Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toes and All!!!

changin a flat tire in the pouring rain!! oh the things I do for la hermana Nora :)

 loving the Mexican food haha! munchin down on some gringas :)

family night with the Ibarra family!                                   the crew back together. us 4 started here together in cuahtemoc 5 months ago!

 the zone. i think you might be able to find me hahah

trying to look handsome, jk

 what the rain and wind does to trees here when it rains. this is the por Little tree in front of our house

Elder castro and a Young man from the Ward Brayan! we were in a trio the whole day with him

kickin it with Zuzzet, one of our first converts here in cuauhtemoc

Hello my family! After a pretty crazy week I am finally able to email you guys. Yesterday plans changed suddenly when the presidents wife set up an appointment for me to attended a health clinic specifically for feet! hah lo que pasa es que I have had pretty bad ingrown toenails ewww. the hardy Eagle Scout that I am, I had been battling them with a toenail clipper for about 3 weeks, and making them worse haha. I always have difficulty calling for medical help, but finally called the hermana Hernandez. So yes, I went in to this clinic yesterday.First, they injected me with a massive needle in both big toes where I had the issues and went to work. without giving too many details... they chopped big chunks out of my toenails. The wrapped me up, and sent me on my way. Now I am supposed to rest today and tomorrow, we are planning with members to go on visits using their cars so we can eliminate the walking part of missionary work. so that's that. Mom, I am fine ;)

It has been a great couple of days. I know I emailed you last Thursday, but I will fill you in on a couple deets. The temple was fantastic and we all were able to feel a very special spirit there, there is nothing like the house of the lord. Definitely a real motivating trip and a great opportunity for some personal reflection. Mexico will not receive the new temple video until November, from what the members have told us, they are still working on getting the translation perfect. I understood everything in the session and realized my Spanish has improved tons in such little time. Sunday was a great day at church and we were able to see most of our investigators at church. This week we will sadly be dropping lots from our teaching pool and make a huge effort to find more people to teach this week before transfers on the 29th. We have 2 weeks left. I can see the light haha Elder Castro and I are brothers, but we do have our good and bad days. We are going to step up our game here again and finish the transfer strong.

I love my family tons. My job is too much fun. Every day brings laughter, experience, knowledge, and purpose to my life. We need your prayers for Mercedes, She needs lots of heavenly support this week as she prepares for her baptism! I hope all is well in Cali. Have a fantastic week!

-Elder Farrow

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