Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

This week was intense! We started off the week early Tuesday morning on Presidents Birthday! Haha he and his wife picked us up at our house and the other assistants and I made pres a huge card and sang to him MaƱanitas! Together President Hernandez, Sister Hernandez, Elder Christensen and I road tripped to Caborca. I was amazed about the courage president had, putting his petal to the metal and hitting nearly 120mph on the highway on an open stretch. I guess that's how he was taught to drive in Uruguay! I was able to learn tons from 2 humble spiritual giants, I hardly spoke and felt like a sponge soaking up everything they told us. Pero por fin llegamos!

I had a whole lot of fun getting to know Caborca. It is a small town 3 hours north of Hermosillo. It was so hot there! Dang I couldn't believe it, and we are only in April, I was sweating like a dog. There is a small zone of 14 missionaries there and I was able to split up my time in the week with 2 companionships like I had done in weeks past. We worked like crazy people. talking to everybody and meeting new chosen families. Each day brought new adventures, and I was awesome to see some more excitement with the elders I was with. One Elder told me that my visit was like spiritual missionary steroids. It is cool getting to an area and helping elders understand there are so many escogidos, o sea, people ready to recieve this gospel. I love teaching the importance of faith, hope, love, and hard missionary work. 

Ending the week I was able to go on splits with the famous Elder Castro! Haha it was nice to be back with my kid. We have both been able to see many changes in ourselves, and we reminisced about all of our fun in Cuahtemoc. De verdad fue bien sauve working with him again. We were on bikes all week and I laughed so hard at the helmet they gave me. It was so small it only covered the back side of my scull, but I was sure to be careful every time I did wheelies or tried to get kevin air off curbs. 

All week we saw miracles, and had great success. I have no fear here in Mexico, I constantly tell myself I have no limits, and have been amazed by the kindness of the Lord. I have seen His hand in the work every single step of the way. I couldn't ask for anything more. This church is the truth, and we as missionaries have no doubts in what we teach. Our testimonies grow stronger every time we open our mouths to testify. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and pray daily for God´s dynamic, fortifying, saving grace. I know this strength comes to us only after all we have done. Likewise, I strive to give it my all every single day of this missionary service. I am well aware that my time here is limited and I seek to earn every temporal and spiritual blessing I can during my time as Elder Farrow. Because I know that everything we do in this life is earned. 

Buuuuuuut yeah. This week was definitely one for the books. I hope you all have a fun time visiting Brittany, Scott and the rest of the gang in Carolina. but not too much fun... Love you lots and are always in my prayers. thank you for being the family God needs you to be :)

Until Next Semana,
Elder Farrow

1. Elder Mechaca (Vera Cruz) y Elder Loomis (Idaho)
2. Safety First! my little helmet

3. Kickin it with a sick family! Elder Beddes (Sacramento, CA) y Castro (Dominicano chico)

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