta Navidad?" They would just smile, take the candyand think to themselves, why the heck is that crazy gringo filled with so much cheery Christmas joy hahaha but yes, a whole different atmosphere here in Mexico this Christmas!

This week served to be a pretty solid week. We taught good lessons, and our investigators are progressing, and working toward their baptisimal dates! We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday! There were only about 15 members at Sacrament meeting, and when our investigators asked where all the members were, we told them that they were on family vacation. Not completely the truth... the truth is our little branch here is struggling a bit! We need your prayers!! I gave a talk on the spirit of Christmas, focusing maily on the example Christ is for us. it was an easy talk because it was basically the short 15 minute lesson Elder Villegas and I have been giving to lots of families this week! And right before my talk I sang Mary Did You Know in Spanish. yeee

All is well here in Cananea. Its still a bit cold, and the tops of the mountains are coated with snow. This week while walking up and down these streets, wrapped in my scarf and humming Christmas jingles, I was reminded of some of my favorite Christmas time memories. I remember cousins dressed up as sheep and Sheppard's in a Nativity play at Nanny´s, I remember seeing half eaten cookies Santa left next to the fireplace Christmas morning, and I remember the love I felt at home during this time of year. I cherish these memories and I am grateful for a loving family that supports me on my mission! I can feel your love this week, and cant wait till I can chat with my family tomorrow!!!! ahhh

Well, live long, prosper, sing loud, eat turkey, play some checkers, and enjoy this Christmas! I love you all!

_Elder Farrow

P.S. Brittany, Scooter, Camden!! I cant believe you will be adding another member to the Olsen Family! I couldn't be more excited for you =) My big sis is expecting another awesome crazy child! Britt thanks for the pics of you and your fam!!! luv you

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