Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life is Beautiful!

April 21, 2014

I don't even know where to start! This week was a fantastic and I really enjoyed myself. Tuesday morning we had another pretty big meeting here in the Pitic. All the District Leaders from the whole mission swarmed to Hermosillo, and together, the assistants, presidente and I spoke on the importance of faith, teaching clearly, the importance of a good example and a whole bunch of sweetness. so that was fun. Later in the week I was privileged to work with 4 incredible missionaries. 2 companionships! The 4 were very young missionaries. Moldable, sponges, excitement, spirit, drive and desire! I had tons of fun with them. Honestly we worked our tails off. At times I felt we were sprint walking in between appointments. I now this was new for them but I helped them explain this is what God requires of His missionaries. We felt like we were unstoppable, unshakeable and fearless. It was incredible seeing the level of confidence in these young Elders. At least for me, we saw great growth. But Sunday came too quickly, I blinked and we wer at the end of the week. 

I love mornings in the mission, you probably wouldn't recognize me in the morning, I am silent haha I love studying and feeling calm and peaceful. This week in Mexico is called the Semana Santa! Everyone goes crazy about Christ and His life. They are very christian people and have lots in faith in Jesus Christ. BUT, connecting these 2 thoughts together, appropriately this week I studied all about Christ's Atonement and of course His glorious resurrection. I marveled at the things I was able to learn and understand. My eyes and spirit were opened up to new ideas, new ways of thinking and many new personal applications.
I conclude with my testimony that I know that Christ lives! I feel it every day! I love this gospel and can see very clear evidence that living its principles, brings happiness. I know because I see photos and videos of my family in North Carolina laughing and smiling. We are so happy. This is my greatest blessing :) Life is Beautiful
All is well,
Elder Farrow
1. Up late planning our capacitations to the DLs haha
2. Dont make fun of me because My shirts are more yellow than the new missionaries! hah Elder Dixon (Idaho) Elder Campuzano (Monterrey)
3. My buds Elder Diaz (Guatemala) and Elder Hernandez (DF)

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