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14 enero 2013

Hello Family! Pretty crazy week. Tuesday I was surprised with a phone call from the secretaries and they told me I was needed in Hermosillo to tend to some Visa changes. So I bussed South later that night. Spent the night at the Assistants house and spent most of Wednesday crammed tight in the immigration office! I was able to have a very rare English conversation with an elderly couple from Mesa. I was able to explain to them a little about temples and temple recommends. My English was not very good, haha thats a good sign right? I was searching for words in English and actually used some spanish to clarify some of my sentances. weird.

I shuttled back to Cananea Wednesday night and was ready to get back to work. Like always we had some good first lessons. One thing that my trainer has taught me that I really like, is from the 1st second you see or teach people, to visualize them in white. visualize them dressed and ready for baptism! I always try to look at people as what they can become rather then focusing on the problems they have now. We were able to teach a 20 year old person named Angel. He was super interested about our missions and we answered question after question about the missionary service. Instead of picturing him in white clothes, I pictured him in a suit and tie with a missionary name tag over his heart! hah he really liked the story of Jose Smith and when we checked up on him later in the week he had read 3rd Nephi 11 like we had asked him too! He didn't come to church but I have a good feeling about this one

I could really go on and on about similar experiences that I have weekly here in mexico. Elder Farrow also taught Manuel, Nancy, Omar, Alma, Terry, Daniel, Dan, Sofia, Leslie, Fransisco, Bryan, David, Monica, Gisel, Veronica, and Raul. Each with their own story and lesson. Another quickie, We taught David who is an older gentleman who lives in a very very small house and sleeps 2 inches from his gas heater on the floor. He is hillarious and loves to talk. We planned to teach him the plan of salvation in 30 minutes or so and ended up laughing our heads off for an hour and a half. He reffers to me as El Gringo Famoso de Gringolandia haha when we asked him which of the 3 kindoms of heaven he wanted to live he said, "probably number 2. Its a whole lot easier to get to the kingdom of the moon than the kindom of the stars dont you think??" haha and we left his home he said, "Thanks for listening to me, nobody has listened to me for months." just about melted my heart. He wanted us to come back the same day after our lunch!

Sunday was an interesting one. Elder Villegas and I were the 1st ones to arrive at church. We started Sacrament meeting at 10 oclock with 8 people in the chapel. 10 includnig us. President was out of town so we conducted the meeting. We also blessed the sacrament, passed the sacrament and both gave 20 minute talks. Thankfully we opened the doors again after the sacrament had been administered and a couple families walked in and tripled our attendance. But yes if you were wondering I did teach both Sunday School and Priesthood lessons! But I was way sad because there was hardly anybody there! what is happening to this branch. Hermana Parra told me Sunday that this happens every year in Winter because of the cold. The Cananeans need to sacrifice a little! We visit tons of member families weekly and share great, spirit inviting messages with them, read scriptures with them, do service for them! now they need to show a little faith building action and go to church! I just kinda laughed it off about how the missionaries ran Church this week!

I love being a missionary. There is nothing like it. At the end of the week there is always reason to shout for joy because of the success, rejections, lessons, experiences, and crazy things that happened during the week! This week the missionary force will be privileged to receive a deticated, hard working, talented, entergetic, positive Chelsea Snow. Richmond Virginia truly will be receiving an angel and answer to prayer this month, and I couldnt be more more excited for her!

Have an incredible week family. And parents, Jamaica?? you lucky cats, dont have too much fun without your kids! Enjoy the vacay and take lots of pics. Love you all.

Elder Farrow

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