Monday, March 18, 2013

Papa Americano

18 March 2013

Hello my good family! I hope all is well in Escondido and that my sisters are staying away from boys. This week was pretty great. Tere isnt ever a really bad week here on the mission, because there are always crazy things that happen! We have found new people to teach and I look forward to telling you all about some progressing investigators. One middle aged woman named Patricia has already accepted the challenge to be baptised on the 6th and looks forward to our future visits. As for Luis and Dennia,   we still pray daily for their answers to come. They are so good to us, and we just want the best for them, although they are having trouble understanding a few concepts of what we have taught, I have all the confidence in the world for them! We still walk a ton, and strive daily to put as many visits into our plans as we can. I love work!

This week one of the grandpas in our little branch here past away and I was able to be a helping hand in his passing. Early Tuesday afternoon Elder Liddle and I were walking to our lunch appointment on a random dirt road that neither of us had ever traveled. To our surprise we saw Hermano Medina on the side of the road, in his car. He was parked outside the house of his sister. He looked terrible, he was sweating bullets, and he looked super tired. His sister who had joined him right outside the car, explained to us that he had fallen pretty bad, and we could see clearly that he was unable to safely drive his car back home. Before asking too many questions we ran to a members house to find help, because we needed to get Hermano Medina to his family and then to the hospital.

We continued our day like we had previously planned, but kept a special prayer in our hearts for this good brother. We knew he had a past record of heart attacks and other health issues. At the end of the day we trecked to the top side of town to visit Hermano Medina in the hospital. There President Suarez and I gave him a priesthood blessing. I first anointed the blessing, then, together President and I sealed the anointing with a very special, life-ending blessing. Most of what was declared in the blessing was in reference to the life he would live after his death. Sadly, we knew his time to leave this Earth was soon.

We were given word the following day at about 3 o'clock of his peaceful death. We were asked to help in his funeral service on Thursday. When a man who has liven in Cananea his whole life and when he is in his 80s passes away, word gets around fast. Once opening the gates in front of our church people began filling our small chapel. Over 200 people were in attendance, and it was the most full I had seen our little branch building. 5 minutes before the start of the service, the Barraza family asked me to sing the song I had sung in Sacrament meeting about a month ago. Conmigo quedate senor, or abide with me tis even tide. Gladly I accepted and sing it was all my strength. I looked frequently into the eyes of the wife of Hermano Medina, and it was something very special for me to see her smile through the entire song.

Maybe I should become a journalist or something, because I love writing. But, this was something very cool for me. maybe cooler than any of the special numbers I had ever performed. I don't know if I have told you, but the people here in Cananea have officially named me Faroito. The word "faro" in Spanish means lighthouse. they pronounce Farrow as "faro", and have given me the nickname Faroito, meaning little lighthouse. They call me the light of Cananea and it brings me so much joy to feel their love. In moments of sickness, and death, when we are absolutely in the lowest of lows, I am grateful to be a little lighthouse in a small town that needs a little light. Like I have said before, the people here have become my family away from home. It is such a blessing in my life to be able to help the people of Cananea. Even with the very little light that I think I have. 

Hermano Medina was a great man with great faith. In the funeral service his children and grandchildren expressed their testimonies of the plan of salvation that our Father in Heaven has prepared for us. I have a similar testimony, this faith I have is sufficient for me at this time in my life. As expressed to me by my Momma in a recent email, ¨"we are never alone, but that angels are surrounding us and miracles and tender mercies happen every day." This I know is true. I have literally felt the strength of angels here in Mexico. When I am in my lowest of lows, when I feel alone, or am having a hard time out here, my God gives me the power to keep on going and security to know that what I am doing is a righteous and helpful service.

Love you all! thank you for your support and your prayers. I have a strong testimony of this church and an even greater happiness as a member of it. I know families are eternal and that we can feel the love of our Savior and Father in Heaven through service and hard work. Through all of the craziness here in Cananea I am still smiling and keepin my chin up. Have a great week!

Much Love,

P.S. ¿cu├íles son sus novelas favoritas para ver en la tele? He tenido un buen rato viendo algunos capitulos aqui y tenia curiosidad de lo que sus favoritos son. jeje

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