Monday, July 14, 2014

A Chosen Missionary

July 14, 2014

A lot happened and it was a spiritual strengthening week for sure. I was definitely blessed with some answers to some personal questions I have been having lately! I know very well that God is aware of his missionaries. I am grateful to be in His hands.

Our week of work was interrupted by a meeting in Hermosillo.   My companion and I had to go to on Thursday. It was a special meeting for the new missionaries that are in their training. I remember a similar meeting I had as a greenie almost 2 years ago.You would think that President Hernandez would get tired of assigning me topics to speak in his meetings, but yet again I was able to prepare 30 minutes of capacitation on WORKING WITH MEMBERS!! hah it is something that we as missionaries are always hearing from our leaders, and I decided to take another approach. I explained to them how in missionary work there are chosen investigators and there are also chosen missionaries. A chosen missionary is a missionary that the members trust with their friends and loved ones. I had fun with it.

Coming back to PeƱasco we finished the week of with a solid day of hard work. We knew that we had lost 2 precious days of work while traveling and in Hermosillo and that we needed to invite tons to church on Sunday. We did just that. We left the house early at  9 in the morning and returned at 9pm sharp. I feel very blessed to have a young companion that loves to work.  He is motivating to me which is good.

All is well. My testimony of the atonement has really grown in the 2nd half of my mission. With confidence I testify daily of His divinity and healing power. He fills the hearts of missionaries with joy! Being consecrated and dedicated has never been more fun. I want to be perfect and put my trust in the Lord day after day after day.

I love my family! thanks for your prayers. they never go unanswered.
Remember the Nails,
Elder Farrow

1. I ate dat
2. Superman!! hahh my buddy. kids here bath and play in big tubs of cold water to cool down.

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