Monday, March 4, 2013

6 months in!

March 4, 2013

1. Me with eight year old Jasmin Alondra
2. La Familia Custodio
3. if youre wondering if im still cute

5 marzo 2013

Lately I have been trying to develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that  has happened to  me, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than my current situation. As missionaries, people may hear our words, but they feel our attitude. I have never understood the quote, "attitude is everything" so clearly then my time here while serving in Mexico. I look forward with my faith, and put my trust in the Lord. This week was a pretty typical, habitual, bona fide week for me. wake up, study, leave the house, work, teach, sweat, work, eat, testify, give service, eat, work, return to mour house and sleep. LIke always we visited lots of inactive members, and are trying our best to motivate our progressing investigators to read their scriptures, pray and especially go to church. We look forward to little glimpses of success here in Cananea. The work is hard won, but we keep on pressing on. Of course we still get rejected every single day, that hasn't stopped since my 1st day here. But daily there is reason to give thanks. My Father in Heaven knows of my labors and I strive daily to please Him with my service here in Cananea.

Oh yeah, there were transfers and I will be staying here for at least another 6 weeks. We are still working with Luis and his family. They love our visits and are always very sincere with us. They are working diligently to find their testimonies of the truthfulness of this church. They read everything we leave with with them, they tell us they are praying, and have been attending church! what more can you ask for. They have told us its just a matter of time before they receive their answer! ahhh I hope these answers come soon.

The absolute highlight of my week was on Saturday. I was able to baptise Jasmin Alondra Sainz Armenta. She is an eight year old angel, who asked me to baptise her about 3 weeks ago. Elder Liddle and I prepped for the baptism all morning. The font was full, the chairs were lined up, and I was all handsomed up in my white clothes. Also dressed in white was Martin Custodio and his daughter Arleth. The baptismal service was simple yet beautiful in its own way. I was first to baptise. After dunking her under the water and whipped her back out only to see her precious smile gleaming from ear to ear!

After the final remarks from the Branch Pres, we made our way outside to give our hugs and congrats to the 2 newly baptised members of our church. Before I go on, the Custodio family is a family that I was able to help back to the church. I had spent some of my best nights with them  here in Cananea. I have grown very close to each member in their family and it was amazing to see the hermano baptise his daughter. Anyways, we are outside in the courtyard and I go to give Arleth Custodio  a hug. She threw her arms around my waist and held on tight and wouldn't let go.  She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, and the sweetest smile you could ever imagine, her face I will never forget. I asked her, "How do you feel?" she answered saying, "I don't know why, but I want to cry" I told her, "then cry". Tears began running down her face, then down mine. She was absolutely filled with the light of Christ! Words cannot describe my emotions at that moment. In my arms I held a person so pure, so innocent. a person filled with so much happiness. I was so edified by this young girl and her faith. by this time people had noticed Elder Farrow was crying, so I machoed up and wiped my eyes. It is moments like those when you want the spirit to last forever. Truly and amazing day and an amazing opportunity I had to baptise Jasmin.

I look forward to more experiences like this on my mission. I know I will be able to have similar experiences if I work hard, and continue to develop my attitude of gratitude. Doy gracias a todo el apoyo que he recibido estos ultimos 6 meses en mi mision. Amo a mi familia con todo mi corazon. Creeme cuando les digo que estoy trabajando duro y que todos ustedes están en mis oraciones diarias. Me encanta mi trabajo y estoy aprendiendo mucho. y no sólo el idioma! jeje I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Farrow

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