Monday, June 3, 2013

Elder Farrow UPdate!

June 3, 2013
HELLO FAMILY!  I am currently in a pretty crappy situation. I am am battling my stomach right now, and it stinks. and things are just "running" through my mind right now about  what I can write today. Get the picture? so if this letter seems a little rushed you know why! haha this week was great, honestly one of my favorites of my mission. Its almost like God told me, your hard work is about to pay off and this week we were blessed to see  some fruits of our labor. We taught excellent lessons, Elder Castro and I are understanding each other more, and we were blessed to find and teach lots of new investigators. We had been praying all week for some little miracles, and it seemed like everyday we were able to find people  either in the streets, or patiently waiting in their homes, as if they were expecting to see us! hah pretty swell if I do say so myself.

Sunday we started church  with 4 investigators sitting next to us, during the opening song 2 more shuffled through the door, and when  old Hermano Trejo opened the door again after sacrament 4  more came in! We got super stoked, bursting with joy from within. Now if only we can keep them coming to church, and on their way to their baptisms. The work here is fun, and the sun is hot. I have not sweat so much in my life. Sadly all of my shirts are not a celestial white like they once were. I look forward to another crazy week, with lots of progress and pages and pages of incredible experiences.  Believe it or not, I have been a pretty faithful  journal user here on the mish. I cant wait to tell you some of the shinanigans that happens here, or in  other words all the stories that don't make the weekly email.

Brooke, you stud. I'm super happy for you, and cant believe you will be graduating. smile big for me tomorrow. proud of my sisters always! Family thank you for your constant love and support. The work is paying off here in Hornosillo. (horno in Spanish means oven!) love you guys, have an awesome week!

Elder Farrow

P.S. Brandon Moon, don't think im forgettin about you my man!!! proud of you too, and wish you the best of luck this summer up at BYU!

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