Monday, November 25, 2013

Life is good!

November 25, 2013

So much happens in just one week. Every day is a new building block. I have learned so much in such little time, and each week is filled with progress. I based my studies this week on the power and importance of personal revelation in missionary work. It is a crucial part of helping members grow stronger in the gospel, finding people to teach, teaching, planning and strengthening our own testimonies. One of the biggest blessings we as missionaries receive while serving is the companionship of the holy ghost and how we can be receptive to the still small voice. God has his way of using us as His special instruments to bring to pass this missionary movement. I don't know how many times I have studied or read something in the morning, then later shared it with an investigator or member the same day and they tell us, "wow, thank you, I needed to hear that." or " that is the answer I was waiting for". Anyways, we had a couple experiences this week. And it was even more cool that I was studying personal revelation too. Me explico?

Bueno, this week I was also able to do 2 interchanges. One with Elder Loomis, and the other with Elder Cornejo who is the assistant to the president. Both pretty cool days where I was able to get to know the Elders in my zone, and do my best to resolve some minor issues in their areas. My comp Elder Joyner stayed in our area both times and tells me this week its my turn to stay in the area. hah Once again we have been asked to do a musical number for an upcoming multi zone conference in December. Joyner and I are preparing a 4 part harmony piece of O Holy Night. pretty stoked about that. uhh what else. We have picked up 2 new sweet investigators Jesus and Alonzo. They are 2 jovenes 13 and 15 years old. They are the grandkids of our new Bishop! Jesus is the older one and reminds me a lot of myself at his age. haha cocky, witty, and always wanting to impress his lady friends, but we are definitely showing them the ropes of the mormon life and they are always stoked about church activities. We had to let go of some of the people we were teaching this week, sadly its part of the process. so we continue the search for new people to teach. Please pray for the members of Barrio 3. Without their support we don't work. Things are definitely improving here though. This sunday the chapel was fullisimo! why? we had the primary program :) super solid little presentation called "Soy Un Hijo De Dios!" or I am a Child of God. I love thinking that I too was a part of those primary programs way back when!

Thanksgiving! man I would do anything for a bite of some of my moms turkey dinner haha I was responding back to one of Nannys emails and I said sometimes, eating beans, rice, cheese and tortillas day after day after day after day can be very repetitive. Its great food, but would love something creative and different sometimes. Jina, our friend form Texas, invited Elder Joyner (Stretch) and I (Slick) for some thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I couldn't be happier. I am most grateful for the fact that I was raised within a loving mormon family. I love my family so much. I respect, appreciate, and am thankful for your support and prayers.

I have until September to give everything I have and work my tail off here in Sonora. I love the mission and am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve. The lyrics to Hercules, I Can Go the Distance have never meant so much to me.

" I won't look back, I can go the distance, And I'll stay on track, No, I won't accept defeat, It's an uphill slope, But I won't lose hope, Till I go the distance, And my journey is complete!"

Remember the nails, much love,
Elder Farrow

1. jesus y alonzo.
2. p day, kinda cold what??!?!?
3. A loving hermana. she cooks like a cake boss, but only mexi food