Monday, July 28, 2014

Diving Catches!

July 27, 2014

another amazing week has passed. I am so very thankful for the support i have in my family and I have loved your advise about finishing up strong. Please don't worry about me! you can trust in Elder Farrow that he is going to step up his game even more in these last precious weeks. I am very happy.

Whenever the Mexicans want to get your attention they say "la neta es que", its like saying "the truth is my friend". and sooo i tell you all... la neta es que this week was a real toughie. we are passing by some trials here in our area and pray diligently to overcome everything here in PeƱasco. Something that really really drew my attention this week was the little tender mercies of the Lord. We found little hidden blessings every single day this week. check this out! digamos que we are playing baseball and the second baseman lets a ground ball slip right threw the middle of his legs for an embarrassing error, he gets down and pretty sad. Then suddenly his shortstop makes a beautiful diving catch or a solid double play to pick him up and lift the spirit of the2nd baseman! perhaps lately my companion and I were a little down this week, but the the Lord was making diving catches all week! He lifted us up daily as we found new people to teach and people even were inviting us into their houses. God truly does try our patience sometimes!

I love the mission so much and am really having the time of my life. My comp is great and keeps me laughing all day. sometimes i feel like I have too many blessings, or I dont deserve the blessing i recieve hourly. The sun is sooo hot haha no maches it is really heating up here and sometimes I get molested by how much I sweat. I show up to the lunch appointments at 2 as a wet towel haha I am loosing lots of weight. But yeah all is dandy and I am lookiung forward to another event filled week. Today in my District meeting I "capacitated" (Grandpa moon I know that's not a common English word, but that's all I know how to say now haha) about working with the members and asking them for names. I only hope my family is workin hard in the missionary work over there too! I love you lots

Remember the Nails,

Elder Farrow

1. An awesome little family. "hidden blessings!"
2. A big frozen fish haha

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