Monday, February 18, 2013


Feb. 18,2013

It seems like it was just Wednesday that I was writing you my last email! Oh wait, it was. After a slow start to this week Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were great days. We worked hard to get some solid stats even though we missed out on some working hours. We had really good lessons with some new investigators and we hope to see them progress in the upcoming weeks. But, probably the highlight of my week was on Saturday night. After a long day of work we stopped by the house of Luis and his family. Only to make a quick visit and invite them our District Conference (our stake conference), maybe share a scripture then leave for other plans.

They invited us in then invited us to dinner! haha they are actually pretty well to do and live in one of the bigger houses I have been in here in Cananea. Anyways, we went to this "sushi" restaurant and I had un rollo mexicano. It had rice, steak, chile, and other stuff. It was not sushi haha but I ate it all. At dinner the started asking us questions like, "where did we come from? why are we here on earth? and where do we go after we die?" like seriously they were these exact questions almost word for word. we told them... once we go back to your house we will have a chat about a special little plan that God has for us! ;) so we went home and taught a pretty powerful Plan of Salvation lesson. Definitely the best I had taught this lesson during my time in Mexico. Luis¨s wife was just asking question after question and we were following up with answer after answer. After we testified of the truthfulness of our message we invited them to district conference. They were a little hesitant because their son Bruno was pretty sick. We explained priesthood blessings and how if we have faith in Jesus Christ what is said in the blessing, in time, will come to pass. Of course they accepted. Elder Liddle and I placed our hands upon his head and Elder Liddle gave a very powerful, in tune, spiritual blessing. Once again we were able to witness a real priesthood stunner. He looked up at us with a smile that I will never forget. man I love the mission

Long story longer, they woke up early and went to our district conference. it was in Agua Prieta, about an hour drive, but they made the sacrifice none the less. Later after conference both Luis and his wife expressed to me of the spirit they felt, especially during the special number the choir put on. I was ecstatic they enjoyed the session and Elder liddle and I have great hope for this young family. We will continue to visit them and I will fill you in as time goes on.

Other than that, a pretty normal week. I am pretty sore from all the walking we did, and I got a haircut. hah its the shortest my hair has ever been since birth. Nanny,sorry about all those years of whining about wanting to keep my hair long, i like short hair so much better haha less maintenance. Its all part of this missionary life that I love. Fam and friends, just know that I couldn't be happier. the life I live as a missionary is pretty crazy at times, but I am worthy, happy and learning lots. I know in my short time here I have changed for the better and more than anything my testimony is growing. exponentially growing!

Have an amazing week, and never forget to remember the nails. Have fun on the cruise ladies! love you all

Elder Farrow

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