Monday, May 12, 2014

Dia de las Madres!!

May 12, 2014

1. the sweet family morales, i skyped at their house
2. guthrie and Diva el guatemalteco hah we didn't get along idk why
3. p day fun, me and Ixcot
4. I love it!
5.  the assistants and pres!
6. mecham and matrinez6. Anahi and paloma, 2 converts
7.  Anahi and paloma, 2 converts

This week was as delicious as a cake and skpying with you all was the biggest cherry I could find to put on the top of it. I had a blast, and was grateful I was able to share with you a few spiritual experiences I had this week when we talked. I started off the week with Elder Mecham (Utah) and  Elder MArtinez (CA) who are both relatively young missionaries who have great desire to work, find, teach and baptise. While walking down a dustly kinda trash filled street we contacted a mom named Marta who received us very well. Her house was a mess filled with random stuff but we were able to have a solid visit and feel a studly spirit with her and her 2 young daughters. maybe you'll have to ask me about some of these stories when I get home, because I never add enough detail to make it sound as cool as it actually is haha I was able to get along great with these guys, learn lots, teach lots and have a blast with them.

to tell you the truth the second part of the week started a little slow, but I was able to spend it with a good buddy of mine Elder Guthrie. I was glad you were able to meet him. His laughter and positive drive is contagious and was thankful for his optimism even when many of our appointments fell.. Saturday here in Mexico was Mothers Day and I was able to wish happy mothers day to tons. We found some chosen mothers late Saturday night! they were kickin it outside their house drinking some soda and we said whatsup!! How's it going?!! congratulations, haha like really excitedly and they really excitedly answered back. After talking for a bit with them we decided to take things a bit More seriously and we sang a song. the spirit filled the air and one by one these mothers, young and old started to cry. they could feel a beautiful difference and were definitely touched by the words of Nearer My God to Thee! we testified and of course shared a few appropriate scriptures to finish up! it was awesome :)

I was in my old area Cuauhtemoc! and was able to see many loved ones, and almost all converts in church on Sunday! It makes me so happy to know that everybody is doing well there. Of course with their struggles, but in the constant battle for success and happiness. Oh man, Tuesday morning we had a leadership traing meeting and I talked 40 minutes on the importance of being worthy for the spirit, recognizing its voice and have huge confidence its promptings! Awesome topic! I learned lots, and felt very comfortable in front of everybody!

maybe im just rambling now, but im pretty pumped to get going this next week in Puert PeƱasco. The famous Rocky Point of Sonora! itll be sweet! love you lots, and am thankful for your words of advise and encouragement. I am so blessed :) thank you for you love.

Elder Farrow

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