Monday, March 11, 2013

An Answer to a Prayer!

11 MARZO 2013

Well stop the drummers and bring out the chilli, this week was crazy! You would think I would be accustomed to small town Mexican culture after 4 months of eating, drinking, talking, working, sleeping like the Mexicans here, but no. I still get pretty bewildered weekly! Without getting too much into detail I have seen some pretty sad things throughout my time here. For me, I really have a new comprehension of Peter's words in 2 Timothy 3 verses 1-5. We truly live in dangerous, unethical, and wicked times. I have seen broken families, dishonesty, guile, hanky-panky and even some hocus-pocus. But dont let that get you down haha It is my testimony that the wicked can not win when the righteous go to work. So, here I am serving as a missionary! trying to counter all those fiery darts of the adversary. Its fun

To start we kinda had a rough start to the week. Both Elder Liddle and I ate something, honestly we don't know what it was, and we both got food poisoning. He had it way worse than me! We had some companionship bonding as we gave each other high fives, passing each other going in and out of the bathroom to regurgitate. My companion barely slept Tuesday night! after having a pretty slow Wednesday, we really picked up the work on Thursday after we were both feeling better! We finished the week super strong.

Friday night something really special happened! We passed by to visit Luis, Dennia and their son Bruno for a quick visit. We come to find out that Luis was out of town and Dennia was especially grateful for our visit as she was feeling a little lonely. We first chatted, then Dennia started hitting us with some great questions and before you knew it we were in teaching mode, whipping scriptures out left and right, and answering her questions. After bouncing around from, the Holy Ghost, temples, Brigham Young, and baptism, we felt inspired to ask her to sincerely pray with us. She had prayed before, and had told us she was praying, but we wanted to hear her ask God for herself if the things we had taught her were true. Using specific questions. So, together we knelt together by their fireplace. There in the glimmer of the burning flames, Dennia offered the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard. Her sincerity, and faith invited a spirit so strong. In this humble prayer she asked all of the questions of her heart, starting from Joseph Smith, ending with our little branch in Cananea, and everything in between. She would pause and listen frequently, letting the Holy Ghost testify to her the truthfulness of the doctrines that she had been introduced to these last few weeks. She continued to thank her Father in Heaven for her countless blessings and everything she had. Even after about 5 or 6 minutes of praying she didn't want to stop. None of us did. After saying amen, she couldn't help but smile. We discussed with her the feelings she had just felt, and made sure she knew that what she felt were fruits of the Holy Ghost. I loved the way she described the spirit she felt. "A balloon from within her chest began to expand until it reached the tips of her fingers". An answer to her prayers, was an answer to ours. We had been praying that she could have this "balloon sensation" for lack of better words. I want so badly for them to accept this gospel. I know that according to Gods timing for them, they will accept.

I love it! Sometimes there are some huge potholes, and speed bumps in the road, but lucky for us Elder Liddle and I, we don't have cars. I look forward with faith, and stay positive and smiling through the trials. I am so thankful for my family. I love you all! I am thankful for a cousin serving in Argentina, who is dealing with similar trials. Keep up the good work Elder Pliler! Well I am grateful for a lot of things, but there isn't much more time to write down all I want to say! ¿me entienden? jeje have a good week!
Elder Farrow

P.S. Thank you all for your handwritten letters! Mom, Britt, Kel, Jaime. sounds like you all had an incredible trip, were able to experience some of this incredible mexican culture, and see some of the tender mercies that God has in store for us! Also, Collette Knowlton! thank you for your sweet letter, it means alot to hear from friends back home. Im super stoked for you and the future adventures that are ahead of you in Colorado!

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