Monday, February 24, 2014

Mormons Need to Shine

Feb. 24, 2014

My good family! I had a a good week! I felt like every day in this last week I was able to feel the spirit super strong. Whether it was in my personal studies, teaching investigators, or on my knees in prayer finishing my day ,I felt a strong presence of the Holy Ghost. Feeling the spirit always reminds us of the love our father in heaven has for us. I wish I could also say that this week was an easy week, but sadly easy weeks dont really exist here! My companion and I were able to have tons of fun walkin the streets here in Satelite. Talkin to randoms, being yelled at by others and smiling all day. Our unshakable foundation and faith in Jesus Christ surely kept us strong this week, and on Sunday we were blessed to see many, pero obviously not all, of our investigators at church. Also, church this week was very uplifting, and my companions gave solid talk. Elder Sanders is a greenie here in Satelite and it was awesome to see the gift of tounges working through him as he muttered out a 5 minute talk about the power of love in his broken spanish!

I wish I could flood you all with the many beautiful experiences that passed us this week. but I will focus on a few highlights. Wednesday we had a cool visit with La Abuela y Guadalupe, them and her family are really stuggling with their 18 year old son who late last week simply... disappeared. We swung by in the morning and sang 2 hymns and the words of the songs brought a great peace to us and together Christensen and I shared sever scriptures from D&C 121, and the tial of Joseph Sith in Liberty Jail. While teaching I recieved some pretty cool personal revelation that later helped me finish the week strong! Thursday I took a mini vacation from my area and went on splits to help a companionship in Pitic do some baptisimal interviews. There I met 13 year old Andres and 15 year old Antonio who were 2 chosen souls ready for their baptism. I also enjoyed myself kickin it with missionary buddies Elder Shock and Elder Velasquez. Saturday we had a sweet visit with Paula and Marta Julia who have been pretty stubborn in these last 2 months, however the spirit softened their hearts this week. I almost cried testifying about our devine potential as children of God! hah

I will never stop learning and growing here in mexico (Growing because the flour tortillas really have gotten to me and I know look like Sancho Panza, jk but really). This week I once again felt the confirmation that in the hardest, and even the easiest of times of life can be a huge blessing if we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ. Maybe we will not see an immediate end to the trials in our lives, and the temptations and adversity might not just float away, but by being patient, and being bold, the foundation of our faith will grow. Mormons need to shine. We need to be so good for our brothers and sisters, I know they will see our love, light, joy and happiness. I love this church, my God, my Savior, my calling and my family. thank you for your prayers, they do not go unanswered!

:) Elder Farrow
Cuidense Muchísimo Familia!

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