Monday, October 28, 2013

In the eyes of a blind man!

Oct. 28, 2013

Hello my good family! I hope everything and everyone is doing just fine. I have gained an incredible respect and an even greater love for my family in these last 14 months as a missionary. I have been so blessed in my 20 years, and I consider being raised in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ one of my biggest blessings. I have seen the fruits of sin, disobedience, and arrogance in so many families here in Mexico. It breaks my heart to see it, pero a la vez my enthusiasm and endurance grows just thinking about the good I am able to do as a missionary!

This week was great! We are doing our very best to figure out which of our investigators are going to progress, so we will be able to get at least a few of them into the baptismal font soon! My good man Peter is awesome. He was the only one to make it to church with us this week. Final de cuenta, this guy has been to some pretty low places in his life and has this incredible desire to change and get his life together again. He tells us he wants to be like us and he tells us we will have beautiful wives someday because of the work we are doing! I hope hes right ;) We talked to him alot about pushing aside the voice of the adversary and doing other things to take your mind off the temptation like singing a hymn. When we asked him what he was going to do to not fall into temptation, he told us he was going to play domino's. hahah so he might be doing a lot of domino playing in these weeks to come!!! Ill keep you poster about our friend Peter

One of my favorite things about being a missionary, is the amazing spirit you able to feel throughout each week. I would like to share a quick experience about when I felt the spirit this week. It may not sound super profound of intense, but it was for me when it happened. This Sunday, in between 2nd and 3rd hour the men were hangin around and chattin like they always do getting ready for priesthood to start and in this 10 minute block I started to talk with Hermano Carreon. He is the 65 year old blind man that has gone a little inactive in months passed. But, we were able to see him this week dressed in the white shirt and tie we gave him on Tuesday! Anyways, I love this guy. I asked him about when he first became blind about 12 years ago. After talking a bit I asked him how hard it was for him at first. After a little pause I could see tears falling from both of his eyes and he smiled. He told me it was the saddest, lowest he had been in his entire life, but he never knew that Christ really lived until he lost his vision. He bore his testimony to me with such a delicate power. I don't really know how to explain it. I looked into the eyes of a blind man and saw the most brilliant beautiful light I have ever seen.

I know this church is true! I know without a doubt in my mind that Christ lives and loves, I am filled with joy every single day, knowing that I wear His name over my heart! Thank you for your love and support, emails and packages. I know I am loved. Have an incredible week :)

Keep Your Chin Up,

Elder Farrow

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