Monday, September 2, 2013

Statistically Speaking

Sept. 2, 2013

This week was statistically my best week on the mish. Castro and I were puttin up the numbers like it was nothin! I dont know if it was good planning or we just got lucky, but we had lots of lessons (31) and refferals (18) and were able to see the majority of our investigators at church on Sunday(9)! we hope that we can keep up the momentum and that our numbers can keep on stayin up. Some weeks really are just better than other. But we were able to have lots of fun this week too. Elder Castro is always a lot happier when we have success during the week. He smiled like 12 times. The heat is still incredible strong and we hope to see the temperatures slowing down here in the next couple of weeks. We hope to see a couple baptisms in the next few weekends, that is our goal anyways. We know very well that Satanas has his plan to mess with our investigators and we have to counter his attacks with prayer, fasting, member visits, and service. Actually there is a lot more too it, but you get the picture.

This week we had a pretty sweet lesson with a non active family Morales. They have 3  daughters and a 13 year old son named Fernando. Their son is the spiritual anchor in the family and is always trying to motivate them to go to church on Sundays. After sharing a brief message about the Heavenly love we can feel even when we sin or don't feel worthy to go to church, we opened it up to a miny testimony meeting. The  spirit was there, and one by one the Morales family bore their testimonies, tears flooded the room and Fransisco put up the grand finale with his testimony. at 13 years old he knows he has to be faithful and true to his baptisimal covenants! He not only served as an example for his family, but to me also as a missionary. Even at times I feel down, and don't feel good enough to be sharing the truthful message we have, but God gives us strength and love in order to endure! Check out D&C 6:20 for a good read :) The Morales family, minus one daughter, went to church on Sunday!

I love waking up at 6:30 everyday and goin to sleep at 10:30. I love studying the Book of Mormon. I love finding answers to the questions I have had for years. I enjoy eating cereal in the mornings, and 3 plates of mexican food at night. I love makin little kids laugh because I doing magic tricks with pesos and toothpicks. I love my beautiful missoinary tan lines. I love hangin my clothes out to dry after washin them on P-Days. I wish I could serve shoulder to shoulder with my cousin Elder Pliler in Argentina and my buddies in other parts of the world. I dream in spanish. I sleep talk/teach lessons 1, 2, 3, and 4. Life is amazing.

I cant believe my old man is goin to turn 52 this week. I love you Dad, and I hope you are able to endure one more year with the crazy women in our family. I hope my family has some fun in Hawaii too. Brookie have some fun at BYU-H, dont fall in love with homework or anything like that. We are all so lucky to be a part of this eternal gospel. Im pretty sure we all dont really know where to start counting our blessings. And we only receive more and more and more every week. Thank you always for your love, support and emails. I love reading your updates about San Diego life. Peace! Paz!

-Elder Farrow

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