Monday, November 4, 2013

Día de Los Muertos!!!

 Nov 4, 2013

This week has flown by! It was definitely one to remember. Crazy to think that this week one year ago I was sayin good bye to buddies in the MTC! I have come a long way haha. Considering I am serving in a border state to the United States there is lots of american influence here and I was able to see  some mexican trick or treaters on the 31st but the real fun happened on November 1st and 2nd. Here in Mexico they celebrate the lives of children that have passed away on the 1st and then later adults on the 2nd. We taught the Plan of Salvation tons this week. As people were remembering their loved ones they were more willing to hear us teach about to part 3 of the plan. Premortal Life, Mortal Life then part 3, what life is to come! In my studies I focused alot on the spirit world and I learned tons. 

Wednesday night I carved a pumpkin. Halloween I dressed myself in a Tazmanian Devil tie. We taught in the poorest part of town and met the Brokamontes Family. We taught them 2 times this week and saw them at church on Sunday! Friday we challenged Peter to memorize 1 Nephi 3:7. Saturday I went on interchanges with Elder Brown. Sunday I bore my testimony in Church. Sunday Night Elder Joyner and I gave a very special priesthood blessing to one of the investigators of the Sister Missionaries in our ward. Her name was Ros Alba, and had been battling cancer for the last 10 years. She looked really bad :( almost as if she was heading towards the last few weeks of her mortal existence. After inviting the spirit with 3 hymns, we anointed and blessed Ros Alba. The spirit was super strong as Elder Joyner gave her the blessing. After leaving her house my companion had a talk about how the Holy Ghost really works through us! Sometimes we don't have the words to say exactly what we want to say, other times we get nervous and think we will say the wrong thing. BUT! The spirit has its way of taking control and bringing us the peace that God will take care of us and in the end, its not the words that make the difference. I'm kinda ramblin

All in all a pretty solid week. Our investigators are progressing and working towards their baptisimal date. We pray for miracles everyday and see them hourly. The zone is doing tons better and it seems we have seen much progress in every companionship. I have the privilege to capacitate at zone meeting and visit district meeting as the week goes on. I am in charge of sending dats to the offices on Sunday and throughout every transfer we do interchanges with the Elder in our Zone. We make phone calls to the District leaders and stay in touch with every detail, gossip and success in the areas of our missionaries. Most of all we do our best effort to be a good example. :) life is great and life goes on one crazy experience after another. I take so much pride in being a missionary. I love you lots!! have an awesome week

BOO! haha jk that was dumb
Elder Farrow

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