Monday, February 4, 2013

We are the Elders, the mighty mighty Elders!

elder liddle and I making a bomb green salsa en la casa de la familia Sanchez. ill send you the recipe! no pica nada
4 de febrero 2013

Hello Family! Tomorrow I complete 5 months in the mission! how crazy is that, time absolutely flies. I wish it would slow down sometimes! often I don't have time to slow down and smell the frijoles! but holy cow, i have loved every bit of these last 5, the ups the downs and in betweens! This week was a great one! You know I have a new companion, his name is Elder Liddle, he's from Orlando Florida, he has 13 months on his mish, plays lacrosse, he's the youngest of 5,  likes to cook, and wants to be a lawyer. He and I have some things in common and I'm looking forward to serving with him for at least the next 4 weeks until cambios.

Part of my duty as a missionary is to strengthen the area where I am assigned to serve. This week I took great pride in visiting lots of inactive families, and meeting tons of great members. Members who just need a little extra motivation to go to church and change some old habits. Elder Liddle and I printed off a new branch list. with an 11 page list of over 400 names we knew we had our work cut out for us. We got to work. met the Zabala family, Rodriguez family, Perez family, Gutierrez family and lots of others. We did have a hard time finding some of their homes, but all were very receptive to our visits. only the Zabala family went to church this week, but we are going to keep on working!

A quick story! it was late, haha well like 7:30, but we had plans to visit 2 household before we went back home. the thing was they were pretty far away from each other. after talkin a bit I told Elder Liddle. "Hey! if we run we could probably do both lessons!" so I kinda took off on a little jog, Liddle rolled his eyes then followed, and passed me on my right in a full out sprint haha we ran 20 minutes to one house, taught a quick lesson on the Love our Father has for each of his children (1 nephi 21:14-16), then hustled another 15 minutes to the other house and taught a similar lesson! I'm out here on the Lords time and I'm not gonna waste one minute! One good thing about having an American companion, is that he knows alot of the same movies I grew up with. Earlier in the day we were chattin about Remember the Titans, sooooo as we were running through the streets of Cananea that night we were chanting, "Everywhere we go... People wanna know... Who we are... So we tell them... We are the Elders, the mighty mighty Elders!" HAHA! This gave us a little ounce of inspiration and kept us running at a pace even Usain Bolt couldnt keep up with!

All is well in Cananea. Considering my companion knows nothing about Cananea, I was a tour guide this week and took him all over the place. I seriously know every corner, nook and cranny of this old town, and never got even the slightest bit lost. Interesting how much you really learn in such a short time. Still no news about Victoria, hope all is well with her and she is still in our prayers daily. other investigators have left town and we have had to send them off to other missionaries in other areas. We teach a family who cooks 300 donuts every day and sells all of them. So yes, I learned to cook and eat donuts mexican style.

I love this gospel, and my calling as a missionary. I love serving others and making habits that I will keep for the rest of my life. My patriarchal blessing gives me tons of strength and I try to live my life in such a way where the promises it contains come to pass. Each day I strive to be the missionary my family is praying I will be and my Father in Heaven NEEDS me to be! Have a great week!


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