Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry New Years Eve!!!!!!

this is a natavity scene set up in Cananea town square!

Random horsey down a dusty road!

saying goodbye to Elder Christian! a great missionary! all bundled up

Mayra and her Churro stand. Sometimes we finish our nights of tracting here and munch on some corn or warm up with some churros

31 de diciembre 2012

Well this week to say the least was filled with ups and downs! What an incredible skype sesh we had! hah It was a great gift from Santa to speak with each member of my family. I loved seeing your smiling faces, and it was fun sharing some stories, details and personal details that I haven't shared in my emails with you! Strange to think that my family was so close to me this Christmas, only a hope skip and a jump over the border and I could have spent Christmas morning in Pinetop.

After inhailing 435+ tamales, tons of turkey, ham, potatoes, salad, mole, and Mexican candies, I was able to visit several of our investagators on Christmas Day. As missionaries there is no greater gift we could ask for, then to feel the spirit and influence the lives of of the people we serve. We spent most of the night at an investagators home. They had a myriad of questions from their scripture reading, that we were able to answer! The spirit was definitely  there as we testified of the truthfulness of the Libro de Mormon. I know they were influenced and edified on the spirit on this Christmas night. There is nothing like staring right into their eyes and telling them that you love them and are willing to do anything to help them improve their lives and enter into the waters of baptism!!!

Yes it is chilly here in Cananea. Still a problem with contacting people in these cold winter days. we did not have tons of lessons, and we were rejected quite a bit this week! haha its all part of the missionary work, and in moments like these, is where you KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! Some weeks are obviously better than others. The message we bring to the doorsteps of these people is the greatest message this world has to offer, and sometimes it hurts to see it go in one ear and out the other of the people we teach. I love this gospel so dang much and I want a happy functioning ward here in Cananea haha but the truth is, its gonna take a whole lotta work. and Im willing to work my tale off.

Elder Villegas and I did not baptise like we had hoped to. Our  investigators Vicky and Nico left to attend to an "emergency" in a neighboring town and we were unable to contact them all weekend. they didnt come to church and we havent heard from them since friday night.... not the greatest situation for missionaries. But! Im keepin my chin up. We hope to visit with them tonight, and figure out whats goin on. We will set another baptisimal date for them and help them reach this goal. I look forward to their future. Both have them have come a long way and I love seeing their happiness when we visit them.

 I am so privaleged to be a missionary at this time of my life. It is crazy the things that I have experienced  already in 2 months in Mexico. The future is bright for me and for the people here in Sonora. They really had no idea what hit them when Elder Farrow came flyin into Hermosillo to teach, preach and share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I love my job and really am enjoying every single experience that comes my way.

My family is the best!!!! thank you so much ferr your love, support, letters and packages! Te amo mi familia. Dad, youre my hero. Mom, you were the best Soccer coach I ever had, Britt, youre preggers. Brooke, my companion has a crush on you. Bailey, teines la voz de un angel. Brinley, Your two front are in my prayer, I hope they come in soon! All is well in Cananea. A very thin layer of snow coats the streets, and I look forward to another eventful 7 days.

Elder Farrow

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