Monday, April 8, 2013

3 Special Spirits!

8 de abril 2013

Hello family! this week was great! I love serving here in Cananea. Maybe 5 months is a long time to serve here in a small pueblo, but I'm still smiling through the trials and enjoying every minute. This week started off with some traveling. We had a zone meeting in Agua Prieta on Tuesday, we spent the night there and in the morning woke up early to help our zone leaders with some baptisimal interviews. Our mission president is very happy with the Sierra Madre Zone. Of the whole mission, our zone has baptised the most for 3 consecutive months! We returned home late wednesday afternoon and had a whole bunch of work to do before our baptisms on Saturday. It was fun preparing for this baptism, we got a big 225 peso cake, we made programs, prepared talks, and had to clean the baptismal font again! Not to mention, I was thinking of my little sister Brinley and her baptism all week.

Elder Liddle and I woke up early Saturday morning to go make sure the church building was open, projector running, and ready for general conference. Also, to fill the font for the 3 baptisms we were going to have for Gabriella, Fransisco and Guillermo. I was able to hear all of the conference sessions in Spanish! woohoo, I said a big prayer before each session asking God to help me understand the messages I was hearing, and sure enough I was uplifted by every speaker. Some talks that stood out to me were Elder Bednars to-the-point law of chastity talk, every one of our prophets messages, President Uchtdorfs talk in priesthood, and Elder Hollands talk on faith. Wow does that man know how to speak, its like he gets up to the pulpit and speaks directly to me and helps me improve! hah but yes, conference was super awesome, and one I will definitely remember forever.

In between Saturday sessions we had our baptisms, and I was privileged to baptise all three niƱos! All went well with the program and we were able to be uplifted by powerful, testimony strong talks from Elder Liddle and the Father of the 2 boys. Shortly after, as I entered the font I realized that the water was a tad... freezing hah. i thought to myself, "this way they will be able to remember their baptisms a little better!" First was little Gabi, second 9 year old Guillermo, and finally 11 year old Fransico. Poor Fransico had a little trouble keeping his feet under the water and we had to dunk him 5 times! Im sure he was thinking he was going to die of hypothermia before his baptism was over. Lo and behold these three special spirits were baptised and all who attended were able to feel of their innocence and faith as they bore their testimonies to conclude our service.

Another week has past in the blink of an eye. Its wild to think I have been out here for 7 months. I have loved every second of this mission and I have no plans to stop, only improve my missionary work and make some necessary life changes that my future wife and family need me to make. I am growing so much and thank my Heavenly Father every hour for the chance I have to serve as a missionary right now in my life. There is no greater service, there is no greater joy. How grateful we should be for the blessings that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings into our hearts and souls. I would remind all of us that if we are ever going to show gratitude properly to our Father in Heaven, that we should do it with all of our heart might mind and strength! I love you all, thank you for your support and your prayers, they are not going unanswered. Have an incredible week!

Elder Farrow

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