Monday, November 18, 2013

Awesome Week!

November 18, 2013

Awesome week! It seemed like everyday we had tons happen, we have been so busy lately and have really enjoyed a packed schedule. Things are great here in the ward, and even better that we have a new Bishop! Bishop Martinez is a gringo from Colorada and has a huge heart and we look forward to working with him. Sunday church attendance was the most it has been in my time here in Satelite and we were so pleased to see the majority of our investigators at church. We are still working hard on getting our ward more habitual about opening their mouths about the gospel and inviting their friends to church and activities. andamos en la lucha.

I love the people we are teaching right now. Every one with their crazy situations. Peter sadly is now out of our teaching pool, and its a long story. Alba... she doesnt and hasn't progressed like we thought she would. BUT! We are teaching a ton. We have Joel, our strapling 9 year old prospect for baptism on the 7th, then there is timid and smart Paula who loves learning about Jesus. She doesn't like her old friends who smoke and drink and wants to be mormona! We just have to work a few kinks out with her family before we can commit her to a date. We love teaching Jina. She is a convert to the church who is now progressing to the temple, she is a fireball who always keeps us laughing and off subject when we teach. However we do have very spiritually uplifting lessons.

since the very beginning of my mission I have absolutely loved my study time every morning! This week I finished the Book of Mormon for the 6th time on the mish. I love that book, and it has brought me so much closer to my Savior Jesus Christ, and I know its the greatest tool we have in missionary work and preparing ourselves for the second coming. and we know its coming soonish. I was turbo reading this week, because I wanted to finish it by Friday because we had a ward activity. We boomed "The Testaments" up on the projector for our Movie Night! Its the Book of Mormon movie when Jesus comes and visits the Nephites after his resurrection. The spirit was definitely with us in our cultural hall and I was privileged to share my testimony about Christ and the Book of Mormon before we said the closing prayer and served refreshments. I was almost brought to tears talking about the love I had for my Savior and this special book. It definitely served as a spiritually confirming experience for me. I know Jesus Christ lives!!! I know it and I love it. I keep believing every and I have no plans to stop. We are part of His church and I feel like so protected, loved, and cared for as one of His representatives. Man I'm getting pumped just writing this!

All is well in Hermosillo. I thought things were cooling down but today I got sunburned watching a parade for Mexico's revolution. Pdays are huge blessings for a missionary, after a long weeks work its nice to settle down and enjoy some time with the zone. I love my family, and pray for you guys every moment I can. if you ask God for pacience, keep smiling, and read the Book of Mormon you'll be happy haha Que todos tengan una semana chila y exitosa

Quidense mucho,
Elder Farrito

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