Monday, May 19, 2014

True Happiness!

May 19, 2014

I am passing through the happiest weeks of my mission. I don't really know how to explain it. The harder I push myself and the more loose myself out here I receive so much joy in serving the Lord. This week Elder Christensen and I tackled Puerto PeƱasco! I was technically the closest I could be to home while still being in mission boundaries ;) This place is a beach! haha It wasnt like dusty old towns I had been in before it was pure sand! I never got close enough to see the ocean, but I sure felt the fresh Oceania breeze. Although still hot, it was sure a break from the deathly rays from other parts in the mission. I first started off the week with Elder Guerra (Puebla) and Elder Vasquez (Oaxaca). These 2 young Mexican missionaries made me feel so tall walking by their side! We had a brief chat before we started to work together Tuesday morning and I asked them both if they were ready and willing to leave their comfort zones to do what the Lord wanted them to do? I told them that we weren't going to return home without finding chosen families and putting baptismal dates, and we did just that! I know that we were were truly guided by angels this week. It is blast!

Switching gears  in the week (no pun intended), I biked around with Elder Van Aken (Seattle) and Elder Hernandez (Mexico). Their area was absolutely filled with families and I couldn't believe how easy i was to find large groups of people and teach them. Even weirder... they listened to us!!! I think I gave some sermons this week haha Also lots of fun. Ending my day together with those guys, they dropped me off lejos en la casa de los Zone Leaders. And there I finished up the week in the ZL's area. We taught so much this week and I consider it one of the most successful weeks of my entire mission. We brought tons of people to church and everyone looked so happy. Even the missionaries. One missionary in particular was very thankful for our visit and asked me before I left church a little early to catch our bus, "Elder Farrow, what do you have that other missionaries don't have?", I paused but later answered saying, "Faith".

I love being a missionary and feel so privileged to be a receptor of so many blessings. With every week that passes, I eliminate doubt and my faith becomes more and more unshakable. Hourly I am surrounded by opportunities to do good works. This is the chance I have to show my love for my Savior and what He has done for me. I feel my Saviors Atonement working in me! This Atonement is everything to me. There really is no other event in human history as significant as His atoning sacrifice. None else compares with it. Without it life would be meaningless. It would be a dead end journey. With it we are assured of eternal life. Death is not the end, but rather a passing on to a more glorious existence. This testimony flows within me now and it will never cease to grow.

Remember The Nails,
Elder Farrow

P.S. Garret! After 2 beautiful years and even a little bit more, you have reached the beginning of a new mission. I am proud of you my
brother and have been strengthened by you throughout my mission. Your love and humility inspire me! Felicidades primo mio! te quiero mucho! :D

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