Monday, January 13, 2014

We Met and Angel!

Our Elders letter was short this week.  We had a few emails back and forth working on BYU applications, etc.  He was struggling to think past the mission.  Love that boy!  I told him that the Lord and His Heavenly Father would direct his path, and that he need to worry about the future.  He had to look at his release date in his wallet....and he says it was difficult thinking about leaving.  He still has 8 let the work press forward!!!!

Jan. 13, 2014

I love the mission. this week was a great week, and it flew by me fast. Tuesday night right before going to bed, we got a surprise phone call from a random number. On the phone was Marta who was a member from Guaymas, she told us she needed our help with a priesthood blessing and that it was urgent! We asked if it would be alright if we could pass by the hospital 1st thing in the morning to give the blessing and she agreed. Early wednesday morning we arrived at a hospital bed 7 to see Martas Mother Guadalupe lying almost lifeless in a coma. she had been like that for 12 days. It was super sad to see Guadalupes family around their mother, BUT we were able to give her a priesthood blessing. In the blessing I pleaded with our Father in Heaven to give Guadalupe the chance to see her family again. We left the hospital only after leaving our testimonies of the plan of salvation and the love of God to Marta and her family. there was a special spirit that stayed with us the rest of the day. That very day we got another call from Marta, and she told us that in the afternoon, while her whole family was circled around Guadalupe in her bed, that Guadalupe opened her eyes and was able to look into the eyes of her youngest daughter, then quickly fell back into her deep sleep. what a miracle! we keep on praying for this sweet family!

Later in the week we were privileged to meet Angel. A student studying here in Hermosillo from Magdalena. He accepted a baptismal date and was on the edge of his seat asking us questions about the Plan of Salvation. with so much ease we answered his questions. he was so amazed that all of his questions were answered using a church pamphlet. The work has taken its nose dives, and face plants here lately and we are trying our best to stay positive. On the bright side, we are on the brink of success with a few families we have found these last few days. please pray for our investigators.

I have to go now, but have a fantastic week! I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support! Exito y animo

Elder Farrow

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