Monday, February 10, 2014


FEB. 10TH, 2014

This week was an incredible week! I honestly I don't even know where to start! so many cool things happened. I have had a blast getting to know my new companion Elder Christensen. We are on fire, and put 7 baptismal dates this week. We had tons of lessons this week, and tried our best to be working every second of the day. my testimony of prayer has grown so much in these last weeks. I love the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 " all victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith". there can be such a difference as a missionary when you pray with faith, and I'm talking every part of your soul. I have felt the love of my savior these last couple days and I feel like many of my prayers have been answered. I know that the faith of one man is string enough to do any miracle and when you are put together in a studly companionship 2 men's faith brings real results. Together we were able to put together an awesome meeting for our District Leaders (3 of whom are brand new to their jobs). we are the biggest zone in the mish! but, in our meeting we spoke about this very principle. Faith! and the importance in trusting in the lord. I have a new missionary motto, that has inspired me to step up my game this week that goes: THERE ARE NO PRETEXTS OR EXCUSES, THERE IS ONLY FAITH AND HOPE. WE ARE EXCELENT.

I love testifying in lessons, it is the chance I have everyday to absolutely pour my heart out to the people I love. Even the randoms I meet on the street, I am able to express to them that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and brings us pure happiness. I was so blessed to feel the spirit with so many families this week. We are working well with the members in the ward, some don't really care, others are lazy BUT there are families that understand the importance of missionary work. We are all called to labor. I am so stoked to hear that Dad has gone out with the missionaries. I was asking myself this week,I wonder if the Farrows are helping out the missionaries, then BAM! Dad sends me a video of him and the Elders in cold stone haah.

We met lots of new people like I said and look forward to doing some visits this next week. cuz not all of them went to church. I want the world to be Mormon! I have no fear out here in Mexico. Even while walking out late in the sketchiest part of our area we were able to pass out some Books of Mormon to some cholos. In La Mosca this weekend the Elders Quorum president helped us throw a birthday party to my favorite Blind Brother Hermano Carreon. Im going to miss that fire ball when I leave. He has taught me lots about what it means to stay positive even on the worst days! Ill send you a pic.

I am so happy, this weekend is the baptism of my buddy Angel and tomorrow we have a special visit from Elder Craig C. Christensen from the Presidency of the 70. Pretty excited about that too. Hey, Elder Castro is training! hah I love this work and I love serving my God. I know this church is true and that Christ loves each and every one of us.

until next week, elder farrow XOXOX happy Valentines day

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