Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Next Step!

Feb 3, 2014
This week was insane! It had to be one of my very favorites of my whole mish. It was my last week with Elder Joyner and I really enjoyed serving these 2 weeks in a trio with Elder Cruz too. We worked like crazy people and had a lot of success. We found more new people to teach and look forward to their progress soon. Today saying goodbye to Joyner was a little tough. I love that guy so much, he taught me tons, and we had so many laughs together. Today Elder Christensen came to Satelite and with be my comp for this next transfer. He was a ZL in Peñasco and in my opinion one of the best missionaries we have in the mish. So I am excited to get going to work with him :) 

We took a bus from the pitic to our house, and I knew the words to 3 consecutive mariachi songs. Do you think I have lots of time here in Mexico?? haha I was a little sick this week too. Sometimes the food still gets to me. I think I ate a percheron (a huge burrito) and it fell bad with me. Our zone had 7 baptisms this weekend and at a batisimal program, everyone in attendance felt the spirit super strong. including one of our investigators Paula. Elder Joyner and I were asked to sing again too. hah 

I know that among all the reasons I am here in Sonora, the greatest reason I have is to baptise! this is my calling. I only wish I could be baptising like my Book of Mormon heros, rolling in 200 souls to the baptisimal waters! This is a difficult work and we rely so much on the Lord. Knowing that it is His work and not ours, teaches us so much patience, dilligence and the importance of hope! I know now that the most important step in our lives, is the next step we are about to make. So we look forward with our faith and try our best to make it a long stride too.

Thank you for you constant love and support. I love my family so much and am so grateful for your faith and prayers. I now God lives, and has a plan for each of His children. I know that Christ needs us to work and open our mouths spreading the love we have for His Gospel. We are so blessed to be a part of this true church. I am so happy

Elder Farrow

P.S. Hey Austin! cuídate mucho porfis. te amo mi primo! 

1. the trio with Angel. Now hes in a white shirt and tie! We lovee this guy :)
2. Sayin goodbye to Elder Joyner. Got to see some old buddies too!

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