Tuesday, April 8, 2014


April 7, 2014

This week started off with a Leadership Training Reunion with all the Zone Leader in the Mission. Me and my companions were able to capacitate and do practices with everybody and we did great. I was actually assigned by president to talk on the Book of Mormon. I asked him, "Can you be a little more specific of what you want me to talk about??" haha he said "No, but you should start praying now to figure out about what you are going to say!" I was a great experience to look heavenward once again to find some direction, and this time it was very special to teach all the ZLs because I honestly consider them to be my brothers! I spoke about the importance of having diligent studies of the scriptures like the sons of Mosiah (Alma 17:1-4) also about having a passion and sincere love for the Book of Mormon!

We were later sent to do some divisions with La Zona Villa de Seris here in Hermosillo. I was able to do 5 days of finding investigators and working with members with 2 different companionship's. These Elders were definitely bummed out about not having too much work and I was able to help them remember how powerful the faith of 2 missionaries can be. I told them that God is A God of miracles, that we are missionaries of faith, and that we are the means that Christ can save His sheep. I'm getting all inspired writing this email haha but really, can you imagine that? Helping missionaries realize that they are super important in Gods plan, that they are extra ordinary, and a special chosen generation of missionaries.

Like I had in weeks past, I was able to meet some incredible people and have so many powerful experiences. One experience was that we found ourselves teaching a working mom and her 3 future missionary boys. She was trying her best not to make a Book of Mormon comparison with Nephi, Laman and Lemuel, but clearly we could see that the testimony, desire and faith of one of her sons was much stronger than the others. She wanted SO badly for all of her sons to serve missions. Together we opened up the scriptures and began to read Almas account of when his son has his angel visitation and his dramatic conversion! We read with emphasis on Mosiah 27 verse 14. Thanks to the prayers of Alma the Youngers father he received this celestial visitation. We testified that God listens and answers our prayers, and especially those of worried and faithful mothers and fathers! We felt a special spirit with this family and we were very edified and uplifted :)

Saturday and Sunday were obviously very special days to all those who were able to catch a glimpse of General Conference. What powerhouse speakers! My favorite was President Uchdorfs talk about the importance to give thanks and appreciate all blessings we have even when we are in trials and times of trouble. My testimony that the church is true is strengthened every time I hear my Prophets voice. I know Thomas S. Monson is a chosen, worthy, inspired man that leads and guides us today. Now its our turn to live his teachings :)

I love my life, and my calling! Thank you family for being so awesome! I will talk to you soon. This week I am headed for Caborca! yeahhhhhhh budddy!

Elder Farrow

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