Wednesday, February 13, 2013

XOXO Happy Valentines Day

 1. The one and only Daniel! the afternoon after he received the priesthood blessing!
2. A pretty sweet view from the back side of Cananea Vieja

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13 febrero 2013

hola mi familia y amigos. I hope I didn't get you too worried mom when I didn't write you on Monday! Yes, I traveled to Hermosillo, just to tend to some immigration ID card things. Its all good and hopefully it will be my last trip to Hermosillo for a while. It is the most winding stretch of a 5 hour buss ride you could ever imagine! I have been reading Jesus the Christ and was able to enjoy some hours of reading. I love the crazy insights i get from reading it, Its like a couple dozen light bulbs turn on above my head every chapter I read. Anyways, I am safe and back in Cananea as of this morning,

Anyways, this week was pretty solid. Elder Liddle and I have been having fun getting to know one another and I have learned that this guy is a stud! We have been blessed here in Cananea with sun, snow and everything in between haha we never know what to wear in the morning because the weather changes every 30 minutes. We have been walking our tails off lately, and have been doing our best to teach as many lessons as we can!. I have been setting crazy personal goals and working hard to complete all of them. some are little, others will take longer time to complete. I'm intense haha what?!! I was able to give several blessings these last couple weeks but a blessing this week really stood out to me!

We are teaching a couple named Terry and Daniel, I have spoken of them before. They are a super poor, humble and grateful people. They are pretty hard to find here in this pueblo because they sell firewood and they bounce around from place to place during the day selling it all. However, at about 3pm on Thursday we found them on a street corner. We saw that Daniel was limping pretty bad, we asked him what happened and he said that when he was cutting down a tree in the mountains that the tree fell on him and crunched his leg. He lifted up his pant leg and we could see how bad it actually was. His ankle was all mangled and covered in dried blood. It was clearly in VERY bad shape. They asked us to come by their house later in the evening, and we shuffled around our plans to their request. at 7ish we knocked at their door and Terry let us in! we made our way to their bedroom where we found Daniel layin down on the bed. We opened with the prayer and immediately felt the spirit! (maybe it was the wood burning stove on my side, nearly roasting the left side of my face to a sizzling golden brown, but I don't think so) We read parts of Alma 32 and again we talked about the importance of church and baptism. before closing we asked Daniel if he wanted a priesthood blessing. Without a millisecond of hesitatin he said yes. Elder liddle first anointed with oil, then i followed with the blessing. I felt prompted to say in the blessing that if he had faith in Jesus Christ that his leg would be healed by morning and he would be able to walk without affliction or irritation the next day! It was a pretty long blessing. I closed the blessing in the name of Jesus Christ and I swear the Holy Ghost could have been standing right next to us because we felt His presence so strong in this small bedroom. With tears in Daniels eyes he thanked us, We left their home almost 2 hours from the time we walked inside. The best part of the story is when we saw Daniel the next day he really was healed. When we walked towards him and his wife next to their overflowing truck of cut wood Daniel had the biiiigest smile on hims face. He was even getting a little cocky and tried a heel clicker in front of us hahaha he sure wasn't completely healed, because he really felt that!

Farrow family and friends, I know that Christ lives and that he is aware of every one of us. I know that miracles exist and when we really strive daily to live the gospel of Jesus Christ daily we can be strengthened. We can be uplifted and edified. And more than anything we can feel of the love our Father in Heaven, and His son has for us. Yeah there are speed bumps on the straight and narrow path, but we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed in toward the future we will feel of this unique eternal love. I know this church is true and I know that God is looking down on us every moment of the day. I am so lucky to be a missionary here in Cananea. I am staying positive through the ups and down and putting my trust in the Lord always. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Valentines week!

Much Love,

Elder Farrow

P.S. Uncle Dave thank you so much for your email. It was along the lines of my thinking and I appreciate every word! It really clarified a lot of things about this doctrinal "doubt" that this brother has. Thank you! love you Uncle!

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