Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Si Mon!

28 enero 2013

Hola familia! 1st off I just want to say, thank you Brooke for telling me you highlighted your hair and that this time Trang wanted to go for a more natural look! I was freaking out all week because nobody had told me what color your hair was... OK, yesterday was tranfer day and I found out I that I will be staying in Cananea for at least another 5 weeks. I have been assigned to serve with Elder Liddle. Another gringo from Florida who I have yet to meet. Elder Villegas just left to his new area in Hermosillo and I am writting my email at our branch presidents home. I sure learned tons from my trainer and am grateful for the time I had to serve with him here in Cananea!

What a fantastic week it was. I was able to share a lot of "lasts" with my companion as he said goodbye to lots of friends in Cananea. I have grown so close to some of these families and people here, and I have no doubt it will be tough to leave. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to stay a little bit longer. Something that Uncle Dave said to me in weeks past is that it is the strangest thing that missionaries have so much love for complete strangers. Yeah I know some people here fairly well and I love em, but those who I have never spoken to, those who I see selling pirated DVDs on street corners, those who drive past us on the road and pretend they dont see us. I LOVE THEM TOO! Words really connot describe the kinds of feelings I have for the people I serve. It is sure fun bein a missionary and making friends and life lasting relationships in Mexico.

We taught some pretty great lessons and felt the spirit tons throughout the week. No baptisms this week, in fact some sad news. Victoria got up and left to Sinaloa Mexico and we are not sure when she will be back. Shes not even sure when she will be back, we called her this week and told her that we are waiting for her with open arms and that the churchs doors are always open for her. please keep her in your prayers. Howeveer, dont be down in the dumps too long family because we have picked up some promising investagators who want the church in their life. And I want them in the church haha. Omar, a spunky 9 year old has crazy interest in God and persuaded his whole family to come to church this Sunday. Sacrament meeting I sang Conmigo Quedate SeƱor (abide with me tis eventide) and they loved it. They continued to love church and were asking great questions in Sunday School about Agency! I really have a good feeling about them. We taught a couple first lessons this week and we will also continue to invite them to church and teach them more!

Bompa Happy Birthday! I cant believe you are 53 years old now. time flies! I love you Bomps and thank you for always lovin me and supportin me with every aspect of my life. baseball, school, church and now my mission! I know that some crazy things are happening back home but I couldnt be happier and more motivated than on my mission. I love this Gospel, Jesus Christ and I love my calling as one of His representatives. I have learned so much in such little time. I look forward to the future and wish all my family the best. Have an incredible week! Never be ashamed, or nervous to open your mouth during glimpses of missionary opportunities! Always pray for strength and our Heavenly Father will always help you. Remember the Nails

Your Missionary,

Elder Farrow

P.S. Britto, you are one tough cookie. Im sorry to hear the news. You are such a trooper. You have a missionary in Cananea, a family in the East and West, and A God that loves you so much. Keep smiling sis, you are such a great example to me!

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