Monday, May 5, 2014

Studly Week

May 5, 2014

This week was awesome! I was companions with my best bud Elder Ixcot and we worked here in Hermosillo all week, with the exception of the special interchange we did in the pueblo called Puerto Peñasco. The 4 assistants live in the same house and late Monday night, the four of us decided to let another assistant travel to Nogales this week instead of me. Although I was unable to do my normal splits, I had an incredible time teaching, learning and working hard this week. Tuesday morning we all shuttled off to the airport to say goodbye to 10 loyal missionaries who had completed their missions. In a huge van we were piled tight with luggage, missionaries and a very special emotion and spirit as we sung hymns nonstop until we arrived at the airport. It was interesting seeing those missionaries take their final glimpse of Sonora Mexico, with tears in their eyes and a prayer in their heart. They were all great example to me! But, I again made a promise with the Lord that I would step up my game and work even harder these last final months that I have as a missionary.

Likewise we hit the ground running as soon as we had the chance to work again that very same day. I was able to meet many investigators, some very strong and progressing and others that were lacking faith. I was grateful to be along the side of a missionary that really knows how to teach. Elder Ixcot and I taught tons of lessons throughout the week including one of the best lessons I have ever taught on the Plan of Salvation to a family of four. The spirit was fantastic and it seemed like every word that left our mouths was guided by the Holy Ghost. We answered questions, shared scriptures, and personal experiences. Ending the lesson we spoke and testified of baptism and all members of the family finally understood how beautiful and important the special ordinance was. There was a light in each one of their eyes and they all accepted to be baptized :)

Early Tuesday morning we had a 6 hour Albatros bus ride to Puerto Peñasco, where we worked with Zone Leaders, Elder Treuhaft and Elder Diaz. I was stoked to be back with Elder Treuhaft! Together we had several crazy experiences. We were looking for a man named Ignacio (who we never found) on a random sandy road just off the coast when suddenly we spotted a family of like 15 people sitting in chairs outside their house. I said to myself, we have to talk to them!! we approached them and I asked if we could sing them a hymn, they didn't say anything hahah so we just passed into their front yard. Maybe a little surprised by our eagerness, yet grateful for the chance to see "hermanos", they lead us to a room on the side part of their house. We entered and saw a large cross on the ground, with 50 or so candles lit, outlining the wooden cross. A young 15 year old daughter explained to us that her Mother had passed away 2 days earlier and that all the family was in mourning. One by one all of the family members entered the small crowded room and we indeed sang them a hymn, and started with a prayer. I took control of the lesson and talked about the perfection, and love of God. We explained a bit about His plan, but mainly focused on the life after death. We used Alma 40 to teach a little bit about the spirit world, and bore our hearts out about how we can rejoice and be at peace when someone passes away, knowing that they too with rest and be at peace in spirit paradise. We left the room uplifted, edified and with 12 new baptismal dates! :) crazy no? we finished that day with some solid lessons, and ended our night sleeping under the stars on the balcony of the house of the ZLs

Even after a great week of work like we had this week, I somehow don't feel satisfied and want to do even more. talk to more people, teach more lessons, and work more hours of the day. I love what I do and try my best to improve every single day. I know that I am sustained by my family and motivated by my Savior. This week I marveled about the peace and security that comes from a secure compression of the Plan of Salvation. Maybe I still have some questions about this plan, but I don't have any doubts. The heat is finally starting up once again here in Sonora and I am prepared for a summer even hotter than last year haha

I love life! Remember the Nails :)
Elder Farrow

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