Monday, July 7, 2014

WOW! that just happened :D

Jammin! haha Mas Cerca Dios de Ti :) Himno 50!

Add captionLa Hermana Bastida y su hija Monica! they were a great help to us this week
 La Zona Peñasco!

La Familia Lopez Guerra! Lupita, Andrea and Jose :D

On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 7:22 PM, Blake Farrow <> wrote:
Family! otra semana nos ha pasado que si fuera un sueño! I cant believe how many tender mercies and how many blessing we were able to see this past week. taking a breath after a long days work you take a deep breath and say "WOW! that just happened." The Lord is surely working side by side with us! we were blessed to see 3 miracles this week. Their names are Lupita, Andrea and Jose. all three entered the waters of baptism this week :D trust me they had their share of opposition and truly had their personal and family battles with Satan in order to reach their goals, but they did it! I love their family so much, Lupita is a single mother who has sacrificed a lot to be baptised. They were also supported tons by the sister missionaries in the branch here and I am grateful for them too!

Like any missionary week, we had our ups and downs, but definitely stayed positive. If i were a boy scout again, I think I would have earned my bicycling merit badge like 9 times this week, we ran into some serious bike trouble. but all is well and we keep rolling on. We worked a ton with members this week and continue to be impressed by the faith of these great members. the majority of the saints here are converts and most have less than 10 years in the iglesia. they all remember very well their missionaries and are super willing to help us. especially when they can see two young missionaries with fire in their eyes and huge desire to serve. We try our very best to show these members how much we love being missionaries. It has honestly been a blast training Elder Corona. I have seen lots of progress in him, and he will be a great leader here in the mission.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much this last hour. First seeing baby Emery laughing and then seeing my beautiful sister Brooke all chimpmunked up after getting teeth pulled. I have no doubts all is well in the USA. Sadly I was not able to celebrate tons the 4th of July, even though we are close to the border, there want much celebration :( but who cares, I feel Mexican now anyways haha I love it here in Peñasco and look forward to a solid week of work.

I have a burning desire to find, teach, baptise and master the Spanish language. I bask in the opportunity to be constantly serving others! i have a very pure testimony that joy is the result and prize of hard missionary work. I love this Gospel and my family. I am at peace

Always Remember the Nails,
Elder Farrow

1. La Zona Peñasco!
2. La Familia Lopez Guerra! Lupita, Andrea and Jose :D

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