Monday, October 14, 2013

Go the Second Mile

My mind has been blown receiving all of your crazy emails!! First off, my cousin and my brother Brandon, I am so stoked for you!!! A mission call to Armenia!!! haha who the heck knows where that is, but I know that there are a million different souls preparing to receive Elder Moon. I couldn't be more happy for you and your family. Second, Bailey. When did you get pretty? That's weird to me. I have been listening to your homecoming national anthem debut and have gotten chills a couple times now. maybe its your voice or maybe its just cuz its cloudy here and there is a brisk autumn breeze... Im glad to see Brinley is gettin the hang of school and that is confident in her reading! Amo mucho a mi sobrino Camden, thanks Brittany for the constant updates and pics of that kid. He will make an incredible cowboy this year for Halloween. I am so thankful for a legit family!

OK, this week was pretty intense. Every day has continued to be pretty difficult. I have learned that the rich people here are nice, educated, well mannered, charitable, and very hard-hearted. Most of the time they politely reject us and offer us Jamaica haha the few people we are currently teaching didn't go to church this week and we only pray they might pick up their libros de mormon! Sadly we havent seen too much progress in these last 2 weeks. As of right now, we have had few lessons and nearly 0 member referrals. Andamos animando el barrio. As a leader there is always the pressure of keepin your dats high and setting the good example. However im sure next week will be better. We stay positive and keep on working hard.

One of our investigators in named Braulio and his son past away a month ago :( he is almost impossible to teach because he asks so many questoins! Conchita pulled the "It was cloudy and my joints hurt" excuse, mad props to her creativity! haha jk we love her, and want to baptize her kids too! We also teach the grandchildren of one of Hermosillos pioneers, la Hermana Carmen Matus. They are involved in the choir in the Catholic church down the street, so we have tried to get them pumped about singing hymns with us in Sacrament meeting haha

This week I was strengthened by the lyrics of a primary song called Go The Second MIle. It is sung: 
When there is a task to do, do it with a smile. Do more than you are asked to do and go the second mile. In your work and in your play, try it for a while. You'll find that you'll be happy when you go the second mile.
So, after being motivated by these words, Elder Joyner and I found our selves completely exhausted and pretty close to our house. Considering it was 8:30 we had a decision to make... call it quits and head home to rest, or go the second mile and try to visit one more house. We chose to man up and go the second mile! Well, really it ended up seeming like 4 or 5 miles because we walked 40 minutes east to visit an old investigator named Suzie. We booked it. When Elder Joyner speed walks his long strides make my strides look microscopic. (one of the cons of being a short person) I felt like I was in a slow jog just keepin up with him! haha anyways, we arrived at her house and knocked. and knocked and knocked and knocked! And family, I really wish I could tell you that Suzie came outside to greet us with a smile and desires to come to church with us on Sunday, but she never did. We knocked a little bit more and finally decided to go home. Thats it. Pretty much a summary of this week haha. Sorry if this paragraph was a little anticlamactic, but we are goin the second mile! And thats the way we will stay, but only hope we can find some work soon!

The Lord has blessed me so much in my life, and especially now with a positive drive. Constantly inspiring, strengthening, lifting my spirits and helping me keep my chin up. Oh, this week was also a multi zone conference! It was fun to see some old faces, Elder Graves, Herron, Hustis, Sponsellor. President Hernandez asked Elder Joyner and I to prepare a 15 minute capasitation on the ways we can better understand the voice of the Holy Ghost and then confide in what we hear!

Life is good! I love being a missionary and hope the Lord is blessing and helping my beautiful family as much as He has blessed me in my short time as one of His representatives. Go the second mile, smile, and keep your chin up!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Farrow

P.S. Brandon!!!!! hahah your going on a mission! Love you man :) shwadervasten diz notengoober frandezgopper, google translate that! its Armenian for floss your teeth and slow down at speedbumps!

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