Monday, June 17, 2013

Werewolves in Hermosillo!!!!

June 17, 2013
Hello Family! To tell you the truth this week flew by so dang fast! I blink and I am writing you all another email a week later. This week served to be an extremely mellow week. Not too many ups or downs. Everyday was pretty solid. Everyday we had something to smile about, and everyday we felt the spirit. Our investigators are just eatin up this gospel, and accepting basically everything we feed them. I know that they are progressing, especially when they are reading every chapter in the Book of Mormon that we leave with them. Even though they all didn't show up to church this week due to Fathers day distractions, I know they will continue to be blessed as they put into practice what we teach them.

This world we live in is great isn't it? Lots of love, peace, compliments, nice weather and Mormons, haha can you tell I'm trying to stay positive? As a missionaries I have been able to see lots of crazy things, lots of sadness, violence, temptation, you name it. My testimony of the church grows daily, and I feel the strength of my Savior pushing me along every hour. There is power in this gospel.  My testimony has kept me strong through these months. It is the greatest thing in the world to share it everyday. And I only hope I am making an influence to my Mexican brothers and sisters here in Mexico. My momma always told me to lift where I stand, and I am doing just that.

One quick story! Earlier in the week right after lunch Elder Castro and I shuffled off to an appointment we had set with a non member family. On our trek to their house we encountered a crazy dog, it must have been a mix between a werewolf and lion, I have no idea what its problem was, but when we past it on the street it took off in a dead sprint after ME. (he was only hungry for white meat because he left my companion alone) haha so I took off running too! As I was now sprinting in a race for me life, Elder Castro picked up a fist sized rock and hurled it at this dog. Thank goodness they play lots of baseball in the Dominican Republic, because he nailed the dog straight in the head, and this werewolf ran off crying. Oh the tender mercies of the Lord! haha we were laughing pretty good after that.

So, we showed up to the house with a pretty funny story. We ended up having a very spiritual lesson of the plan of salvation with this family.The Father of the family we were teaching earlier in the lesson expressed to us his thoughts of the importance of fatherhood.  When testifying at the end of the lesson, I spoke of my Dad. Yep, my earthly Dad. And I told them how grateful I was to have a good father in this crazy world we lived in. I want to be an example for my sons and daughters in the same way my Dad is for me and my sisters. We have so much to be thankful for. The church, the gospel, Christ, our parents. Life is good Farrow family. Count your blessings and cherish the tender mercies of the Lord! Love you all have an incredible week! and Brinley, don't do any tricks off the diving board that I wouldn't do.

Elder Farrow

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