Monday, October 21, 2013

Ya esta mejorando!

Oct 21,2013

Joyner and I on top of the Cerro de la Campana!

The houses here are just a tad bigger than what I'm used to ;)
Like the ancient Hawaiian warrior once said, "Hey brah, looks like tings is lookin up for me!". This week was definitely a week of much progress and things are really lookin up. I have finally gotten to know the streets and colonias of my area and I was able to meet the ward this Sunday. As of right now, church attendance is the lowest it has been in 3 years and we will definitely see some growth here shortly. We have definitely been praying hard this last 3 weeks to find some more people to teach and our prayers have been answered! I love looking to my Book of Mormon heroes, they set the example like nobody else could. Late in Alma 26 we read about these studly missionaries when they say, "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord be comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." Elder Joyner and I have been patient these last 3 weeks, we have been comforted and were able to see some success!

One of our successes was putting baptismal dates for Alba and Peter. Alba is a woman we found from an old ward list of less active members. Her son was baptised 15 years ago but left the church shortly after his baptism because there was not much family support. 15 years later we see a woman who has spiritually prepared to receive the gospel. She is hilarious and compliments us about our Spanish every 5 minutes haha she also has had some pretty sweet dreams about angel visitations and basically flipped out when we told her that the Angel Moroni visited Jose Smith in his room to tell him where the gold plates were. So she is pretty pumped about life right now. We still don't know her  very well, but I really have a good feeling about her :)

Next is Peter. He was a street contact we met about 2 weeks ago, and we finally visited him on Wednesday. We should have contacted him sooner because he is pure gold. He is a 27 year old kid who wants to turn his life around. For lack of better words Peter grew up building his "house upon the sand" and is ready for the rock of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He lived some time in California and reminds me a lot of some of my Mexican buddies from high school haha hes a cholo. He asks awesome questions and wants us to visit him everyday! haha He was maybe one of the easiest people to but a baptismal date with, because he asked us if he could be baptised like Jesus was! He wanted to put the date sooner, but we had to respect the Mexican mission rules that require a minimum of 5 times at the church before baptism. I was able to sit next to him at Sacrament meeting on Sunday. He loved every single hymn, prayer, talk, everything, you name it. Oh and if there was something he agreed with in the 2 talks we heard, he leaned over to me and gave me a fist bump! haha this happened about 8 times throughout church. So hes pretty pumped on life right now too!

I love serving! Amen. End of story. Life is fun, tough and worth it. I am enjoying myself and my time so much as a missionary. Each day brings a new adventure and lots of learning. Time is flying too fast!!! Also, this weekend, 3 of my old investigators in my old ward were baptised!!!! Gonzala, Deyvi and Idennia, but I was unable to go to their baptismal service. Please keep Alba and Peter in your prayers this week!

Much Love,
Elder Farrow

1. Joyner and I ontop of the Cerro de la Campana!

2. The houses here are just a tad bigger than what I'm used to ;)

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