Monday, November 11, 2013

1 year in Mexico!

We had a good week. Monday night we threw a surprise bday party for Elder Joyner! He was stoked and we had a fun time celebrating. Birthdays on the mission are something really cool. I love that guy. Tuesday We had a mission leadership conference, and all the zone leaders from Sonora came to Hermosillo and we talked about our areas. Ways we can improve, what we accomplished in the transfer, and our plans of action for the months to come. I was able to see some old faces, and really enjoyed meeting with President Hernandez. Hes hasnt really opened up to us ever, but he really brings the spirit when he talks. (He told us all of Mexico is really struggling with missionary work! He actually used stronger words, he said mexico was in crisis! We are basically viewing the fruits of missionaries and members 15-30 years ago. Baptizing hundreds, then shortly after all of these new converts fell out of the church, leaving very little converted, testimony strong, faithful members. We as members all need to understand the importance of missionary work, and helping our converts stay active.) All the zone leaders are working really hard to encourage the zones to follow the council of Mission President and keep a

positive attitude. I was able to meet with my Zone on Friday, and speak to them about the importance of the 3 D´s. Diligence, Desire, and Dedication! We always need to step up our game right?

On Thursday night I had a memorable experience. I will share it. So we were coming home from a long day of work at about 9pm. We walk up to our patio and see a homeless man zonked out in front of our front door! 1st we thought to ourselves, "Its a dead body!" haha he wasn't. we said, "señor. señor!" after waking him up, meeting him, and shaking his hand, we invited him to have dinner with us!! We brought out some chairs and fixed him up some pasta. We chatted with Ernesto for a good 45 minutes and he told us about some of the trials he had passed through in his life. Poor guy had made some pretty poor decisions in his life. We concluded by teaching him the restauracion. gave him 20 pesos of change for busses and sent him on his way. I love him too.

For a couple weeks we have been working with Azdrubal. He is a non active member with a huge heart. This week we had an awesome visit with him! He invited us back to his "recording studio" where we jammed for a little on his drums and guitars. He wanted to write a song in english, so we helped him out giving him some rhymes. We shared Alma 36 with him and taught him about the story of Alma the Younger and his repentance process. The spirit was super strong and I had ganas de llorar mientras enseñamos pues. We testified that God will help us change if it is really our desire! We explained that Almas father was praying for him to have a mighty change of heart, and reminded him that we pray for him everyday too. He didn't go to church Sunday but I love that guy.

Sunday was a legit too! First we had a visiting Area General Authority, Elder Torris, visit our ward and he spoke at the end of the sacrament meeting. But the coolest part of the day was Sunday night. I don´t know if you remember the experience I told last week about the singing hymns and giving a blessing to a lady with really bad cancer? Well, yesterday, Sunday afternoon, she passed away. She was the mother of an investigator of the sisters missionaries and the they had been going often to visit the daughter and then they would go and sing hymns to this sweet sister who could even speak because of the cancer.But she absolutely loved it when we sang to her! Anyways, the sisters asked us to go with them to go visit the family and to sing them a few hymns. We went and everyone was there gathered around the deceased body. We entered the room and I had never seen a dead body that wasn´t already prepared for burial so that was an interesting sight. We offered to sing the family a few hymns and they accepted. We sang ¨God Be With You...¨ ¨Nearer My God To Thee¨, and ¨I Know That My Redeemer Lives¨. It was a special experience and the spirit was strong! I know she was there listening to our hymns. I have obtaineda strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I have come to really know that this life is just a small moment in our eternal existence. We are here for a specific purpose and soon we will be called home to our God.

Life is good! I feel like there is so much more to write but now my mind is blank hah I love you guys! We had transfers yesterday, and looks like Im gonna keep it real with Elder Joyner here in Satelite for at least another 6 weeks :)

Love, Elder Farrow

P.S. I finished 1 year here in mexico! haha 1 whole year without a cold shower, one year of beans, rice, flour tortillas, spanish and so much more! yeee haha I love Mexico!

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