Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Super Hot!

last week in Cananea!
1. The view from the top of the mountain of the mine!
2. A biggest tractor I have ever seen. Posin up with Elder Liddle!
3. Luis, Dennia, and Bruno! my last night with them!
4. After church on Sunday with Patricia and her daughter!

22 de abril 2013

This week is filled with its ups and downs for sure! This week aws probably one of the slowest, most difficult weeks of my mission. The Lord has given me some new responsibilities and I have really had to step up my game. My patience is tested absolutely everyday, and I am able to learn from everything that is placed in my path. but yee, My companion Elder Castro flew in late Monday morning. He is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Rebublic. He is a pretty reserved missionary, with a crazy past. As much as I try to figure him out and become his friend, I get the feeling he wants to start his life over and forget about everything in his past. I will leave it at that. He is super pumped to be a missionary, and I am even more pumped to show him the ropes throughout his 1st couple weeks in the field!

Sadly, the Zone Leaders here didn't effectively do their job of looking for a house before our arrival, so Tuesday and Wednesday we spent the day looking for a new place to call our home. We are all nice and snuggled into our rooms, trying to ignore the cockroaches running around on the floors, and the broken air conditioning unit, but hey, at least we have cold showers! I love being a missionary.

We are very very slowly getting to know our new area. The ward here is fantastic, and it is incredible to see the difference between a lazy branch and a motivated ward. The roads are almost all paved, and its weird being back in a city, I'm still not used to seeing so many cars. For the most part my area is flat, but it is pretty dang big. We have been using public buses. That's pretty sweet. One experience I had in a bus already is that my companion and I were in the middle of a packed bus, standing in the middle of the two aisles of seats, when the bus driver pulled over to the side of the road to pic up even more people! I didn't think it could happen, but we were able to squeeze in almost 15 more people. Anyways, by sheer luck, I was sandwiched between 2 abnormally large obese Mexican women. hahahah were were all sweating together, and it seemed like with every single bump in the road it was an excuse for them to squeeze closer to me. By the end of the 20 minute bus ride, I was soaked in sweat and somehow I was able to shake one woman's hand as we got off the bus. I was only smiles for a good couple minutes haha

We are enjoying every bit of this challenge to open a new area. Its fun getting to know all the new people here, and I seriously cant wait to get into the swing of things here in a few short day. maybe weeks, idk. However long it takes I know that my God is watching over me and that he is attentive of his missionaries. I'm getting pumped just writing this email. Its like I just watched Rudy, or Braveheart of something really epic and I just want to go and fight Satan and iniquity! I seriously love the service I am a part of and I look forward to my future here in Cuauhtemoc with all the faith and hope that I have. I love you family. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. This week I will look and see if there is an address in the US that you can send letters to, to communicate a little faster! have a studly week!

Love, Elder Farrow

P.S. Farrows take care of Landon and Austin this week. Bailey and Brooke study hard! Brinley help Dad pick weeds.


  1. A room with cockroaches and broken air-conditioner is not a good way to start your mission. But with all the new people you've met and the experience you're having, these make it easier. And I'm glad that you're having a great time. But I still hope you were able to find a place you can call home where there are no cockroaches and one that has a functioning A/C.

    --->Levi Eslinger @

  2. That was one heck of a trip. I don't think I'd be able to keep my composure, seeing how much crazy stuff happened to you. Yes, I could keep my reserve, but not for a long while. Haha! It looks like you still had your fair share of funw though. At least you were able to enjoy a cold shower even after having to experience a broken air conditioning unit! :)

    Jim Corrion

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