Monday, January 27, 2014

Tengo Una Sobrina!

Jan. 27, 2014
Esta semana se me fue tan rapido hah i just got done writting president and i typed him like 4 paragraphs in spanish. I will start by giving a little of my love to my big sis for her brand new baby girl! :))) Emery is a fantastic new addition to the family and I am soooo happy to hear evrything with well, I was nervous this whole week hah I even included Brittany in our compnionship fast saturday after lunch! We should all take a moment to think that little Emery comes from the presence of our Heavenly Father, that she and that she really is a perfect, and beutiful, shining little angel :) Families are forever ;)

This week was a solid week. and I have really enjoyed being in a trio believe it or not. Elder Cruz is from Hidalgo and is a short chaparito ball of fire. We get along pretty good, and it is good to have a latino with us when we teach. I have learned alot with him in this last week. I was so blessed to have some pretty powerful spiritual experiences this week, some in my personal studies and others in lessons with investigators. In my patriarchal blessing it helps me understand the abilities I have as a missionary and as a leader, and makes me realize how much the Lord wants me to reach out to others and help them be more effective in their callings and to motivate them to be their very best. As I reach out to others, I have seen a large improvement in MY work and MY attitude. 

Our golden investigator Angel is progressing like a freight train at full speed. He reads his Book of mormon at school when the professor is talking, he prays, he asks questions, he recieves answers, he wants to be a future missionary. This kids got it all, and we are super excited for him. This weekend we watched a movie with him about the life of christ and the spirit was like BOOM! we finished the lessson and said a prayer while kneeling is angels front room. Angel offered a very special heart-felt prayer I will never forget.

This week we did some splits with other missoinaries, cuz the mission is opening 9 new areas and 8 more missionaries are coming into our zone, so we had to find some new apartments to rent and what not. Perhaps it was all a little disorganized being last minute and all, but we dont complain and we succesfully found 4 new apartments for our new missionaries. Sunday we had solid church meetings, great talks, good classes and the seats were filled. yeah family, we are talking 80 people at church! (maybe that isnt alot to you in SP ward, but according to Hermosillo terms it was a ton!) 

Missionary work is lots of fun. We make mistakes, we see miracles, we laugh, we cry, we shout for joy, we fall, we get back up and we are representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ! Daily I am priveleged to feel the love and power of my Savior so often. I cherish these memories and look forward to the day when I can share these experiences in more detail with my family someday soon. I love you all and am so very thankful for the love and support I receive. Please count you blessings this week, we are incredibly blessed to live in this dispensation! Never let your gaurd down and look forward with your faith!

Hasta el próximo,
Elder Farrow

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