Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Happy!

1. reunited with elder Villegas! also lookin fly next to my comp Elder Castro!
2. Da shoes!

29 de abril 2013

Hola familia! Espero que todo este bien! hah this week was pretty legit. The work is still very slow, however speeding up everyday. As you could imagine my mind has been going crazy these last 2 weeks. I have been pretty stressed to tell you the truth, I rely on the help of my savior, he gives me chill pills throughout the day and helps me relax! Elder Castro and I are getting along well, and once again I am praying for lots and lots of patience. It is said that every missionary has a different story behind the name tag, and I know that is very true, because Elder Castro and I had completely different lives before the mish. What I have loved about every single one of my companions is the fire we buckled together because of the excitement we have for the gospel. One missionary kidded in a joke this week of how both Elder Castro and Elder Farrow act like greenies because of their enthusiasm haha I love it. That's how I've been, that's how I am, and that's how ill stay.

We have journeyed to almost all of the parts of our new area, searching for members, contacting references and at the same time getting to know these streets. Although it is quite a challenge we are staying positive, looking forward with faith, and trusting in the Lords time. The members here are absolutely fantastic, its pretty crazy how receptive they are to us, party because they haven't had Elders in their ward for quite some time. But it is so easy to be yourself around them when they make you feel like family. We have had many family home evenings with ward families and have received lots of member references, now we just have to find them, teach them, baptise them and get them to the temple. That's the goal anyways, I wish it was that easy, but I know that it requires lots of work, patience, diligence, humility and love.

For the most part, the people of Hermosillo are more educated than those who I was accustomed to teaching in Cananea! I have been able to have more profound conversations and am learning lots more new Spanish vocabulary. I have had to change a bit of the way that I teach because of a different kind of audience. I have loved digging deeper into church doctrine because the people here ask very educated questions, so I need to be prepared with educated answers. So yeah, that's new I guess. Also new... this heat. I have sweat a whole bunch these last few days. but oh man its hot, and the best part is that every single person we talk to tells us that we are nowhere close to how hot it will be in a few short weeks. so pray for me.

This week we had a sweet experience. after talking to a man named Carlos on the street for a couple minutes, a friend of his named Gina walked over to us and joined in with the conversation. She was super interested how we left our families for 2 years to serve the Lord. Long story short we gave her a mixture of 2 lessons, the restoration and the plan of salvation. The coolest part is that the spirit was there right there on a street corner! We definitely had her attencion, she was listening to every word, when we asked her if she had any questions she said "no, just keep talking!" haha We talked a bit about trials and their purpose in this life, after explaining to her the importance of the personal atonement in our lives she began to cry. A very quiet, meditating cry. We changed our tone of voice, and tried to let Gina just listen to her thoughts and prompting. We didn't hesitate to ask her to be baptised. Through her watered eyes she accepted a baptismal date for the 26 of May. Although she was unable to to attend church this weekend, we have great faith in our new friend.

All is well my good lads. I am loving Hermosillo and I am not fighting the changes. Its pretty fun to be training, I have had to humble myself in order to be an effective teacher. I only pray that I might be a good example to Elder Castro! I love my Savior Jesus Christ, He has helped me more than anyone here on my mission. I have felt sad, alone, down, you name it, and he has always lifted my spirit and given me strength enough to rise up upon the wings of eagles. I have much work to go and even more improvement ahead of me, but I know with the help of Jesus Christ no thing is too difficult or impossible. Keep on smiling family. have a great week!!!! Love you all! (Even Bobbi and Brandon, maybe you have forgotten about Garret and I, but we haven't forgotten about you hahaha jk love you all!)

- Elder Blake Ammon Farrow

P.S. Elder D Todd Christofferson will be coming to visit the mission in May, and I have been selected by the Mission President to sing in front of him during the mission conference as well as a few other missionaries. stoked! 

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