Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Jan. 6, 2014

My Good Family,

Truth be told, this was a very slow week! New years eve, I was asleep in my bed at 10 o'clock, and New years day here in Hermosillo was one of the most motionless, and calm days of my mission! haha We tried our very best to make lots of visits but everybody was zonked out cold in their beds, either asleep or hungover. The movement quickly picked up and we were back to normal by the 2nd. My legs and feet are pretty sore right now, we walked tons this week. I had lots of success finding more people to teach, including 2 new families who I am super excited to visit again soon. In both cases, they told us they would go to church on Sunday and didn't :/ but we will keep on trying! I love fast Sundays! I am always spiritually strengthened while fasting. We kept a prayer in our hearts for our progressing investigators and especially the future families we have yet to teach. I have faith in D&C 4:4. I know that the field is white and only God knows how willing, and wanting I am to baptize!

We had a very memorable lunch visit this week. We ate with the Lopez family. He just happens to be one of the richest men in Sonora and coincidentally lives in a beautiful home on the only golf course in Hermosillo. Anyways, he is also a counselor to Mission President Hernandez. When we came to eat at 3, we were surprised to see President and his wife at Hermano Lopez house. He had invited them to eat. and had also invited a member family and a few other non members over to his house for a feast! Before eating, Elder Joyner and I shared a brief message on the plan of salvation and our eternal potential as families. The spirit was there, and we asked all in attendance if they knew of families with whom we could share a similar message. They answered positively and we were able to write down several new names of people that we will visit this week. President Hernandez even told us of a man in his home town in Uruguay that he wanted to share the gospel with! haha idk for me it was a special afternoon.

2014 will be a great year. I look forward to the growth I will have and the experiences I will tackle. One thing that I love about life, is that there is always a tomorrow. Always a future where we can get better and do what we didn't do the day before. If there is anything holding us back that impedes us from achieving success, we need to get rid of it and look to our Savior for help. This is a huge lesson I learned last year. I hope you are bouncing back to regular life again and that everybody is able to take a break and count our blessings. We have so many! Have an awesome week and I will too :) love you all

-Elder Farrow

1. A bread called Rosca de Reyes! inside there bread are little baby Jesus toys and whoever finds it, or bites into it has to make tamales for everybody. and thats Hermana Juarez
2.pres and his wife on the left, hermanos lopez and some of the Navejas family!
3. hey

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