Monday, July 15, 2013

¿Como podemos ayudarle?

1. Im still ripped if you all were wondering... con la familia Castro
2. At a atro turf field playin soccer this morning on P Day. Elders Evans, Valle, and Perez. Perez wants to marry Bailey haha
3. The Moores package! hitchin a ride back from playin futbol con Elder Chuc from Guatemala

July 15, 2013

Hello my good family! This week was great. To begin Id like to say that Elder Castro have turned this companionship around completely. We have gained trust, confidence and respect between one another. We have completely different souls. We are so different, but for the first time in our time together we have been unified starting in July. I'm stoked on life. Every week offers huge growth and a myriad experiences. Like I have said before, positivity is key. The moment you keep your head up and smile is the moment that your day is about to get just a little bit better.

Our investigators are incredible, we just wish we could see a little more progress. They are going to church, and they love our visits. I know they have felt the spirit, now its just a matter of teaching them scripture reading habits, and the necessity of conversion; personal prayer and revelation. In time we will be privileged to help them into the waters of baptism. This week we had a pretty outstanding little experience. Lets jump back in time to Wednesday afternoon after eating lunch with the Ayala Luna family. As we continued with our plans after the food, suddenly we got a call from Angela. We had met Angela briefly about 2 weeks ago. She is an older widow who dresses herself in huge, flowing, colorful dresses. She suffers a minor case of elephantitis. Her poor ankles are massive and from the look in her eyes, we are aware of her constant struggle and pain. Like I said, 2 weeks earlier we had met her and given her our number, and told her call us whenever you need help, but up until Wednesday afternoon we had heard nothing from her. We arrived at her house a little after 6. She greeted us at her front gate, and escorted us into her small home. As soon as we entered we were struck by an odorous wave that stunck like urine and wet clothes. She told us her dog had had little accidents all week.  A little apprehensive we both sat down on her couch in her living room. With enthusiasm we asked,"Como podemos ayudarle?" or  "How can we help?" and boy did she put to work. Every little task she asked us to do, she felt bad in doing so. But we completed everything she asked. Moped, moved furniture, moved bags of old clothes and helped her clean up the kitchen. In one point I had climbed up on top of her kitchen counter to clean old spider webs hanging from the ceiling. to conclude the story, after about an hour and a half of helping,  we sat down with her once again and taught a very memorable Plan of Salvation. The spirit was present and so was her attention. She listened, not because we had just cleaned her house for an hour, but because God had prepared her to hear our words in this Wednesday afternoon. Before leaving her house we had set a baptismal date for August 10th, and rearranged our plans to come back and visit her before the weeks end. That same night we called the Relief Society President and told her, "mira, we have planted the seed, now we need the sisters to help it grow." The next day Angela was visited by 2 of our favorite sisters in the word. We passed by again on Saturday and made plans for her to attend church the next day. and she went! :)

We pray for Angela, and her little dog too. I know the lord is literally preparing the missionary field, and it is ready to harvest. Life is like a box of chocolates, super delicious. One has to enjoy life in order to understand it. Hermosillo was blessed this week with some powerful rain showers, and I was blessed to be able to serve my brothers and sisters another 7 days here in Mexico. My testimony never ceases to grow. The mission brings peace, purpose, and so much joy. Time is flying by and I cant believe I have been out for 10 months now. I love the church, I love my Savior, and I love my family! Be brave, be bold and be humble.

Have a fantastic week,

Elder Farrow

P.S. Thank you Moore family for your package. I loved the drawings and thoughtful letters. It was awesome and sure put a big smile on my face. You are always in my prayers. Love you all so much

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