Monday, October 7, 2013

1st Week in Stalite

Hello my family! This week was heavy! I am gettin used to this area and am falling in love again with a new ward. like I said last week, the majority of these members are in their 40s or 50s and there are very few younger families, but I have really enjoyed getting to know all of these new members! I still haven't met more than half of the ward, but everyone I have met has been super receptive and nice to me. Oh and every single hermana here cooks sooo good. I feel like I have 50 new Grandma Moons here in Hermosillo now haha. Elder Joyner and I are getting along great. We sing all the time and have lots of fun messing around with harmonies with every hymn we sing! He is more experienced than me in the mish and is doing a great job showing me the ropes as a new zone leader. The houses are big and the streets are clean, this is something I have not seen in a whole year. Also this week I ate at Applebees!! what the heck, I had no idea these things existed here. Also we have Costco in our area! I taught in some massive homes this week. The people here are all super smart and love our message but wont really commit to anything haha I had a couple sweet experiences this week that I would love to share with you guys.

Wednesday morning we taught a non-active member named Adruzbal, great name right, an got him all pumped about General conference. We paralleled the Noahs arc story with situations we deal with today, then we switched the theme gradually to the repentance process and he loved bein reminded about our Saviors healing love. We all felt a sweet spirit. He is a musician and took great pride in playing the guitar and singing La Bamba for us! For the first time in my life I understood the lyrics haha para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia, una poca de gracia pa mi pa ti haha.

later in the week we had another awesome visit with the Hermano Carreon. He is 65 years old and blind! He lives in the only poor section of our area called La Mosca. We knocked on the outside of his gate for about 5 minutes until he finally came out of his old little house. When he did, we let him know that the Elders were there and we saw this priceless smile. He had his shirt off but had no shame in giving me a big man hug. We taught a quick lesson about prayer and he basically interupted us every time we opened our mouths! haha Before leaving Hermano Carreon bragged to us about his spiritual vision!

On Friday we also had an awesome experience! We went to visit some new members who have just moved here from Mexico DF. and when we walked in their house we were informed that the moms 2 little kids were pretty sick! they had been like this for almost 3 weeks now. Their momma said it was because of the crazy climate change. Anyways, her 2 year old little son was crying, and screaming when we walked in! Poor little guy, we knew he was feeling pretty bad. We asked if they wanted a priesthood blessing and they accepted. The mom sat her son Gael in her lap and Elder Joyner put his hands over his head and anointed him with anointed oil, and the crying stopped immediately. Little Gael was folding his arms, bowed his head and listened very closely. I then seled the anointing with a blessing, and we all felt a very very stong spirit. Later the mom told us it was one of the most beautiful blessings she had ever heard. There is no doubt in my mind that their faith and the priesthood will work miracles in that young family! Following the blessing of Gael, Elder Joyner and I switched roles and he gave a blessing to 6 year old Ari. As we put our backpacks back on and were headed out the door, Gael exclaimed, "yo quiero ser misionelo!" (with an L instead of an R) love that little kid!

Just like every week there is so much I could tell you guys, but just not enough time. Oh, and dont even get me started about conference! hah I love it. Considering there were many gringos I was able to see all the sessions in english! All the talks were stupendous, but some of my favorites were, The Prophets tender thoughst as about his wife, President Uchtdorfs talk on Saturday morning, Elder Christoffersons, Oaks, and Hollands. But those are just some. my favorite quote ended up being: "if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong!" -Elder Holland. Also Elder Richard J. Maynes helped me out a ton speaking about the necesity of spiritual endurance and stamina! We were truly spiritually fed this weekend, and I only hope we will be able to live the teachings of our prophets.

Man I love you guys. Thanks for your emails, love, prayers and everything else. I hope you have an awesome week. Please pray for us that we might be able to find some new investigators, and that they might progress by reading, asking, and going to church!! the church is true, Christ lives and loves!!

-Elder Farrow! (exclamation point)

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