Monday, June 24, 2013

Life is Good

June 24, 2013
Good day my good family! I hope you all are not having too much fun with the perfect weather, beach and cousins in town! You are always in my thoughts and I hope all is well back home, because things here in Hermosillo are cooler than ever. Cool as in hot, because everything here seems like it melts the second it meets the sun. I have truly been blessed to be called to one of the hottest missions in  the world! And its only getting hotter :) This week was pretty sweet. One of the highlights of my week was going on intercambios with Elder Brown. He is a missionary from Salt Lake and we had a fun time spending the day together on Wednesday. He is 6 foot 4, and makes mexicans look like hobbits! It was cool to laugh again while tracting on the streets. As I have said before my companions Elder Castro basically never opens his mouth, and there really isn't too much laughter between us, so it was fun to get to know him a little bit. Also, I was able to get to know his investigators, and do a few baptismal interviews for a family that Elder Brown and his compenero have been working with. Interviewing is a super fun responsibility I have as a leader. I get to see the joy, happiness, and anxiety in their eyes before their baptisms. yeee!

Returning back to my area on Thursday Elder Castro and I picked up right were we left off and were busy jumpin from house to house teaching and visiting our investigators. Although very few were able to join us on church on Sunday, we know that we are doing our part as missionaries! Working hard, being obedient and relying on the Holy Ghost to guide us during these crazy days. All tings went pretty smoothly this week and I cant think of any real spiritual or intense stories, but just know that every single day something bizarre happens, and we never know what kind of adventures Hermosillo will throw at us.

Today was P day. We woke up at 6:30 and played soccer at 7! we tried to play before the sun hit us hard, but the weird was is that we were dripping in sweat by 8 o'clock! later we went and got our groceries, and this week I stocked up on gallon jugs us juice to drink in the mornings when I study. Later I got a hair cut, and the barber had no mercy. He cut my hair super short and I love it. the less hair to worry about the better. Then we washed clothes, there are no dryers here so we hung our clothes up to dry after the wash. Its a pretty magical thing when the sun can completely dry your soaking wet clothes in less that 5 minutes haha. And here I am now, writing you all this email in a crammed computer lab? They call these computer labs cybers.

In my personal study this week I was compelled to study eternal families and the eternal progress we can have here on Earth. Its true we live in a dangerous world that threatens the things that are most spiritual to us. Including our families, the fundamental organization in time an all eternity. Sadly we know that our families are under attack from satanic forced abroad and unseen. I love this gospel. When we, as families, put into practice the simplest teaching of Jesus Christ we are fortified, unified, strengthened and safe. Reading in Isaiah 32, the work of righteous shall be peace and the fruits of our labor quietness and safety forever. (I'm not exactly what it says in English, but that was my translation for you all) This I learned in my studies this week and was able to teach to many families here in Hermosillo. I hope my testimony can be a strength to my family and others this week. We need to be smart, and think of the real eternal perspective of things. God loves us, Christ loves us, I love you all. This church is true, and is quickly but surely covering all corners of this world. I am a part of a marvelous work and a wonder. There is no greater calling than that of a missionary. Teaching this gospel, ahhh I don't have words to describe my feelings. Lets just say I have an incredible joy and peace.I love my job and continue to look forward with my faith in Jesus Christ. My family is my rock out here in the mission field. Keep doing what you're doing! Im doin great.

Elder Farrow

P.S. This week my prayers include my brother Ross Urry. I hope he knows how much I love him and am rootin for him this week. Be Strong Elder Urry! you da man

this is a pic of me and Elder Brown! hes my hero

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