Monday, July 21, 2014

Bouncin Back!

July 21, 2014

I feel that as my mission is coming to an end, I am finally getting strarted! I have asked myself recently if God is happy or satisfied with the work I have done, and I haven't gotten an answer yet. He just keeps on telling me, keep on working hard Elder Farrow! He expects much of me! I am having the time of my life. and enjoying every single minute of my time here in pe├▒asco. and dang, it was an awesome week. One of our greatest logros was brigging the Valdez family to the church for 3 weeks in a row. there were very menos activos but now they are showing great faith and making huge sacrifices to keep the commandments. actually they have played a big role in helping Yuliza, their neighbor, prepare for her baptism. Yuliza has been to church 3 times also and we pray and fast so she can be baptised the 9th of august.

Among our successes this week we couldn't ignore other downfalls that kinda bummed us out. even after 2 years of missionary work, the words "we don't want anything to do with the church" hurt so bad sometimes!! it has been harder for my comp├ínion. he is experimenting with missionary downfalls, and I have tried my very best to teach him positivity and faith. I strongly believe that the true measure of our success is based upon how many times we can bounce back from failure or regection!  

I was able to do 2 interchanges this week with 2 different companionship's this week. I felt like an assistant again. working hard in someone elses area is a blast. Sunday at church my companion and I had a special moment in the 3rd hour when we taught in primary. we taught about prayer and used scriptures in Mosiah 24:9-14 to explain that we can say prayers in our head and in our heart. we asked all the kiddos to fold their arms, close their eyes, bow their heads and pray. it was silent!! haha after a solid minute i told them they could open their eyes. A beautiful spirit entered the room and all the primary teachers were in tears. It was sweet, and helped me understand more fully the intimate connection we have with our Father in Heaven. He does hear and answer our prayers. He has answered mine, and we wait patiently so He answers the prayers of our investigators. based on His time and their faith.

lately my testimony of Christ and His gospel have been bouncing off the walls and been growing so much. learning of Christ has strengthened my soul and filled my heart with appreciation for my family! I love you guys so much and work daily to show my love for my Father in Heaven. You are always in my prayers my good family. I hope you have an awesome week =)

Mucho love,
Elder Farrow

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